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  • Joey - a unique spinoff from Friends.

    \'Joey\' is a spinoff from the hit series \"Friends\", and there lies the problem. Because the show was successful, we keep comparing them, and if we continuing to do so, then we will never begin to appreciate the show\'s uniqueness. Like Joey, he had to leave his friends behind to start over, maybe we should too.
  • Who loved Friends, will love Joey too...

    It's hard to say anything bad from the product of Marta Kaufmann and the others. They made a proffesional job with Friends, and I think that they do better and better work with Joey too. It's not so hard to imagine, how difficult it was, to make a sitcom like Joey! Everyone loved Friends, nobody wanted the end of it, and for the first time everyone wanted to see the same show in Joey. But it's imposible, because there's only one character from the marvelous six, and he's not enough alone to do the same. Slowly when you watch Joey, you'll realise, that this is a completely different story, with the same guy from New York, but from another perspective. When you accept it: You'll enjoy Joey, and you will laugh and love it in the same way, but not in the same level...
  • Joey takes a step too far?

    Every living soul must have been upset with the news that the award winning series of Friends was coming to an end. But all is not doom and gloom with the introduction of Joey, a spin-off of the Friends franchise concentrating on the life of one of the more colurful characters in the Friends series. A perfect solution to fill the void left by friends...or maybe not. The pilot episodes, I have to admit, had me in stitches at times, but the following episodes became more and more dull and left me thinking that Joey should have stopped well he was at the top. Maybe a little harsh as Joey does have its moments and gives hints of Friends-esque humor that gripped the world. Worth a shot, but in my opinion comes old fast!
  • Joey is an extremely funny show on its own merit... even though its a spinoff its still really great!! I hope it lasts a long time.

    With each episode of joey come a funny new twist that almost brings tears to my eyes. Joey had always been one of my favorite characters and to see him with his own show is great. He always in every episode has at least one moment which is so funny that the episode is totally worth watching.
  • Joey is a new and fresh TV show thats funny to watch. We all know its not as good as Friends, but i sure gave this show a chance. BTW, the show is coming back in March.

    As far as what i've read, the show is to come back in march 2006. i guess i just wanted to share this with all the JOEY fans out there. I don't know why many of you dont like the show. its really funny once you give it a chance. i really find joey's agent to be absolutely hilarious! i miss friends and i guess i could use this show as a side dish or a substitute. so come on, give it a chance.
  • hey .. JOEY is great it's a fresh new show! i like it cause most of the FRIENDS lovers are kinda sad cause the show is over and now JOEY is a new great show and i hope it will last for at least 5 seasons. again .. I LOVE NBC

    comme on guys ... after FRIENDS ... JOEY is the only one left :D .. it's a great show .. i like it ..

    NBC keep JOEY comming over and over and over .. for at least 5 seasons. we all love JOEY and we miss him.

    NBC rullz !

    dunno what to say more .. just keep the show rollin'
  • Joey shouldn't have been expected to pick up Friends' leftovers.

    Unfortunately, NBC seemed to expect Joey to pick up the slack of the Friends era and I don't find that to be fair at all. For me, the show is good, but not fantastic. Drea De Matteo is sexy as all hell, but that isn't enough to pull a show. I think the pressure of a Thursday night line-up cursed Joey from the start. It's sad the writers couldn't make it better than it has been. I fully expect the show to be cancelled and not return, though I suppose anything is possible. Too bad Andrea Anders (Alex) won't return if that happens.
  • it's a spinoff - give it some time....

    A real cool show. I don't understand the moaning you can read some places. Compared to the first seasons of some other show's of this genre its really good. With some time and a bit of fine tuning, it will be a real awesome show. Clearly this is not "Friends", but on the other hand, "Frasier" wasn't "Cheers" neither. Give it a few more episodes to step out of the Friends shadow.
  • Not surprised it flopped

    The truth is that spin-off shows rarely make success and considering how popular Friends was, Joey never really had a chance. But the fact that is survived for 2 seasons is much better than I originally anticipated. I believe that most people watched Friends hoping that some memoir or something from Friends would show up. Myself was hoping for one of the friends to show up for visit but apparently they were to busy. The storyline, characters and humor was also missing some Friends element. Although I will miss Joey character, I will not miss Joey the show. If only they would bring Friends back! I'ts not like the actors have been doing anything interesting since the show chancelled, except maybe Jennifer but that's a whole other thing...
  • Leeching off Friends success.

    I never really got into Friends, its not my type of show. I prefer off the wall type comedies instead of this predictable stuff.

    Joey had a few laughs here and there, he was by no means the worst of all the characters, but to give the guy a spin off and make him the star was a big mistake!

    Joey just doesn't have what it takes to hold a show together, at least with his friends there they could bounce their stupid comments off each other.

    When he makes a gag on this show its just plain embarressing! This show is only for Friends fans, even some I'm sure would be quite dissapointed.
  • The problem with this show is that most people compare it to Friends, wich is bad. And it´s network put it on the same time slot than Friends wich is worse.

    Comparing both is inevitable. But stupid. Besides Joey they have nothing in common. Joey was a great, lovable character in Friends, and still is on this show. The problem lies in the other characters. They are bland and have no development wich has gotten worse in the second season. The show is under too much pressure, it cant grow. It should change time slot and gain it´s own viewers, not the leftovers from Friends.

    Frasier was after Cheers but it only was really good after some seasons. I hope Joey gets the chance to grow with some seasons too.

    This was more like an opinion than a review. My mini-review is more like: I watch Joey because i loved Friends so much and wanna see what´s with the dumb lovable italian. Many of you will identify with that too. If you´ve never seen Friends, well, buy the dvds, if not, give Joey a try, after 2 or 3 episodes you´ll understand why we like him so much.

    UPDATE: Last few episodes really showed what Joey should be. They were very good. joey is dumber and with a bigger heart, like he was on Friends and the only way someone can love a character like that. A litle story with the secondary actors (even if it was only Alex) is also very good. Just because a show is named after a character doesnt mean it should be all about that character. Seinfeld wasnt - and it was a sucess in all fronts.
  • This show has its moments and has its downfalls. NBC fix it.

    In the first season this show was my new hit after the finale of "Friends", but now that it is in its second season it has lost its touch and is not that funny anymore. I appreciate the move NBC made not to air any more shows until February so that they can give some other new shows a chance. I really hope they have done some fixing for the final episodes of the season otherwise it is a complete waste of time.
  • I loved joey in the smash hit friends but now he needs to get off the air.

    yes he was good in friends but this is a spinoff
    and In my opinion is not doing as well as he expected so He just needs to get off the air it is not that funny and he is taking up air time that could be used for a good series not a dumb spinoff.
  • The only TV show I'll watch!!!

    Like friends this show never fails to keep you laughing. I love watching Joey, it was the highlight of my Thursdays. The cast is amazing, the play so well off of each other. As I always say. Anyone can pretend to be serious, it's almost impossible to pretend to be funny. In this case, the cast from Joey has done the impossible. They are sooo funny!!! I'm mad that they put the show on hold, that's very frustrating to me. Now, I don't have a desire to come home from work on Thursdays because I know my favorite show will not be on. I watch very little TV as it is, but will watch more NBC shows if they just bring Joey back. PLEASE!!! I truly hope that my words have not fallen on deaf ears.
  • A verry relaxing show, well made , great actors , lots of laugs going around .

    First season was exceptional, the second started strong , i can't wait for episode 38 . Joey is as charming as he was in Friends, he's the best. And i must congratulate the writers of this show for keeping up the good work that they din with Friends series. Bravo !
  • I feel obligated to watch this show because of FRIENDS.

    I've stuck with Joey even though sometimes it was painful to watch because I love FRIENDS.

    The problem with the show is that it's just not very funny. Some episodes are pretty heartwarming, but it lacks the easy-to-pull-off comedy of FRIENDS.

    I truly, truly believe Joey would be a better show if it was an hour long. I've really liked all the hourlong episodes of Joey. The second season premiere episode was especially good and the ending was so moving...I actually thought Joey and Alex were actually a couple now. That was a phenomenal episode for Joey and I could only wish the other episodes would have been that good, but then the second episode aired and I was deeply disappointed.

    The lastest episode with the Christmas stuff was another favorite episode of mine, mostly for the ending. Alex gave Joey the best Christmas present (falling snow), and it seemed as if Joey was really interested in Alex and he goes over to her house and sees her kissing someone (I'm not sure who he was). Just awesome.

    My favorite character is Alex by the way. I wish she could be my girlfriend. The actress who plays her is so awesome at making her adorable.

    I'm a little sad that Joey is being pushed off the Thursday line-up, but I will continue to watch Joey wherever it lands, and will keep watching until its eventual end which is most likely this coming May.
  • what is the song at the begging of joey

    what is the main theme tune at the begging of joey ive tryed to find it but when i do i forget and losew it if you find it could you email me the song so i can find it on iotune for my ipod also i heard people from friends were supposed to appear but they havent
  • I haven't seen much of it but it's getting worse trust me.

    I'm starting to think now that doing a spin-off series about Joey was a big mistake for the script writers or whoever came up with the idea. It was only good for the first few episodes. Then it dropped fast and i stopped watching it. I think that the only classic moment in it is when Joey meets his nephew what's his name? Anyway he's going on about science and Joey says, 'Hey it's not like your a rocket scientist!' the reply comes, 'actually i am!' only bit i probably remembered. if they'd of kept one or two more of the core characters from friends then it would have been amazing. In other words. Not a great start is it?
  • A wonderful, imaginative show.

    This show is a great thirty minutes of just sitting back and relaxing to lots of comedy. All of the characters are wonderful. The story lines are imaginative and keep the "Joey" character alive. In a time when all you can find are these goofy reality shows, it's a relief to find there is still a show that has imagination. TV is for entertainment, and this show knows what that means!! KEEP IT COMING!!
  • A very funny, charming and upbeat spin-off from "Friends"! Please keep it going!

    Please keep this great and funny show on the air!!! I always look forward to Thursday nights to watch this upbeat, light-hearted and energetic show. It's a "feel-good" show with Matt LeBlanc portraying his very charming "Joey" character. We need alot more shows like this on the air!!! I much prefer an upbeat show versus a disgusting show like "Fear Factor" with gross competitions of contestants eating parts of duck embryos and hog livers. NBC Execs, please continue "Joey"!!! We love his, "How you doin?" and other charming lines! It puts a very big smile on a happily married mom of one's face!!!
  • What happened?

    I think the first season had some promising elements. But I think that "Joey" fell victim to "Friends." "Joey" used clique sit-com elements and while I was pulling for him and his cohorts in the beginning, I excused it from real criticism. I wanted it to work. I could tell that he and Alex were going to be paired up somehow with the Sam/Diane, Ross/Rachel-esque--where timing of the relationship was never going to catch on. The second season was destined to fall with the Thursday lineups on the other networks pulling out their top programming (O.C., Smallville, Everybody Hates Chris). And with my TIVO programming all of these shows, Joey was last on the list incase of repeats of the other shows.
    Sorry Joe, but maybe NBC will give you a second chance and maybe retooling can happen.
  • This show is horrid

    I dont think i have ever seen a more horrible show in my life even cartoon network is better than this! My opion is that he should have special apperiences by the cast of friends that woiuld make the show a little mor interesting! My opion is that it just stinks, horrible, icky.....etc.
  • Bring it Back!

    It's a fun show. Everyone on the show is a hoot!
    It gets better on every show and you feel at home with them all. I can count on a good laugh by the end of the week. With todays reality trends, it's a great break! Keep it coming!
  • The Joey show on NBC

    i am very upset with nbc for taking \"Joey\" off the thursday night lineup. I have been watching that show since the start and it has continued to make me laugh every week. The show is the perfect spin off from \"friends\". It just can not end this way. Leaving us hanging from the last show.
  • Joey is a good show - something fun to watch with a wide array of characters from straightlaced to slutty, from geek to chic. Joey's character has evolved - we finally get to know him beyond his goofiness. Do not let this show die!!

    Matt LeBlanc has shown himself to be more than the lovable goofball on Friends - there is more to his ability than being the gang's still-single buddy. Joey has allowed him to go beyond the limits placed on him by Friends, even if it doesn't display the full spectrum. As you watch him in Friends and in Joey, you can see him grow in skill and confidence. Joey is a good show, something we need rather than the constant barrage of violence and chaos often shown as entertainment. We need more humor and more humanity and Joey provides it.
  • Funny, entertaining, and Joey's personal charisma...

    It is a good way to continue Joey's character from the Friends show. The other characters are also amusing and it's a funny little sitcom. However, we cannot say it hasn't been seen before. Anyways, joey goves the charm of the show, and the humor is predictably entertaining. Without Met leBlanc it wouldn't be more than an average show. Still, among other comedies available on TV today, I would have to say this is the best of this kind.
  • Joey is the spin-off from the ever popular NBC hit Friends. It takes you to Hollywood with Joey to see if he can make it as an actor. He loses his friends and gains his family. Can Joey cut it as a serious actor? Wait and see!

    This is the best show ever. I don't know why people are saying it's rubbish. It may not be as good as Friends but it's meant to be a new show and not a continuation. The new characters are great, especially Bobbie and Joey is even better that Friends. 10/10.
  • Bring another Friend back !!

    Joey is going down the hill so fast, that will be canceled, if it hasn't been, since that little hiatus before time made me very suspicious about Joey's life time. The whole spin-off thing has two ways : or Joey gets really away from Friends, creating a new mitology, like some sord of "ugly naked guy", or "the xrox girl", you know, or Joey gets a recurring Friend character or even another Friend, like Phoebe. Lisa Kudrow wants to comeback to the headlines, and I think she's great and that with Joey and Phoebe it would be much better. Or, at least, he could like receive phone calls, or emails, or send them presents, or remember them, or have flashbacks with them...
  • A decent spin-off to the Friends series but what happened to the viewers? From the 18 million that watched the pilot to now where episodes average just under 7 million.

    I think that Joey is a decent spin-off. The main storyline is that Joey tries to find work in LA with help from his sister Gina, his niece Michael, neighbor Alex and his agent Bobbie. In the 2nd season, Joey got his big break on a movie and we were introduced to a new character, Zach.

    Joey does have it's dull plotline moments but it makes up for it. My favorite character has to be Bobbie because she is just excellent and so funny! I love her quote when she says Joey's head is big and it looks like he has a big barrel on his shoulders.

    Gina is a fabulous character and so is Alex. Michael is OK, I guess. This season has been average and Zach is a good addition.

    I hope Joey survives on NBC for another season because it's a "decent show".
  • Good show, proves itself credible enough to be a spinoff of the classic 'Friends'.

    Well written show based on the character of 'Joey' from 'Friends' played by Matt LeBlanc. Has it's clever and hilarious moments, was decent at the start of the first season then got a bit dull but the second season definitely brought about a great comeback especially towards the 10th episode and onwards.

    Joey has a very colorful cast with good acting from the likes of Paulo Costanzo and Drea De Matteo. Has occasional guest stars as well and continues to be a generally humourous show and can be seene very week, would not be referred to as a waste of time in my opinion.
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