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  • where is the rest of joey's episodes or at least where's the old season it's not normal we re-show all the "Friends" TV show seasons which did really last more than 4 years , and we can't re-play the "Joey's TV show" once again.

    Everyone knew that Joey had a huge population
    all of us did love him already
    oh common , somebody help me overhere , say something
    most of our episodes right on Tv now is serious & fantasy & action , but where's the Comedy from all of that.
    it did really lost, i confess there's some on tv now , but take a look on Joey's Episodes
    we really need it for soul
    i insists again please , look forrward everbody & help me vote for Joey's TV Show to show it back on TV this season
    thanks for everyone & the whose in charge.
  • Joey's not the same without Chandler but it's still better than no Joey at all.

    The show, "Joey", is still the lovable and very funny Joey from "Friends". In this show, we get to know some of Joey's family members and a few new characters we have never seen before. It's fun but it could be better if they get to have Matthew Perry or David Schwimmer to visit on a few epsodes of the show. That would be a great Christmas gift from NBC.
  • Has potential... but if it's not tuned, we'll have to say Bye-Bye, Joey! ***Spoilers***

    So after watching last night's episode I felt compelled to write a review of the show. In it's first season, Joey, showed that it had the capacity of possibly moving into interesting directions. Regretfully, this season has just been a clunker. From Joey's inexplicable rise to fame to the cast member add-ons to the cameos... it's just too much to take sometimes. Then some of the storylines seem to take the endearing quality away from Joey (the Chocolate Milk episode, come on!). Further more... just some none sensical storylines, that have become more irritating than interesting (Alex loves him SECRETLY all this time and is pissed that he doesn't reciprocate because of the friendship thing and ends up with Dean... OH COME ON!!!) In any case... I am not really completely blasting the show. It is entertaining, but it definetely needs tweaking. The Joey we enjoyed from Friends just doesn't seem to be there, not sure if the writing staff from Friends moved to Joey or if it's a new staff, but they would really benefit from old writers coming back. At this point, it's not a surprise that cancellation is looming over it. If it does get picked up again, I hope a good makeover will do the show some good. Bring back some of the "gafaws" from old Joey-isms from friends and get him back on track. One thing to add... if there is EVER a spin-off, Jennifer Coolidge's Character Bobbie should be it... I find her scenes extremely funny and always "stealers".
  • Nothing like Friends, not a top show

    After the tenth episode of season two Joey has had a good improvement. Before that the show was not so funny, always about joey's stupidity and rarely had some "high moments". The first season was a major disappointment for me - a huge fan of friends- except for the last episodes, which made me hope for a better second season. But the problems came back in the second season. Many opportunities to be funny were underused/underestimated and the show suffered from these choices. The storyline is not well developed yet; Joey has lived in NY for 10 years with some good friends, how comes he doesn't receive from them any calls, or even an holiday card? I think it is a bit surreal. The last three episodes of 2005 have shown some major improvements, the show is funnier and the story has had an obvious yet good evolution. Let's hope this show is on the right way
  • After ten whole years, Joey is still a sex-crazed dumb dumb who loves sandwich.

    Personally, I find this show very funny. Yet I'm not quite satisfied. Joey's character is the same. He's still sleeping with everyone then breaking up with them the next day. Yes, he might be more intellegant then he used to, but he's still quite big of a jackass.

    The storylines need some more work. Just humor isn't gonna cut it. From the six characters of FRIENDS, Joey was picked out for a reason. Don't let it turn into a regret.

    Still, I admit I do watch this show for some late-night laughter. I just think it could do a better job.
  • Joey is really evolving as it goes on & ya gets more & more funny & intresting....

    I really like Joey, its funny, got an exelent cast & unlike other spinoffs its really different just like Fraiser was from Cheers.

    i hope the network keeps it on for as long as possiable..... but the thing is that a lot of peoplr compare it with Friends which is wrong period. u need to watch this show just like u would watch a NEW one so that there is no comparison on wrong levels.

    all in all Jory rocks & i look forward to all the Eps.

  • The show about Joey

    This show is about Joey as we see him leave New York and his job on Days of our Lives with him moving to LA and having to find work. We also see his sister and his nephew become his friends. Also we see him makes friends with this next door neighbour Alex.

    This show is funny and light-hearted. But we also see him get a part on a TV show. If you were a fan of Friends and of Joey you we love this show.
  • Monica & Chandler adopted twins, Rachel & Ross got back together, and Phoebe married Mike. What happened to our favorite?

    This spin-off of "Friends" is about Joey. Joey moves to Hollywood and lives there with his sister and her son.

    Who said this show wasn't perfect?

    If you are a "Friends" fan, you'll definately love this show!
    Same Guy! Still Lost!

    Joey of "Friends" is back in this 5-star comedy about Joey, his sister & her son. The show is brilliant. Friends fans just can't give it a try. Remember Friends in its first season? It wasn't that good. Joey's first episodes are not that good, but starting episode 3 or 4... WOW! SO, you gave Friends a chance although it had a bad first season... why not give Joey a chance with a first FEW fairly good episodes?

    Episodes You Have To See:
    JAT (Joey And The) Neighbour(aka Jat Photographer)
    Jat Valentine's Date
    Jat Moving In
    Jat Wrong Name

    These are the best four (notice they are not in the beginning of the season). The pilot & the finale have references to "Friends" & guess what? They will appear in later seasons so if you're a true "Friends" fan get "Joey", support him! Remember, "How You Doin'?" It's the same guy! He even uses this line in Joey, too. He mentions Chandler, he has a picture of him, he has Hugsy! Guys get Joey, watch Joey! Catch up with 2004/2005's No. 1 Sitcom!

    If You Enjoyed These You'll Love Joey:
    "Friends"- Obviously!

    "Frasier"- Another guy who took his "classic show" and made it a spin-off.

  • Joey Is A Must Watch!!!

    My Favoritest show since Friends. And Like Friends I NEVER MISS IT!! They should not cancel it. And Brad Pitt is a Dick! The Cast Of Friends and The Shows Are the greatest thing since sliced bread hands down!!!!!!! If you have the means to watch it, Do It, You'll Love It!
  • If you liked Freinds you'll like JOEY.

    First of all let me just say that JOEY is not Friends, it's Joey but that being said Joey is a great show. If you watched Friends and followed the story it made you laugh, if you didn't, than you probably didn't get what made Friends so great. Joey is the same way, it's very funny, in the beginning it wasn't but now; it is so watch it you'll laugh I promise.
  • Decent show pretty good

    Joey is a alright show the person joey from (FRIENDS) is on this show Matt Le Blanc is a good actor but this show needs a little bit more laughter because some of the last episodes havent been that funny so i hope it is better after it has been not funny
  • Spin-off from Friends, but without its special witty humour

    This show is a Spin-off from Friends, so it should have been an original, well writen, really funny series. Instead, the first season lacked of enough secondary characters to support Joey -the classic dumb we already knew from Friends; the second season has improved secondary characters, but scripts have suddenly gone stupid, script writers just seem not to find the proper key to keep viewer's interest.
    Other than Matt Leblanc (Joey), we also find Drea de Mateo (Gina), Andrea Anders (Alex) and Paulo Constanzo (Michael). My favorite character is Alex, Joey's lawyer neighbour, who gets divorced in the first season and falls in love with Joey at the beginning of the second. My least favorite character is Gina, Joey's agressive sister and Michael's mother.
    I hope it starts improving soon, otherwise, there will be no third season
  • Not very good. Not shocked it got put on hold.

    I'm not a big Joey fan. I like Matt but the rest of the cast is not very good. I especially don't like the sister ... Drea DeMatteo (I think that's the actresses name). She just doesn't have very good comedic timing. Some of the shows are really well written but the acting just doesn't hold up. Other shows that don't have that good of a story Matt still ends up being funny but the other cast memebers just tank. I did like a lot of what Lucy Lu did on her guest appearances ... it's too bad she wasn't in more of the show. I'm guessing that the show isn't just on hold ... that it will be cancelled.
  • a decent show, but only b/c of the NBC comedy hit it came from, yours, mine, and our friends.

    i think joey is a decent show, nothing great, but not a bad thing to watch to pass the time until will & grace comes on. his character is too mature now if you ask me, i loved joey tribbiani's old sex ways he had w/ him always wantin' rachel or monica or phoebe to take their tops off, it was great chemistry that those six had, and it's just not the same now. but if u love will & grace, watching joey will pass the time right up to 8:30 on NBC.

    let's hear what u guys think
  • I don't watch it much

    but it is funny people should stop comparing it to freinds you can not expect it to be as good as a classic like freinds in the first couple seasons it needs time to soar and become a hit! overall it is worth watching but i prefer everybody hates chris
  • Okay, so the show won't be as good as FRIENDS, but Joey Tribbiani is still a lovable character.

    For ten years, FRIENDS own Thursday nights, but after it ended NBC has been struggling in ratings. Okay, Joey is not helping, but I think it's because people are asking too much from it. I find the show to be just as funny as FRIENDS was.

    Would things be different if there was a Monica and Chandler spinoff, to see how they handle the twins? I don't think so. The ratings would be probably about the same, because everyone will be calling it junk only because "it's not FRIENDS."

    Okay, I'll be honest, if I could only watch one show on Thursday, it'll probably be Smallville, but that doesn't mean I don't like Joey. I love Joey, but like others, find myself in a pickle with the new Thursday night lineups as all the networks are trying to overtake Thursday night, now that FRIENDS is gone.

    Overall, the show is still enjoyable, and that is what matters.
  • It's only problem is that it's constantly being compared to "Friends"!!

    Joey is a very very good show, the only problem is that it's constantly compared to "Friends" and that's not fair!! Friends is one of the best shows ever and lasted for 10 seasons but Joey is still new and any comparison to "Friends" will be in favor of Friends without a doubt.

    I think it's a very good show and I love it.
  • A great Show, worthy of the Ex-Friends Star and Producers.

    Well to tell the story first (just a short overview) (contains some spoilers)
    Joey moves to L.A. because he got 2 Job offers. Well , in the first episode he is in a cab in the wrong state but the the cab driver tells him after Joey goes on about L.A. and that he has to take his shot if he ever wants to be famous.
    In L.A. his Sister: Gina (Very Funny: Drea DeMatteo) has got him an appartment, where here son, who is 20 now because she had him with 14, is moving in with Joey. Gina doesn't like that at first but then she agrees. His Agent got him those 2 offers. Ofcourse Joey picks the wrong one and has now made a pilot of a Joey that will never be on the air, his words:"People said it was disgusting, hmm you defecate on one corpse and...". Well then like 10 episodes he is out of work or doing like small commercials. Then he gets on the hit show: "Deep Powder" (supposably: Baywatch on Skies). There the Executive Producer is played by Lucy Liu in a couple of episodes. The he finds his second real love (his first was, if you remember: Rachel on "Friends"), but in the final Episode of the first Season she leaves. Oh and while all that written above happend, be befriended Alex (a female Alex). The super of his Melrose Place looking like appartment complex and also a laywer is astranged from her husband and leaves him.. In the last episode first season Joey does with her what he so often does...
    And also there is (in the show) and internet Vote going on which character should be killed off at the beginning of season 2 of "Deep Powder". It turns out that Joey was the most beloved Character on that Show so his Agent (Bobby (A very Strange but funny Woman) tells him that she will ask for mor money. Next Scene you see Joey lying on the ground with an Axe on his head and he calls Bobby and she tells him that she asked for too much, yeah and in that scene Joey meets a new addition to the cast for season 2. Zach. In the first episode of Season 2 (a two parter) they go to a Directors house because Joey blew the audition (COOL CAMEO by Kevin Smith) and he lets him audition but even that he blews. But then he gets his Self estem up and goes into that room just starting to tell them the audition Lines.... It takes him a while that he is now taking about another movie but: BAMM! He is the star of a Jerry Bruckheimer Movie. Well and so Season 2 starts of... All the episodes so far (some in Season 1 were only average) were great, and I hate people badmouthing this great show. Just watch it. If you missed it: I am sure it will come out on DVD pretty soon. Or do whatever you have to do to watch it (maybe a friend taped it). But if you haven't seen it.. Well then start.. The show has only problems because there are so many people and critics are badmouthing it.. and they were doing that before even seeing the first episode.. They never gave it a chance. Watch a few episodes and then decide.. Even on this page there are some really dumb people, who I guess just read what the episode is about and then make a great show look bad... Why they do that, I can't tell you.. but don't let you bother by them.. "Joey" is atleast as good as "Friends" was. It has the same amount or even more gags and it focuses more on one person, That's a good Idea!!!
  • when will this air in britain again

    joey has not aired in britain for the new series. I want it to air again but it is on a cr@ppy tv channel who have destroyed the character of joey. Put it back on channel 4 any british person reading this please respond. We will try and get it off channel five.
  • Spin off from the hugely successful Friends series. Joey moves to LA to pursue his dream of becoming a big actor. This time hes accompanied by family rather than friends in the shape of his sister Gina and nephew Michael. Quite good to begin with but goin

    Anything trying to fill in the shoes of Friends was going to have to have an up hill struggle on its hands. And thats exactly what this show has had to cope with. But what has surprised me is the way the majority of the audiences have not even allowed it get off the ground before they started blasting it. Most things good with the exception of Friends arent appreciated as much during its lifetime as they are after they are gone. And if the constant unjust bickering of people does lead to this program being pulled off air it ll be the same people most sorely missing the closest reminder to Friends we have on television. So my suggestion to everybody would be to support it while there is still time. In due course you might learn to love it! On a less jolly note i must confess that after the third episode of the second season the program has taken such a nose dive in terms of cheesy humor that even an avid fan like me has been taken aback. So to the writers of the show please get your act together this isnt helping your case.
  • Can't stop watching it!!

    Joey is still funny, even after Friends. But I think that they should have still have Friends. Friends was a big succes, which I still hope for Joey. Joey so hilarious. Joey is about acting, this shows how much he is really into acting. His agent and his sister is so funny.
  • How you doin' ?

    The premise was a bit worrying - but thank god - the writers and actors have actually made something of a comedy classic without making it a parody of Friends - it's also nice to see that 30+ish episodes down the line they've not resorted to a friends cameo or flash back - fair play.
  • The friend who seemed least likely to succeed!

    I must admit that when Joey first aired, I had my misgivings. But, with each episode, I continue to be entertained. This season finds the cast more comfortable with each other, and hence, more comfortable in their roles.

    Drea de Mateo as his sister is perfect! She plays the New York Italian to a tee, and casting Jennifer Coolidge as Joey's agent is a stroke of genius. Paul Costanzo as his nephew, and Andrea Anders as his neighbor round out the cast very nicely.

    It's good to see Joey moving on with his acting career, and it would be really good if the other Friends were written into the story more.

    A phone call here and there, and maybe even a visit from each one of the Friends - or collectively. I'm sure it would be a bit costly to have ALL the Friends on at once, but it would make for great ratings, right?
  • Pretty new sitcom starring Matt Le Blanc. Story Continues on where it ended in Friends thought this is even better than friends.

    The series starts when Joey moves to Los Angeles. His old life which you could have seen on TV-Sitcom "Friends" has been left on the pass and this is not show for those who are waiting this to be something like the Friends. Actors are different, every aspects are new but still humourous. Joey looks to succeed on his acting career in Los Angeles the promised land of actors. He has many problems to succeed and many situations to conquer like his nerdie sisters-sun, bossy sister, married hot neighbour and of course other actors on the stage(i mean the Joey's co-workers).The show is very interesting and uncomparable to the Friends , because there isn't anything in common with these shows. Joey is viewed only on the Joeys aspect, and it's really fun to see 30 minutes of stupides of him. Even though the Joey is more smarter on than he was in the friends , the producers have done well job on on making the show deeper and that's propably why this shoe is pretty popular.
  • The Second Season of Joey is a definite consistent improvement over the first, but a background character is never the best choice for a spin off.

    I watched the Pilot of Joey with Ashley Scott as Angela (replaced by Angela Anders as Alexx) and almost wet myself. What I thought to be a doubious network cash-in on Friends Success could actually work! They recast the part of Joey's Neighbour and it didn't take anything away from the show, but as Season 1 went on it was clear that the Joey character was far too 2-Dimensional to support a show on his own. They made little effort to develop the character either, which I thought was a big mistake and they soon realised it was too as ratings began to tumble.

    Now Joey has begun it's second season and they are learning from their mistakes. They have added a new regular cast member as Joey's good friend (Zach) and have begun to develop Joey's character more. However they continue to build the episode completely around Matt LeBlance, fair enough, he is the Title Role and he should always have a prominent part to play in each episode. But shows like Frasier only survived because they built up a strong supporting cast who at times had bigger storylines going on than the lead, which worked well.

    With the Show stating to level out, it needs to start developing the rest of the cast, particularly Michael (who has yet to have any direction this year) if they want to stick around for years to come.
  • A good show but it could NEVER out fo Friends.

    Joey is a show that makes me laugh alot. It is definately not as good as Friends but still one of my favourites. I wish I knew when Season Two starts in the UK. I've seen the Complete First Season. I borrowed the Boxset from a friend.
    My favourite Episode(s) has to be Joey and the Girl Part One and Two. It was so cool to see Joey finally fall in love.
    Overall, a decent show but it will proboly finish at the end of Season 4 or 5
  • Its nice to see one of Friends cast still working in comedy TV show’s, anyway in this show Joey’s I just finished seeing the 1st season and too bad I cant see season 2 with you guys.


    In the 1st season I like the place were Joey’s live and his new neighbour with her rules and his sister with her son I liked the idea of the show and the shocking ending, but in the 1st season there were some episode’s I didn’t like especially the 1st’s once before he got his job I didn’t liked the way it started it was like the old friends Joey looking for job .....

    Cant wait for season 2 to finish and comes out in the market hope to see more actor’s in this show, enjoy seeing it guys :)

  • One of the best spin offs ever

    I think the second season is better then the first one.The show got alot better when they brought Zack in(not that it Wasn't good before)Joey is no friends but its a hilarious show.All of the characters are great.If you watch it trust me you will like it so watch it.
  • this show ia definate stumachpain from laughing

    and is a way lot better then friends ever was.
    but i do wonder whil micheal ever get laid before this show ends in about another 8 or so years from now?
    or whil they keep that to the end of the serries or so and see both him and joey mess up with on girl after another.
    but for the rest its a definetive al time personal favorite that i can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t wait to see even if it comes at around midnight insted of a earlier more prime tome time do to those stupid all drame real life shows.
    but that doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t matter because these kind of shows are exactly what docter ordered for a world with to much rules stress etc in order to relax
  • I don't see what the problem is.

    Sure, comparisons to Friends are inevitable. And Joey certainly falls short of its parent show. But Joey (and for that matter, Matt LeBlanc) is very likable, and I find myself caring about what happens to him. The supporting cast is all fine, with the possible exception of the grating Jennifer Coolidge as Joey's agent. If she is giving an accurate portrayal of a Hollywood agent, I have a new respect for actors.

    And I applaud the decision to NOT bring in Friends actors to boost the ratings (although admittedly, they NEED boosting). If the show seems unfocused at times, just remember that Joey (the character as well as the show) is trying to find his place in the world.

    I've seen a few clunkers, but overall I'd say it's as good as any sitcom out there. Give Joey a chance!
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