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  • This show is horrid

    I dont think i have ever seen a more horrible show in my life even cartoon network is better than this! My opion is that he should have special apperiences by the cast of friends that woiuld make the show a little mor interesting! My opion is that it just stinks, horrible, icky.....etc.
  • This is truly the "Friends" spin-off you just can't afford not to miss.... watching may be hazardous to your health. Sight effects include glassy eyes, mind-numbing bordeom, drooling, and increased risk of brain hemmorage.

    When NBC announced a spin-off show to the highly successful "Friends", I thought we'd see more of the crazy antics from Joey we'd come to love, the same stellar writing and dialogue, and occassional cameos from the cast of Friends during sweeps.

    What I did not expect, was "Joey"

    From what I've heard, even star Matt LeBlanc isn't happy with the writing. And from watching the pilot and struggling through three more episodes before it was axed in Australia, I can see why. The jokes are few and far between. The dialogue is mediocre at best, and tragic in places. And it's not Matt's fault entirely - his delivery isn't half bad. It's that the writing stinks.

    This is truly the "Friends" spin-off you just can't afford not to miss.... watching may be hazardous to your health. Sight effects include glassy eyes, mind-numbing bordeom, drooling, and increased risk of brain hemmorage.
  • BAD!

    I honestly do not think that Joey could have been a bigger let down. To start with, the show seemed bad because it featured Joey, probably the worst Friends character and Matt LeBlanc was starring in it, who isn't a very gifted actor. The show could not be more dull or boring if they tried.
  • Ew.

    This is possibly the worst idea for a spin off ever thought up. How could they undermine such a fabulous series like Friends by producing such rubbish? How could they air this?

    If you used to be a Friends fan, and you watch this, you should be very, very ashamed of yourselves.

  • This Show Blows

    who in their right mind would think to take just one character off of a very successful show and make a show that is about as funny as the history channel. i mean, why? whywould matt leblanc kill his reputation to do a show that is about an idiot that udes to have Friends.

    This show is utterly terrible! It's nothing like "Friends" which was absolutely hilarious! Joey apparently needs Chandler to add some humor to the show! come on, this can't be for real!I find it very dry and pointless each time i see it. go away joey. leave us all alone and spare me!
  • This joke on Joey and the big Break sums up what Joey is like. It involved something about vitamin C and the punchline was I don't want to get Scurvy! Think about that joke esp. those who keep holding to this series that a clown would find embarrassing.

    Scurvy! SCurvy! SCUUUURVY! let that joke line ring in everyone's head and hopefully it will set you free from eating this coarse beach sand that you think is dessert.

    I do have to say you can't blame the people involved in only one sense. They have to feed their families or buy their second homes. Thus if the network keeps flipping big checks to them. Would you turn them down?
  • Joey a boring version of Friends

    Following the success of \\\"Friends\\\", \\\"Joey\\\" tries to use the same formula for success but with slightly different ingredients. The show comes across and very boring and tries to be funny but really isn\\\'t. \\\"Friends\\\" was on way to long to produce a spin off that could be considered fresh as compaired to todays television market. This show now not only has to compete with shows on the other network channels but also an ever increasing supply of cable shows that are really innovative. I think that \\\"Joey\\\" should be left to only the die hardest of \\\"friends\\\" fans and everyone else should watch something else.
  • Worse then Friends.

    Joey is anouther example of NBC's cowardness of not ending their popular shows or making a sequil to it to keep their viewers. The show is not funny at all. All the actors including Joey is Medeocre at best. Just change the channel when Joey comes on; its terrible.

    Just to point it out Joey is terrible; im not the only one relaize that because I have friend who loved (Friends) which hate Joey which is getting crushed by American Idol in rating.
  • How bad is this?

    After friends, Matt should have just quit while he was ahead. The reason that he is the only character from friends that hasnt done anything in hollywood is because he is the only one who cant act. He was good on frieds but what were they thinking when they gave him his own show? It might have just been bareable if the show itself was actually any good but it really isnt. I am glad to hear that it is being axed because this is the most unfunny sitcom that I have ever watched and I deffinately wont miss it when its gone.
  • Out of all the possibilities for making a spin-off of Friends, they chose the character Joey Tribbiani? Sorry, Joey sinks in California and only floated in New York because he was part of an ensemble. A terrible show, in my opinion.

    Am I the only one to not like this show? It seems a lot of people either love this show or like it because it has a character from the uber-terrific show, Friends. Joey's character on Friends was fun, mildly entertaining. But to put him out on his own and make him a headliner? No, he doesn't have the acting skills or the comedic timing to pull off his own show, he is better as a side-kick. Chandler and Monica would make a good spin-off or even Phoebe. I am surprised they didn't do a Ross & Rachel. But Joey? For one thing, his whole persona changed in this spin-off, and he is a 'sage' to his sister and her son. I don't buy it. To me, the friends show should have ended as it did, not prolong its suffering like a Joanie Loves Chachi type spin-off.
  • I liked Friends (I mean, I only know one person who didn\'t) but this is a shame.

    Joey is a better character than this series makes him out to be. The supporting cast are pretty awful, and while Matt Leblanc never made any claims to be a great actor, he\'s better than this. The scriptwriters have no new ideas, and without a good set of supporting characters this was never going to work. Whoever thought of making Joey the most intelligent character in his own series was a fool, and not a likeable one like Joey was
  • After ten whole years, Joey is still a sex-crazed dumb dumb who loves sandwich.

    Personally, I find this show very funny. Yet I'm not quite satisfied. Joey's character is the same. He's still sleeping with everyone then breaking up with them the next day. Yes, he might be more intellegant then he used to, but he's still quite big of a jackass.

    The storylines need some more work. Just humor isn't gonna cut it. From the six characters of FRIENDS, Joey was picked out for a reason. Don't let it turn into a regret.

    Still, I admit I do watch this show for some late-night laughter. I just think it could do a better job.
  • A terrible love child formed from the best sitcom in history.

    I don’t see how it’s possible to create a show so terrible from one that was so good. Joey holds no comparisons between it’s predecessor Friends and never will. Joey’s character in Friends was one-dimensional; basically he liked food and girls. In the spin-off the writers decide not to expand on his character but just add a batch of new ones each duller than the last. I don’t see who thought that this would be any good; it is not worthy of being called a Friends spin-off. Hopefully this show will be gone soon and everyone will forget about Joey. I would hate for this show to ruin the reputation of the ever brilliant Friends.
  • Matt was better in Friends.

    Honestly this show is no where near good. I liked Matt better in Friends then in Joey. Joey is supposed to e a run off of Friends but its not. Matt needs the gang from Friends to shine. I dont know why they dont just cancel this show all it gets is bad ratings.
  • With NBC sinking faster than the Titanic on Thursday's, its clearly time to throw 'Joey' overboard and save everyone else!

    NBC admitted at the end of last season the show had problems, but claimed it would be much improved come this fall. Clearly NBC's idea of 'improved' didn't involve making it any funnier. With NBC sinking faster than the Titanic on Thursday's, its clearly time to throw 'Joey' overboard and save everyone else!
  • not a great idea form NBC

    Only´s Drea de Matteo (and the twins) are the only reason to watch this show, the character Joey was pretty lame even on Friends, It was a very bad idea from NBC to make a spin-off a show that went over 3 seasons at least (Friends), it´s a shame that good show like Arrested Development, Veronica Mars are struggling to continue and Joey gets a nes season
  • What a dull show with such a dull character from a brilliant series. Kudos to Jennifer Coolidge 4 giving us a ray of hope!!!

    Well apparently Joey cant hold his own show, is this true? Yes as every scene from this excruciating painful series reminds us of what we miss about all of the other friends. I never realised how boring Joey was unless he was in the company of chandler or pining over Rachel, or maybe were just a bit picky(Dont think so!!)The only ray of light comes from Bobbie, played fantastically by jennifer coolidge!! And whoever thinks well see a friend on Joey any time soon should think again after theyve watched it, im sure courtney cox wouldnt waste her talents with this and from the looks of the ratings she wont have to! Joey is heading to the spinoff graveyard were it will be looked upon by such classic spinoffs as Frasier!(i think thats it!)
  • Leeching off Friends success.

    I never really got into Friends, its not my type of show. I prefer off the wall type comedies instead of this predictable stuff.

    Joey had a few laughs here and there, he was by no means the worst of all the characters, but to give the guy a spin off and make him the star was a big mistake!

    Joey just doesn't have what it takes to hold a show together, at least with his friends there they could bounce their stupid comments off each other.

    When he makes a gag on this show its just plain embarressing! This show is only for Friends fans, even some I'm sure would be quite dissapointed.
  • What happened?

    I think the first season had some promising elements. But I think that "Joey" fell victim to "Friends." "Joey" used clique sit-com elements and while I was pulling for him and his cohorts in the beginning, I excused it from real criticism. I wanted it to work. I could tell that he and Alex were going to be paired up somehow with the Sam/Diane, Ross/Rachel-esque--where timing of the relationship was never going to catch on. The second season was destined to fall with the Thursday lineups on the other networks pulling out their top programming (O.C., Smallville, Everybody Hates Chris). And with my TIVO programming all of these shows, Joey was last on the list incase of repeats of the other shows.
    Sorry Joe, but maybe NBC will give you a second chance and maybe retooling can happen.
  • Terrible spin-off. Enough said.

    The show is based on the character Joey (Matt LeBlanc from Friends), his sister and her son. Joey leaves New York, moves to Hollywood and becomes a full time actor. The show is basically a sequel to Friends without the best characters.

    Joey was bearable at best in Friends, making him the lead of a show is a recipie for disaster. The humour is dim and it was rare that it even raised a slight chuckle from me. The funniest part of this show was probably the fact that NBC actually let it run for 46 episodes. Complete waste of time.
  • Bring the friends back now!!!

    He cannot succeed alone.. Nice Try for Joey Espisode. But how does the new girl even compare to rachel. The new girl is too whiney and we dun love her.. Only Rachel could pull that off..

    I missed those friend charactors. Chandler, Rachel, Monica and Ross. They are all a team. It is a package. That's the meaning of Friends. I have watched the whole 10 series three times over and it have never failed to touch me or make me a big man sob. And the antic are so amusing and heartwarming.. Please bring back the friends characters to your show or it really will go and die off.

    And Joey really overplayed the dumb part, really need Ross back.. His sister though is a great shoo in for the show..

    I got so many comments for the show. This is my 2 cents worth.
  • I loved joey in the smash hit friends but now he needs to get off the air.

    yes he was good in friends but this is a spinoff
    and In my opinion is not doing as well as he expected so He just needs to get off the air it is not that funny and he is taking up air time that could be used for a good series not a dumb spinoff.
  • joey totally lost it

    i think this show is totally lost of time for both the actors and the viewers, i think its a bad idea to creat this show becouse joey chatracter doesnt have the power to be the main chracter of a show.
    when the chracter played in the world hit F.R.I.E.N.D.S it was awesome but with the support of the other characters in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
    actually i liked joey show in the first season but in the second season with new charcter which i think its totally stuped i begun to get bored from it and to hate it, i think if the neighbor charcter was a bigger character the show maybe still aired till today

  • What a great Season premiere! Now it BLOWS!

    I msu admit that I watched season one because I am a huge "Friends" fan, but I also think that the show got better and better. I really think that the season premiere was extremely funny and I just hope that the show will continue down that road because that is awesome! I laughed so hard and "Joey" suddenly seemed like a show that I would watch because of the show and not because of Matt LeBlanc's past in friends.
    I think that the season premiere seemed original and all the charaters got to show a very funny side! The Joey Show has become a "must-see-show"!

    NEW: What happened?! It became an embarrasment!
  • Totally unwatchable.

    As part of friends Joey was good, but as a stand alone character? Forgettaboutit....

    Just like Seinfeld the supporting cast of an ensemble show can rarely succeed on their own. Its suprising this show even got a 2nd season at all. Jennifer Aniston made Friends what it was, without her it would have been a dud, same goes for Seinfeld - without Jerry none of the characters or actors could stand on their own.

    The Frasier spinoff of Cheers is a rare one that actually worked, mainly because Kelsy Grammer is such a strong actor. I dare to say Frasier was actually better than Cheers.

    LeBlanc was too much of a lightweight to carry his own show. If couple other members of Friend joined to form Friends 2, it might have worked. But this was total crap.
  • a miserable follow up to a great show

    In every way that Friends was funny and interesting, Joey is dull and extremely unfunny. Joey was certainly a likeable character on Friends we all grew to love his dumb humor. However, in the latter show, the dumb humor was offset by some smart humor as well. I like dumb humor as much as the next guy but I need a balance between the two. Joey comes off as stupid and lame in every way. The jokes just don;t work. Where Joey worked very well with a group of people, hes just not that interesting to watch by himself. Sure their are minor characters to offset this, but none are as interesting or as fun as the ones on Friends. If NBC wanted to pull another Cheers/Fraiser on us, they should have hired some better writers.
  • Missing chemistry

    Well, Joey was still Joey, true, but most of the other characters were just "cheaply funny" like on Nickelodeon shows, and their interaction with Joey missed mostly some inner spark that the genius show "Friends" had. I blame partly the actors and partly the writers.

    The very first episode of season 1 really had my hopes going to keep a similar feeling going as with "Friends". These hopes very quickly crash landed.

    "Episodes" did a much, much better job capturing the old Joey feeling (although in a new environment, circumstances and even different character for some aspects, but somehow the "spirit" was there again). And I keep praising LeBlanc for his courage to play this spitting image version of himself.

    But in Joey - while really representing Joey from "Friends" - he is like Ronaldo or Messi transferring into a new but very mediocre soccer team. His new team mates tried but were not able to really "click" with him to show great play combinations.

    So, most of the jokes felt cheap, were absolutely foreseeable, and the whole pace of the show and the scenes shown was recognizably lower than with "Friends". The mastermind concept behind success shows like "Friends" (but also "Cheers", "Frasier") inherited from Monty Python to have several story lines interwoven at any moment of time, with every line having its own punch line but presented at sometimes totally unexpected points of time and in combination with other lines still going on (which made many punch lines even funnier than they were just by themselves) - was mostly gone here, or presented/tried in a rather "tired" way.
  • Sorry to say.

    I'm sorry to say this but this show was almost a complete waste of time. The cast wasn't bad, especially Matt and his nephew. They really had the right idea in trying to spin off the character of Joey but it was just a miss. There was something missing, the rest of the Friends cast! I thought that Matt could carry his own show without the rest of the Central Perk crew but it just ended up flopping. I gave it every chance and there were a few laughs over the episodes aired but it just didn't work.
  • Joey had an amazing first season. The episodes were well-made. The characters were deep. The jokes were tasteful. Then season two hit and Joey died slowly and painfully

    Season 1 was amazing. While it was nothing on Friends, it was something that could be built upon.

    Then season 2 came, and many problems came in. The introduction of Zach started Joey's downhill run. The episodes were still holding up, but you could see that Joey was starting to die out. The next hit came with Alex's and Joey's confusion over their relationship, which totally killed both their characters. Micheal became more and more Joey-like, also killing his character. Next, Jimmy came in, which was an attempt to revive the show. Far from reviving it, Adam Goldberg and Jimmy totally buried the show. This was coupled with NBC's massive confusion with the show, was it gonna be axed or wasn't? Oh, and then on top of everything else, Alex went and became a sex-crazy sl*t. How did that happen? I don't know because NBC apparently decided not to air the show in some countries anymore! They showed a lackluster series finale in some places of the world, and not in some others. To put it gently: Season 2 SUCKED and totally buried what a show that had the potential to become almost as good as Friends! I'm giving this show a 5.0, because both season one rocked and season two sucked. A nice balance.
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