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  • Excellent show!

    I was not a fan of the show "Friends" but when ever I did catch an episode of it on tv I always found Joey and Chandler to be entertaining. I was very surprised and happy that they were giving Joey his own show. It took some time getting used to it but this show is finally coming into it's own. Joey, Alex, Gina, Michael, Bobbi and Zack are all fun characters! Joey is still his same funny self. Rooming with his nephew Michael brings up some very funny moments especially when they are trying to hide a secret from Gina! The "Friends" cast will start showing up on "Joey" eventually. I am glad they decided to build the shows regular characters before bringing them on. Time will only tell how popular this show will be. I predict this show will be around for 5+ seasons. If you have not seen it yet, what are you waiting on?
  • Great show, although I miss Chandler.

    In my opinion, Joey is a good show. Let's face it, Friends has had 10 seasons and got a little over it's top. For the friends fans here: i'm a fan of the show too, and i was sad when I read that they were gonna quit filming. But then i read that Matt LeBlanc was up for a spin off.

    Personally, I think that some of you guys just can't appreciate a show when it's a spin off, well, I tell you, I find Joey on the same level as Friends, sometimes even better. Sometimes a bit worse.

    The only guy I miss in Joey is Chandler. they made a great couple when acting, it was some sort of magic. They gave me the idea of being really friends. the other actors in friends were ofcourse ok, and did what they could, but they didn't have anyone else in the show that really matched them.

    So the only comment I have on Joey is that I miss chandler, but also, that Matt shows what he can. He knows his character well enough to pick it out of Friends, and put it in another show. Matt IS Joey, he knows what he's doing, and he plays a character that stands.
  • Doesn't fill the place of "Friends" at all!

    "Joey" is not a bad series, actually it made me laugh few times but it's not even close to be as good and fun as "Friends" was. One of the main reasons "Joey" is not as good as "Friends" is becuase it has only one storyline: Joey's life in Hollywood. While "Friends" kept us busy with more than one character, this series is only about Joey and lets face it he's not that funny all the time and without his "friends" we all love and miss it becomes a little boring watching him!

    Again, it's not a bad show but the writers should have done a better work by adding another main character/s to the show that will make it more fun and grab more audience!
  • Not friends, but its okay.

    'Joey' is ok. I'm not a huge fan, but season two is starting to make this series a bit better. Season one was a little boring. The only reason why I watch this is because Joey is my favorite 'Friends' character. He's so dumb and clueless but thats what makes him so funny and watchable. This show really needs to get more viewers because it was on the verge of cancellation last year. Calling all Joey fans "Please watch!"
  • Its not "Friends", but it still provides an entertaining and funny 30 minute break from reality.

    I guess the problem with Joey is that, with its "Friends" heritage, it has an awful lot to live up to. Does it succeed? Well, not really - its funny, but not "that" funny.

    That said, in the absence of the real deal, it has certainly made it onto my Tivo season pass list, and I'd definitely try not to miss it.

    Through his general ineptitude and lack of smarts, Joey was always a funny character in his New York setting. This same general uselessness and stupidity has made the transition to LA pretty much unchanged.

    However, you can't make a whole series about one (not being deliberately unkind) idiot. Hence the introduction of several new sidekicks and cohorts. I actually think these are relatively well balanced - Joey's nephew, Michael, provides a good counterpoint (college smarts, but absolutely no luck with the ladies), his sister, Gina, is a bit like a female trashier version of Joey and the "sexy but she doesn't know it" neighbor, Alex, is a delight. Even Joey's agent, Bobbie, whilst being completely over the top does add something to the show. For me, the show definitely picked up after the first few episodes of season 1 where it became much more of an ensemble piece (they were actually scenes without Joey!).

    Overall, then, not fantastic, but definitely not one to turn over for (although, as it happens, the scheduling clash with Alias is now a bit of an issue for me!). If it died tomorrow (or at the end of this season), I wouldn't be devastated, but I'd probably miss it just a little bit...
  • Joey picks up where Friends left off!

    Joey is a fun, decent casanova. I love him dearly and I was glad to see him get his own show.

    I don't usually go for dumb guys, but Joey is such a sweetheart it's impossible not to love him. This show has the same positive energy that Friends did, and although I sometimes miss that show, I'm so glad that this spinoff came of it.

    I'm thoroughly surprised to see that so many don't seem to enjoy "Joey", and although at first I was wary, I've now come to love this show just as much as I used to love Friends. I keep hoping that we'll see some of his old buddies from New York come visit him.

    It's fun and Joey keeps struggling on as an actor and get entangled with various lovely ladies. I hope to see a whole lot more of this show!
  • This joke on Joey and the big Break sums up what Joey is like. It involved something about vitamin C and the punchline was I don't want to get Scurvy! Think about that joke esp. those who keep holding to this series that a clown would find embarrassing.

    Scurvy! SCurvy! SCUUUURVY! let that joke line ring in everyone's head and hopefully it will set you free from eating this coarse beach sand that you think is dessert.

    I do have to say you can't blame the people involved in only one sense. They have to feed their families or buy their second homes. Thus if the network keeps flipping big checks to them. Would you turn them down?
  • joey is awesome i love this show why doesnt anyone else like it?

    This show is very funny .i miss joey from friends but i think this is a good spin off to friends he is so cute but buffy is still number one in my home i watch buffy every single day so joey is number 3 on my best tv shows list
    bones is number 2 with david boreanaz
  • With NBC sinking faster than the Titanic on Thursday's, its clearly time to throw 'Joey' overboard and save everyone else!

    NBC admitted at the end of last season the show had problems, but claimed it would be much improved come this fall. Clearly NBC's idea of 'improved' didn't involve making it any funnier. With NBC sinking faster than the Titanic on Thursday's, its clearly time to throw 'Joey' overboard and save everyone else!
  • what do i have to say in this summary

    I never really got the show and it wasn\'t on for a long time and i like joey from friend but when he went and did his own show it was cool at first but after awhile it didn\'t really do anything for me so i stop watching itand now i have and new show from time to time when it is on i will watch it.
  • really great and funny it isnt as good as friends but it is almost there.

    Joey one word to describe it would be hilarious. I love joey and also friends and i think this show is almost as good as friends. Yeah u dont have all the chracters but its hilarious. I guess its just cuz im like joey its good for deadpan humor if anybody knows what that means. If u dont it means stupid humor and matt leblanc is one of the best out there he plays the chracter very good and is very beliveable in so many ways i cant get enough of this show even when they show reapeats i still watch it. When are they goin to come out with the dvds already?
  • joey needs to be brought back!

    Unfortunately for Australians, joey stopped screening here after about four episodes. i found it just as funny as friends and an appropriate spinoff aswell because the rest of the \'friends\' characters basically fulfilled their lives - chandler and monica moved and adopted, phoebe got married and ross and rachel got back together (again). joey was a favourite of most viewers and the only friends character not to finish his aim on the series to be a hollywood actor which is what the joey series is all about. joey needs to be brought back in aus at least for the first series.
  • Definetely one of the best sitcoms ever.

    Together with Two Guys and A Girl, Friends, and Family Matters, this is funny as hell!
    Just as funny as Friends, but more catchy and direct. It's a good spin off, and wil hopefully be going on for at least two more seasons, bringing joy and laughter into all our homes.
  • Joe goes to Hollywood

    Joe moves from New York to Hollywood and becomes his sister and nephiew neighbour. Michael is smart, Gina, not so smart. And the neighbour Alex.

    Now he has to make it in a new city, and with a new set of friends. But with error you learn, and move on. sort of...
  • Joey will not be as good as Friends, but who can live up to that?

    Well, as a major Friends fan, in that I own every season on dvd. I knew that Joey would not live up to the whole hype that friends had. I was upset to hear that Friends was ending, but really happy to hear that Joey was goin to start, he alway was one of my favorite characters on that show. I have heard so many people say that Joey was not a good show at all, well honestly I disagree alot. I love that show, obevously not as much as Friends, but its close. I like the show because its funny and refreshing and theres not many shows like it now a days.
  • Fair Spinoff from Friends

    Matt LeBlanc's Joey Tribbiani character in Friends was one of the standout performers on the show. But in spinning the character off, it has shown that Joey was better as 1/6 of a cast instead of being the whole show. That's not to say Joey is awful, it just hasn't clicked. The show has funny moments and the supporting cast is likable, but overall, each show has too many inconsistent scenes.
  • It's not as good as "friends" was, but still it's nice and funny.

    At first I thought that this show will be very bad, because it would be try to be second "friends". I was wrong. It's a completely different show. Characters are funny and interesting. In first pilot I didn't like Alex, but after the actress was change in second (official) pilot I start like her too.. It's not "friends" but i like it a lot :) Besides it's almost impossible to make show as good as "friends" was.
  • Who would have thought a spinoff could be so could

    WOW Joey is hit in my book. I expected it to fail & not be as funny. Hey truth is "Freinds" is going to be hard to follow. I find Joey adorable & hilarious!!! I love who is sister is & that he livs with his virgin nephew. The whole plot was tru;y genius. Spin offs aren't know to succeed but I see Joey beng around for a long time. I hope the rating agree with me. I can't wait for him to realize that he is inlove with Alex (superintendant. His nephew definatly needs to get laid which will be an outstanding epiode. I look foward how this seasn end.
  • A good start to season 2 – the double episode had quite a few laughs and even the surprise guest appearance of Kevin Smith (and I thought they were just name-dropping at first!)

    After watching and enjoying every season of Friends, much speculation surrounded choosing Joey as a spin-off character. The first season started quite well then dipped down to the point where I frequently questioned why I bothered to watch it, but it slowly got better again and now seems to have a decent amount of genuine laughs per episode.
    Hopefully some new characters will stay - Miguel Nunez, Jr. who guest starred in the first two episodes of season 2 was particularly good I thought.
  • This show is awsome

    This is one of the most best shows I've seen even though I've only ween like4 episodes. Wouldnt wanna miss this show. It's not Friends but its Joey I mean he was the funniest one in Friends and now he has his own show thats sooo awsome and its really funny.
  • Really good show but still cant compare to friends!

    This is a really fantastic show! Joey was my favourite character on friends because he is so stupid but charming. His character shines best when he is doing a scene with Chandler. Hope that some of the friends cast members would guest star in his show soon. Make a movie for FRIENDS!!!
  • Not very good.

    If there is nothing else on its a good space filler. Would not recommend watching to anyone though. I mean how long can you follow a complete idiot. I don't think that it should be a returning series. I also think that they are undermining Friends. Its a sad pitiful spinoff.
  • I love all the characters in the show, and how they all play off each other so well. The writing is hilarious, and I laugh through the whole episode everytime. Matt LeBlanc's charisma is great, and each character has so much personality.

    I love all the characters in the show, and how they all play off each other so well. The writing is hilarious, and I laugh through the whole episode everytime. Matt LeBlanc's charisma is great, and each character has so much personality. I don't think any show should be compared to "Friends," but I think it is a great show.
  • it's not "Friends" but it's great show.I wouldn't miss it

    I love it.This show must continue for at least 4 or 5 seasons.I would like to see Joey in a serios relationship(like I think is with Alex).I can not imagine Joey without all the sex jokes and that is why it will be so interesting.I hope to see Michael with a girl, it will be very funny ( i think) .I would like to see more of Howard. I am waiting to see someone of Joey's old frinds as guest-stars. and of course it will be the best if we can see them all together again and i tjink the second season will be the perfect time for this reunion :)
  • a miserable follow up to a great show

    In every way that Friends was funny and interesting, Joey is dull and extremely unfunny. Joey was certainly a likeable character on Friends we all grew to love his dumb humor. However, in the latter show, the dumb humor was offset by some smart humor as well. I like dumb humor as much as the next guy but I need a balance between the two. Joey comes off as stupid and lame in every way. The jokes just don;t work. Where Joey worked very well with a group of people, hes just not that interesting to watch by himself. Sure their are minor characters to offset this, but none are as interesting or as fun as the ones on Friends. If NBC wanted to pull another Cheers/Fraiser on us, they should have hired some better writers.
  • pretty good show, but NOTHING compared to Friends!

    Joey is a pretty good show, but NOTHING compared to Friends! I know, it's a work in progress so it will probably get better as the show goes on. I think that maybe a Friends star could guest star every once in a while. Still, it is something to do on a boring night when the only thing to do is watch old reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond!
  • This Show Blows

    who in their right mind would think to take just one character off of a very successful show and make a show that is about as funny as the history channel. i mean, why? whywould matt leblanc kill his reputation to do a show that is about an idiot that udes to have Friends.
  • The phenomenon of Friends is ruined by this show

    I am probably THE most hardcore friends fan ever. i have the dvds, the books etc...

    But watching Joey is painful, a great character is put to waste by this show. The jokes and plots are unoriginal and the chemistry between the actors isn\'t as legendary as the connection between the friends cast.

    The other characters haven\'t really developed as good characters, because noone really cares about Gina, Michael etc. We wanna see our pal Joey, but when you throw in stories where they are the centre of attention, you kind of feel cheated .

    To me this show has ruined the character of Joey, where are the classic scenes they can create with him like the Turkey on his head or the debut of \"How U Doin?\"?

    If you haven\'t watched this yet, don\'t. It will ruin your experience of Friends
  • Certainly not as great as Friends was, but it's still a great show to watch.

    Matt LeBlanc is just a great actor, he makes you want to like the show even if you don't which is definately a factor in me liking it more than a lot of others. Some episodes generally have funny situations and some laugh-out-loud jokes occasionally run throughout the series but there are definately a lot of forced laughs. I personally like Jennifer Coolidge and her character but I honestly don't see her as a replacement for the original agent back in Friends (Estelle) and I quite honestly don't get what's so funny about the way she talks! It's very forced and got old real quick, that's one of the things I dislike most about the show, but then again the other characters make up for it. I loved the Season 1 finale, let's see what they come up with for Season 2.
  • Good show, lots of laughs and gets better every episode!

    Joey started off slowly and I thought it was just going to be another worthless spin off. However after hanging in there it turned out to be really funny and cool to watch. I will have to admit I love it and I have to agree with others he was the only charcter that could have had a spin off. Anyway it's a good show that will make you laugh and doesn't require a lot of thought. Also it's not a dumb reality show so that makes it even better!
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