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  • Joey needs Chandler.

    Friends was the greatest television show on earth and I was one of its most dedicated fans which is why I have watched every episode of the first season of Joey, to see what happened to one of my favourite characters.
    I have been completely disappointed - it is obvious that Joey is simply Chandler's sidekick and so cannot stand up on his own. Matt still has some funny lines but Gina and her son are as funny as piles. Also there are some extreme continuity errors regarding Joey's sisters.
    1) All of Joey's sisters are brunettes and extremely tall. (Some were taller than Chandler.)
    2) Joey did not have sisters called Veronica or Mary-Teresa. Chandler thought Joey had a sister called Veronica who he kissed when he was drunk but that was Monica. Chandler then kissed Mary-Terese after thinking she was Mary-Angela. She was as tall as Chandler and looked nothing like Christina Ricci.

    His sisters are: Cookie, Mary Angela, Mary Terese, Gina, Tina, Dina and the seventh never had a name unless their parents decided to have a Mary Terese and a Mary Teresa.
  • Give it a chance.

    Why do people have to compare this show to Friend's straight away from the get go. Of course Friend's was better than Joey because it had a ten season long experience. If you look back at the first season of Friends it was good but it was also flawed, just like Joey is. I think Joey had a great first season, sure some of the first ten episodes were quite boring but after that they were all top quality. The show really turned around once Joey finally captured a role on his show Deep Powder. The episode where they go to Vegas is great.
    Some of the reviews i've read on the site don't even give the show a chance even when it's clear that they've probably only seen one episode. Especially the one where the person thinks Gina's name is Ginger, they clearly can't even hear the jokes being said so what the hell is the point in reviewing the show.
  • Very good spinoff to friends. The Joey character was the only one able to have a single show of its own. After introducing the crew, the show grew better and better.

    I love Joey, I always did.
    In Friends, he was my favorite char (followed by Phoebe) and now he's got his own show.
    Frankly I must say the first three to five episodes made the impression to be a bit torn between fitting Friends and being something new but after the show went on, it grew to my new personal favorite.
    Matt LeBlanc is brilliant and Drea de Matteo is a perfect Gina Tribbiani. They fit all the cliche a good italian family should fit. Needless to say that Ginas son Michael played by Paulo Costanzo is absolutely hilarious in his nerd way to be the family 'Rocket Scientist'.

    A perfect show to relax and have fun.

    I can't wait to see the next season.
  • A spin-off of Friends that has the same kinds of hilarity based situations, jokes, and basically, characters as Friends, but with everything different. It's so suttle, you hardly notice it, and I fell in love with it.

    The characters are the same on the inside. Joey is Joey. Micheal is Ross. Alex is Monica. Gina is Phoebe. Miguel Nunez's character is Chandler. And even Bobbie, in some ways, is like Rachel. No seriously, in some ways she is.The show's jokes are widely based on ones from Friends, adn all the characters live near or with each other. And yet, as similair as this show is to Friends, it's different on so many levels.

    The characters bring laughs to the show through the habits of their characters rather than on the support of other ones. The living environtment and who lives there makes trying to score dates with random people in the streets or coffee shops occur only every 1 in 24 episodes. Now to score, you have to personally know the person before. Like real life. Furthermore, the main ongoing plots in the sreies involve work rather than a we're on-we're off relationship. The romance in the series seems to be a subplot rather, in comparison to being the main plot.

    In addition, there are many more difference between Joey and Firends. Too many too count. But in my opinion, when not compared to the last few seasons of Friends, this show's great, and I love it as much as I loved Friends, when comparing it to the first seasons of Friends. Though, when I don't compare it to Friends at all, which I usually don't do, the show is great. Especially compared to other crap on TV these days. I find myself looking forward to Thursdays just because Joey is on. I love it!

    OVERALL: 10.

  • I LOVE this show but Friends is much better!

    I LOVE this show but I like friends better. People don't like the show Joey as much as Friends because Joey hardly talks about or thinks about his past in New York City. If Joey wants to become a big sucess they have to do three things:

    1. Have Joey talk/ think about his past every so often.
    2.Have the friends cast guest star every so often because his friends wouldn't just not think of him because he moved.
    3. Get rid of Joey's sister! I know mutiple people who don't watch Joey because they don't like his sister. I like the whole cast of Joey but others do not.
  • This is truly the "Friends" spin-off you just can't afford not to miss.... watching may be hazardous to your health. Sight effects include glassy eyes, mind-numbing bordeom, drooling, and increased risk of brain hemmorage.

    When NBC announced a spin-off show to the highly successful "Friends", I thought we'd see more of the crazy antics from Joey we'd come to love, the same stellar writing and dialogue, and occassional cameos from the cast of Friends during sweeps.

    What I did not expect, was "Joey"

    From what I've heard, even star Matt LeBlanc isn't happy with the writing. And from watching the pilot and struggling through three more episodes before it was axed in Australia, I can see why. The jokes are few and far between. The dialogue is mediocre at best, and tragic in places. And it's not Matt's fault entirely - his delivery isn't half bad. It's that the writing stinks.

    This is truly the "Friends" spin-off you just can't afford not to miss.... watching may be hazardous to your health. Sight effects include glassy eyes, mind-numbing bordeom, drooling, and increased risk of brain hemmorage.
  • BAD!

    I honestly do not think that Joey could have been a bigger let down. To start with, the show seemed bad because it featured Joey, probably the worst Friends character and Matt LeBlanc was starring in it, who isn't a very gifted actor. The show could not be more dull or boring if they tried.
  • I knew about this show only recently, and I have already seen the complete first seasion, and i have to say it's great.

    I knew about this show only recently, and I have already seen the complete first seasion, and i have to say it's great.

    Matt Le Blanc stars very well, very comedy series with wonderful plot, I watched the first season quitly by myself and each episode drived me to laugh out loud alone, it's just great: great jokes, great moves, great action, great plot.

    Matt, aka Joey, plays his role greatly, contintues the great he has already done in Friends, and even more give that in this show he is main only actor.

    I can't wait for the second season to start, I want to know what happens :)
  • what i should say first is.. i was expecting another frazaer but after the second episode i forgot all about friends.the cast is so correct and full with wit, it makes me want to get happy and laugh

    this is hard ..writing so many words with so little inteligence but, i and mmmm. i couldnt watch this show whilsted it was aired on c4 uktv...
    so i downloaded it off the net ha.and so and what can i say
    Matt leBlanc typical ,joey has not forgot who he is
    the cast Drea and Pualo with bobbie and alex fantastic halarious humour drives these four charactors to become as important as joey
    this is defenately a 5 way show with lucy leu envoled. joey is the man .what matt has done is every mans fantasy to land hook line and sinker lucy leu (forgive please ll).
    i would like to see the other characters develope as matt and lucy developes.and who knows what will happen..please do it again

    cheers mark
  • Joey a boring version of Friends

    Following the success of \\\"Friends\\\", \\\"Joey\\\" tries to use the same formula for success but with slightly different ingredients. The show comes across and very boring and tries to be funny but really isn\\\'t. \\\"Friends\\\" was on way to long to produce a spin off that could be considered fresh as compaired to todays television market. This show now not only has to compete with shows on the other network channels but also an ever increasing supply of cable shows that are really innovative. I think that \\\"Joey\\\" should be left to only the die hardest of \\\"friends\\\" fans and everyone else should watch something else.
  • Joey is the spinoff of the show friends, featuring Joey and his life in LA with his siter, his nephew, and some neighbors going along for the ride.

    I think Joey is a good show and very funny. It cannot compare to friends, but I do love this show too. The cast is good and I'm sure in time they will grow close like the cast of friends did. In my opinion, this show has all the potential in the world.
  • "Joey" was always one of the more entertaining "Friends", but carrying his own show... I'm not too sure

    The TV show FRIENDS holds a place in my heart, so when I heard they were aking a spinoff, I wasn't too sure about it. Spinoffs are a risky endeavor, especially if they are from beloved shows. For every FRASIER, there is an AFTERMASH.

    Joey Tribianni is one of the all time greatest "supporting" characters - supporting being the key word. They are always reliable. They always bring comedy to a dramatic situation. They're just really "comfortable". When I heard Joey would be the character moving to his own show, I wasn't sure how far he could carry it.

    Sure enough, my predictions came through. Joey was surrounded by a bunch of cliches - the wacky relative (his sister), the geek (his nephew) and the unattainable lust object (his neighbour). The only character that showed any real promise was Joey's agent, and she was only in every second or third episode.

    The first half of the season wasn't overly exciting. Joey tries to get an acting gig while he makes out with a gorgeous girl and his family somehow gets involved. Rinse and repeat. However, once Joey gets a steady job, the show did something I didn't expect - it became good!

    The show still needs quite a bit of work to become anywhere close to FRIENDS. Making Jennifer Coolidge (Joey's agent) appear in every episode next year is a start and giving him an actual friend will help too. What would help is a drop in from one of his old New York buddies, but I don't forsee that happening anytime soon.

    Anyway, Matt LeBlanc has charisma to spare as Joey. He really is a joy to watch.

    Drea DeMatteo is kind of wasted as Joey's sexpot sister. She has funny l;ines, but rarely has anything to do

    Paulo Costanzo is decent as Joey's nerdy nephew. Anyone who has seen ROADTRIP won't believe how differnt he is here.

    Andrea Anders as his neighbour is also decent. Now that she will have a much more important role this season, hopefully she can be used much more.

    Jennifer Coolidge is gerat, as always, as Joey's agent. She steals every scene she's in, which isn't nearly enough.

    Overall, I'd recommend Joey to anyone who enjoyed FRIENDS. It's a pretty funny show - just give it a chance.
  • Joey isn't the worst spin-off that could've come from Friends, but it's still nowhere near Friends.

    After Friends was canceled after 10 seasons, it wasn't that of a bad idea to decide to play on the popularity of the show to create a spin-off.

    I was exited to see what were in store with this show, and I was slightly disapointed with the new episodes, probably because I weighed it up against Friends.

    However, after a couple of episodes, the chemistry between the actors got better, and you also got to know the new characters.

    I concider this a rather decent show, and it got some classic Friends-moments. Well worth the watch, just try to avoid comparing it to Friends.
  • A rather unsuccessful spin-off to a SPECTACULAR show!!!

    Joey was one of my favorite characters on "Friends". His childlike innocence and ignorance, that soon turned to stupidy, plus his manly horndog personality made him a hilarious character. But on Joey, he has somewhat lost his personality, since he doesnt have his friends with him to bail him out if he has a problem.

    And its not really that his show is terrible, it leans more towards the fact that "Joey" is in the shadow his formerly successful show, so people are right away expecting for "Joey" to be equally funny as friends. I also think that the idea of one of Joey's sisters and her son being on the show is kind of stupid.
  • Joey is a spinoff from friends . Joey goes to live w/ his funny trampy sister and geeky nawphew to pursue his acting career. Unfortunly for Joey he has a really bad agent in the show who barely hears anything he says , and then their is the lawyer girl.

    I think this is one of the best shows . I don\'t see why everyone hates it . I think Joey is a great spinoff from friends . But unfortunly people aren\'t that crazy about it like they were about the show Friends . So please people do it for Matt He needs are supprot cuz apperntly he is having alot of problems . First their is something wrong w/ his baby and then he his getting low rateings on his show.

    I really do hope Joey can reach the top , becuse it is one of them most funny shows ever!
  • Joey, the classic charachter from Friends we all loved, comes back in his new series, \'Joey\'. Joey isn\'t Joey without Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and the rest of the Friends. But still, Joey has his own, funny adventures.

    Joey, the classic charachter from Friends we all loved, comes back in his new series, \'Joey\'. Joey isn\'t Joey without Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and the rest of the Friends. But still, Joey has his own, funny adventures. I\'m glad that they made this, because when I watched Joey, I laughed, but not as much as when I watched Friends.
  • Close - but no cigar...

    I was a huge friends fan. I don\'t usually enjoy sitcoms as its just plain old canned laughter. But firends was different, the characters made the sitcom a classic. Joey was my favorite character from friends, and i have to say that the transition of this charater from one show to the other was brilliant. However, now that joey is all alone there is no way that the canned laughter can be hidden by other charcters that are stooped in deep background plots, which gave friends depth which hid the canned laughter. What im saying is that basically, the show is trying to be friends all over again. There is nothing original about this show and the only thing its good for is a bit of background tv when your mates are round. To sum up id say watch the show if nothing else is on. Close - but no cigar.
  • Things need to ba changed...

    The show was so hyped before it's release but I found it boring and very repetative. Joey was never one of my favourites and he always seemed in the background of Chandler so without him Joey just isn't funny - his sister and nephew are also not funny however his neighour alex can bring a smile to my face now and then.

    Hopefully season two will feature some more creative storylines and funnier characters oh and five other people who make Joey funny, can you guess who they are?
  • good spin off.

    I like Joey (the show) alot. I think it can relate to us men in a way. Joey isn't too bright. And he is on the way to accomplishing his dreams. Joey is a desent show that alot of people don't give a chance. People just missed what friends have. Gewt over it, friends is canceled. Don't take it out on Joey.People don't relise that Joey isn't just a spinn off of friends. In a way, he is relising, life throws you curve balls and you just got to swing an d hope that a player catches it. Joey is a dlight to Watch.
  • In this spin-off of "Friends", Joey Tribbiani moves to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.Here we can see how the life of the absolute fabulous Joey continues. He's still the same old Joey, in a new town, but still lost.You'll sure have a good time w

    After his friends all go their separate ways, Joey Tribianni leaves New York for Hollywood to pursue his acting career full time. His slutty sister Gina buys him a nice apartment, and he finds a new roommate in his 20-year old nephew Michael (Gina had him when she was 14), who is literally a rocket scientist. Michael's book smarts and Joey's people smarts allow them to help each other out whenever they can, and make them nice companions.
  • A spin-off show to the much loved Friends, Joey offers Friends-lovers the chance to revisit one Friend's new life in LA. Joey finds new friends in his landlord, Alex, sister Gina, and nephew, Michael but still faces challenges as he tries to make it big

    This show is very much underappreciated. Though it is not as funny as Friends, Joey offers some great lines and has me laughing throughout the difficulties that Joey faces as in actor. Michael, Joey's nephew, has me laughing with his nerd ways and the things he is beginning to find out because his mom sheltered them from him all his life. Joey will get better with every season and maybe even a few friends will be there to stop by . . .
  • Out of all the possibilities for making a spin-off of Friends, they chose the character Joey Tribbiani? Sorry, Joey sinks in California and only floated in New York because he was part of an ensemble. A terrible show, in my opinion.

    Am I the only one to not like this show? It seems a lot of people either love this show or like it because it has a character from the uber-terrific show, Friends. Joey's character on Friends was fun, mildly entertaining. But to put him out on his own and make him a headliner? No, he doesn't have the acting skills or the comedic timing to pull off his own show, he is better as a side-kick. Chandler and Monica would make a good spin-off or even Phoebe. I am surprised they didn't do a Ross & Rachel. But Joey? For one thing, his whole persona changed in this spin-off, and he is a 'sage' to his sister and her son. I don't buy it. To me, the friends show should have ended as it did, not prolong its suffering like a Joanie Loves Chachi type spin-off.
  • well this show is ok just read my review!

    well this show is ok but i prefer friends does anyone else? of course everyone does! they should have made a spin off for everyone not just pheobe and joey. does anyone else think so. i do. i havent seen the comeback yet i havent. i want too. so bye!
  • Joey Tribbiani is a failing actor from New York. So he moves out to LA to stay with his sister and nefew.

    We all knew that Joey would never be as good or as funny as Friends. But it was nearly there. Why were the critics slating this show? I thought it was hilarious. And so what if it isn't as good as Friends, if it makes people happy, then make another series. Please make another series. This is American comedy nearly at its best. It doesn't have the charisma of Friends or the same writers, but this series was good enough for me. Matt Le Blanc and Jennifer Coolidge always get the biggest laughs though. I hate the way that the two biggest stars are made out to look so stupid. This show was ok. I'd watch it again but I'm not paying £50 for a 3-disc set.

  • it is not a bad show but it is not a good show.

    Ok lets put it this way it is missing five things and there names are Chadler, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel. that is what this show needs joey (matt leblanc) is funny and he is a good acter but i do not see this show going as far as friends got.
  • Nowhere as good as Friends but still funny.

    When I first heard about this I thought great, it'll be like friends never really ended, sadly it has. This programme is totally different, jokes are different, script is different and even Joey is different.

    Why did I give it a high rating because it is funny, the other characters are funny and well basically an all-round good show. Its not something I have to see but its something I enjoy watching, Joey's relationship with his sister and nephew, keep you watching.

    Not as good as Friends but this programme isdefinetly worth a look and I hope it stays on televsion for another couple of seasons.
  • Can Joey really make it on his own??

    You must know that I was a Friends fanatic, I loved the show and if you look I have rated it as 10. How I wish I could do the same for Joey! I am not questioning the acting on the show, I just don't think that Joey can come across as well as Friends without Chandler there. I think that it was Joey and Chandler combined who made Joey so funny. I feel that in this show they have had to, at points, make Joey seem a lot dumber than he was in friends just to make it funny. I hear that they are going to bring some old friends members into Joey, this could help the show.

    I think that Mat LeBlanc is a good actor, I thoroughly enjoyed "Lost in Space" I feel that he would have done better by moving away from the friends image.

    I will continue to turn on Joey from time to time and see if my opinion changes. However I don't feel that it will.
  • Ew.

    This is possibly the worst idea for a spin off ever thought up. How could they undermine such a fabulous series like Friends by producing such rubbish? How could they air this?

    If you used to be a Friends fan, and you watch this, you should be very, very ashamed of yourselves.

  • The spinoff of the comedy Friends is here.

    Joey is a great spinoff of Friends. It is really funny. I can't wait for the new season because I heard it suppose to be funnier than season 1 and Joey finally gets a spot in Hollywood. I just hope in Season 2 that at least one person from Friends would make a guest appearance.
  • 'Friends' ended , and 'Joey' began!

    'Friends' ended , and 'Joey' began!

    When I hear people say that they hope to bring back 'Friends', I know it will never happen but Joey delivers a lot of comedy and fun.

    Matt Le Blanc plays Joey brilliantly and better in this show because of him being the main character, of course.

    Joey focuses more on his acting career in Joey rather than in Friends.
    His sister and nephew also add some good quality comedy to Joey.

    I beleive that this is a pretty decent show, I'm not saying that it's going to go downhill but techinally Joey is a sequel show to Friends, and you know what people say, originals are better.

    Joey will last a long time but will never be as big as Friends.
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