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  • Well joey, i really loved friends but joey has been a disappointment.

    Joey, needs help i mean come on, can this be any less funnier, micheal, joey smart newphew not funny, Gina can be amusing but still not a fan.

    His agent, i am undecided on her, she can be likable but not by chance. Still she did get him a series.
  • A disappointing effort, but still worth a look

    I'm a huge fan of Friends, so I was pretty excited when I heard Joey was being made. However, what I am seeing is very average comedy that does not even slightly resemble the quality of the writing on Friends. I don't know what's happened, but something has to be done quickly, because the novelty will only keep this show going for a short while.

    Joey is being made out to be too stupid; we should be able to see other aspects of his character if he's the leading role. His sister irritated me at first, but she's grown on me. Alex is sweet, but she needs to be investigated more and played with more as a character. Michael is the only well defined character, but there's still plenty to be done with him.
    And what's with the theme tune? Please change the title music, it's very annoying.

    I think if some more care is taken into the writing of this show, and if more public feedback is used, it could be a lot better.
  • The follow-up to "Friends" may need to prove itself in the next season if it intends to stay in the race.

    "Joey" is one of those shows that had an initial backlash to it-- it was the show that NBC forced you to accept as the "Friends" replacement. Because of this, the show really never developed a large audience.

    The writing on it was a bit on the "Huh?" side for the first half of the season, but it really began to develop in the latter half. The cliff-hanger was very good and set the tone for the next season.

    The show may need some fine-tuning in order to reach a larger audience, however, but it does have promise if the producers and writers play their cards right.
  • Joey is funny. But lacks something.

    I personally loved "Friends" and I was very skeptical about the spinoff "Joey" --- The first few episodes really did not appeal to me at all, but later on it got better. I like the direction of this show and it seems like it will be a hit for at least 2 seasons or so. Give it a shot.
  • This show is about Joey moving from New York to LA to live with Gina and Michael. Joey has an agent named Bobby and she finds shows for Joey to audition. Eventually, Joey ends up working in a soap opera for a while.

    Joey is a funny show. He always make me laugh. His sister, Gina, is cool. Michael is a nice guy and Alex is funny. Joey's agent is alright. I think his ex-Friends co-stars should make an appearnce during the next season. I really enjoy it! Good show!
  • It's an okay show

    I think that joey is okay, but I miss the gang. I think Joey does too. It's not the same as Friends. When I watch Joey I aspect some of the old friends come in to say something funny. I really miss Friends. The only thing that I can do now is what reruns.
  • Joey show is my new best buddy!

    JOey and the gang every week nonstop action! Its an awesome show that i can watch again and again and again and again. It would be better with Chandler and Monica but hey you cant complain eh? Well i cant wait till season two and I hope they dont cancel it.
  • I thought this show was going to be just like friends but it wasn't. Joey need to put up or something.

    I thought this show was going to be just like friends but it wasn't. Joey need to put up or something. He need to bring one of his friends on the show to make it better, like Matthew Perry, I dont think he's doing anything big! But everybody loves Joey!
  • This follow-up to Friends is a hilarious show that no one can appreciate because it's not exactly like Friends.

    This follow-up to Friends is a hilarious show that no one can appreciate because it's not exactly like Friends. I think that's crazy. Joey should be appreciated for what it is...a comedy show. And it is funny. Towards the end of the season the plot lines started to deepen and emotions started to play a part. For all the Friends lovers (myself included) watching Joey's character development has been amazing. And he still references his old friends. Keep it running and keep it popular...his old Friends will come back to visit for sure. David Schwimmer has already come back to direct.
  • Lots of potential, but--

    There is much to like in this show.First and foremost,Joey himself as the sweet,lovable; somewhat befuddled title character.The rest of the cast is appealing as well, but the writers need to allow the characters to become more than stereotypes.Let Joey's sister develop beyond the brassy, but good - hearted girl we've been seeing since Laverne and Shirley.Don't treat her like a punchline.Let the nephew grow up and mature in his role.A good start has been made, but will the writers continue? I hope they continue to let the characters grow and someday we may all be suprised at how far Joey has come.
  • Joey is an okay show that is mainly watched because of FRIENDS and the story line gets annoying after a while.

    After the finale of FRIENDS, Monica and Chandler were married. Ross and Rachel got back together and Phoebe married Mike. Joey was the only one left out and show he moved to Los Angeles with his sister so he could get a better job. Joey gets old and annoying after a while. Back in friends his type of comedy was good as it was moderated by the other types of comedies from the other characters. In Joey, theres only Joeys type of comedy that comes from him and his sister who is as dumb as him. That gets annoying after a while and i think it is over-appreciated by people.

    This show is utterly terrible! It's nothing like "Friends" which was absolutely hilarious! Joey apparently needs Chandler to add some humor to the show! come on, this can't be for real!I find it very dry and pointless each time i see it. go away joey. leave us all alone and spare me!
  • Come on Joey is but nothing with out his "Friends"

    The last two seasons of Friends really sucked at least I think it did. And then along came Joey you thought it looked good kinda funny. But its really not. Its just trying to be Friends with out the friends. Its really a bad show that is taking up valuble air time.
  • Brilliant transistion of the character from friend to family man slash good neighbor

    Not much to say, just that this show is incredibly funny and deserves to last as long as Friends did, if not longer. It may receive bad reviews, but that is only because people compare it to friends. It is still great. It would be good to have some of the Friends visit Joey, but not yet. The characters must develop, Joey even, has already become a different person and the change was funny, brilliant and unnoticable. the Friends characters would just remind people of what they're missing and it would do the show no favours. This review may have been as much about Friends as it was Joey, but both shows are worthy of mention in the same breath.
  • New cast please...

    I love the character of Joey.
    That said I can't stand his sister(Drea De Matteo) or her son(Paulo Constanzo) . Everytime they come on the screen I get hives. I really enjoy when Joey is working or interacting with his agent. The blond neighbour played by Andrea Anders is boring x 10.
    Isn't it time Joey went home to Milwaukee with Lenny
    and Squiggy!
    Sorry wrong show.
    Transplanting Joey to Hollywood from New York just
    doesn't work for me. The show seems empty and without a heart. Cold and plastic. Not a worthy
    successor to "Friends".
    So more Jennifer Coolidge and less sister and nephew. Or get rid of them altogether.
    Send Joey to Toronto to film a movie. Anything, please give the show some fun.
  • I'm Impressed !!!!

    I really wasn't shure how Joey would do given other spin off shows that crashed & burned misserabaly , But i have ot say i've liked waht i;ve seen from the 1st season & am looking forward to seasomn 2 . All the chatacters are enjoyable & funny !! I hope if & when they decide ot bring the other Friends on as guest stars they don't rush it !!!
  • not a great idea form NBC

    Only´s Drea de Matteo (and the twins) are the only reason to watch this show, the character Joey was pretty lame even on Friends, It was a very bad idea from NBC to make a spin-off a show that went over 3 seasons at least (Friends), it´s a shame that good show like Arrested Development, Veronica Mars are struggling to continue and Joey gets a nes season
  • great transfer.

    The Character did a great transfer to L.A. A lot of us know spin-offs don't do well, beside from a few. I think this show has a different aim at comedy and I like it. I really think Alex is a great character as well as Gina and Michael. Alex is an airhead which is great when scenes with Joey come. I'll always watch this show. I think it has more great things a head. When the other Character's from Friends eventually make their apperences picture how funny the chemistry between the 5 from new york with fit with Gina, Michael and expecially Alex. It'll be great.
  • Just not the same without his friends.

    "Joey" is a spin off of the show "Friends". While one of my favorite characters from Friends is back, it just doesn't feel the same. The very talented actors of Friends left and were replaced by mediocre actors. The writing seemed to have slipped also both in jokes and plot lines. If a few changes were made however, this show could be a great hit. Hopefully things will improve and it will last a long while. I recommend this show to people who were huge fans of Friends and Matt Leblanc. I hope one day Joey will get to see his old friends once in a while.
  • A funny show with relationships that are too forced.

    Now I enjoyed Friends like most people and when Joey hit the TV I was watching it religiously.

    I enjoyed it very much.

    But with most things that are good you always notice downsides and I would say its the forced relationships put into the series. What I mean is you had Ross being Monica's sister, Rachel being Monica's high school friend and so on. Although in Joey there is the brother and sister, nephew and uncle its really forced to just make up casting numbers. With more exploration into individual pasts and relationships possibly between Joey and Gina from Childhood it may become a top notch show.

    Still looking forward to Seires 2 anyway
  • Sadly, Joey is not Joey without Friends

    Don't get me wrong, I love Joey (the character), but it just gets painful and boring to watch Joey mess up for half an hour. The problem with this show is that Joey is fun, but for the first 5 minutes. After that it just gets lame.

    What made Joey so special in friends was the mix between all of the rich characters, in Joey its gets boring watching him doing the same old jokes over and over again.

    If you ask me I would say the show just got lucky that its going to have a second season. Only hardcore Friends fans watch this.

    A decent show.
  • Joey is nothing without his other freinds.

    Oh Boy! Joey, what can i say about this...other than the fact that the producers were probably drunk when they decided to make a Friends spin-off about Joey without his friends.

    Let's face it, this show should have never existed in the first place. Joey Tribiani was probably your favorite character on Friends. I mean he was funny, good looking, and stupid, but that's why we all loved him. But we lovED him, which means we don't anymore.

    When Freinds ended I was very dissapointed. But then I found out that there was going to be a Freinds spin-off entitled Joey. And I was excited as you might have been as well, until we actually saw it. The show was oh so very bad. It had no point to it. I didn't even laugh to the parts that were supposedly supposed to be funny. Joey has been a major blow to NBC and it will hurt any toher network that decides to play the re-runs.
  • After leaving New York, for LA to live with his sister, nephew and friends, Joey experiences LA at its finest. But how does this compare to the New York antics of Joey Tribbiani?

    I personally love Joey, although its not as good as Friends, but in my opinion nothing can be, it still has the feel of it. Also the characters are so colourful yet real that it makes the show very enjoyable. Joey\'s agent, Bobby, is a fantastic character, which brings some Phoebe-esque aspects to the show. Drea de Matteo plays Gina excellently, and Matt le Blanc plays off her very well. Throughout season one a real relationship is brought together between these characters. I enjoy this show immensely and I am thrilled we will have at least one more year of Joey, Gina, Michael, Alex and Bobby.
  • Joey has much potential bur needs a little tweeking.

    If you loved the sitcom Friends then you should enjoy the spin off Joey. After Monica and Chandlar have their babies, Ross and Rachel get back together, and Phebee marries Mike - Joey is left all alone. When Friends finally takes it's last bow Joey moves to L.A. to jump start his career. Joey moves into a nice apartment with his nephew and lives across the hall from his hot, "sheltered", land-lord. The first season has a rough time getting started but if you stick it out I think you will like Joey. A peice of advice that I offer to you is do not expect to see Friends. This show is its own and if watched with an open mind you might fall in love. Hopefully the second season will be stronger than the first.
  • Joey is a faboulous well ploted show with intriguing characters.

    In my opinion Joey is an underappreciated show as recent ratings show,why would such a brilliant show be lacking viewers.Come on people you should be watching Joey instead of overrated shows like American Dad and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.Joey has some quality characters like Gina and her son Micheal not to say Joey isnt the best character.Plot lines have been great like when his sister comes to visit and ends up staying for a short peroid of time,how Joey actually sticks to one woman,wow that was a shocker and how every time Joey gets an interview for a job which always gets screwed up by Joeys agent.That brings me on to my final comment how can you resist not laughing at Jennifer Coolidge(joeys agent) with her comical mistakes and her undying love for Joeys nephew, Micheal.So Joeys famous saying 'How you doing' should be changed to 'What are you doing',you people who dont watch Joey.
  • I don't know why the show has fallen short to many people's expectation.

    I don't know why the show has fallen short of many people's expectation. At first, I was sceptical about the new series, because "Friends" was so close to me I could not imagine how this could be continued without the rest of the characters. But as I was watching it, I think they did a great job, I really had the unexpectedly pleasant surprise about "joey".
    I hope they will continue!

  • Joey's is back, and ready for action!

    Joey decided to leave his FRIENDS in New York, to start a new life in Los Angeles. He meets up with his sister, Gina, and her son, Michael. Now in Hollywood, Joey is looking to get his big break since leaving. "Days of Our Lives".

    I like this show. It's funny. I hope it last several more years.
  • Why We Need This Friend

    In its first season, the Friends' spinoff Joey took a lot of flack for not being as successful as its origin-program. So before we go any further, let's just put this out there right now: Joey lasted an entire season, which is more than I can say for the TV careers of that other hugely-successful 90s show, Seinfeld. Granted, none of those shows had the benefit of being an actual spinoff, but you would think that three talented people like Michael Richards, Julia-Louis Dreyfuss, or Jason Alexander might be able to pull at least one full season.

    But back to Joey, the show deserves kudos for not retreating into the Friends cast for ratings. Low ratings are shameful; going back for your parents help is embarassing. What's more, Joey is a good show. It's at the exact same level as Friends in terms of hilarity: it's predictable, but punchy. It's the base-level of what a sitcom needs to be. Not every half-hour comedy needs to reinvent the genre. Shows like Arrested Development and Entourage are brilliant, but sometimes you just need a safe, comfortable half-hour of laughs and there are few choices better than Joey.

    Now a lot of Friends fans probably ranked Joey Tribbiani near the back-end in terms of their favorite characters, but that doesn't make him unfunny or unwatchable. Joey's a very lovable character because he's a 35-year-old with the priorities of a teenager and the heart of a child.

    However, Joey alone could not carry a show and I think that this spinoff works because it has such a strong supporting cast. Of course, the biggest name attached is Drea De Matteo as Joey's sister Gina. Despite her fantastic work on The Sopranos, I think De Matteo is working with a poor character in this show. It's not that she's unfunny, but Gina seems to be someone who takes pride in being verbally abused. The writers probably want to make her come off as someone who's comfortable with who they are despite the lack of social graces, but it seems like if any of the criticisms leveled at her were spoken by anyone other than Joey, it would be hurtful and ugly. In season two, can we give Gina some real pride?

    The two successes of the supporting cast are Andrea Anders as Joey's neighbor Alex and Paulo Costanzo as Joey's nephew/Gina's son Michael. Alex could have been insanely irritating and pathetic and Michael could have just been a Chandler-clone, but instead both actors really have a good sense of their characters and how to take the comedic flaws of each and use them to their full potential. Some of my favorite moments of the first season were seeing Michael choose Brent Spiner over losing his virginity or Alex screaming at Joey to put on a helmet for his motorcycle ride to NBC.

    Jennifer Coolidge is a tough call as Joey's agent, Bobbie. On the one hand, Coolidge is even creepier and more inept than Joey's past (and now dead) agent Estelle, but because she's more present than Estelle, she constantly begs the question of why Joey just doesn't fire her and get a better agent. Also, Coolidge's frighteningly large face just creeps me into tiny pieces. Still, she does manage to deliver some great lines although I do think she could have better comedic interaction with her co-stars.

    And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Ben Falcone as Joey's cartoonish neighbor Howard. He's so incredibly awkward and Falcone has amazing comic timing with Howard's lines and facial expressions.

    I honestly believe that Joey is a worthy successor to Friends. It's comfortable, it's safe, it's funny, and it's clear to see where it gets it from.

    Here's hoping that season two gets the love that the first season deserved.
  • The bomb hits on NBC.

    "Joey was a great character on Friends. Maybe we could put thim in a spin-off called "Joey!" He'll move to L.A with his sister and her sister's son and Joey meets girls! It'll be great!" That's as much thought put into Joey. Why do people enjoy this? The name of the show is basic and to the point and yet boring. It's obvious it's about Joey. But what's next? "Ross", "Rachel", "Monica". Everything in the show is innapropiate. And it's another TV14 NBC letdown. I don't know about you but I don't really like this show. I give this a 6.5 because the episodes are great. But I left out the other 3.5 was because the concept is weak and because the material is too TV14. I'm on the road to being ahsamed of this show. Another season fo this. And BEEW!!!!!!!......BOOM! The bomb strikes on NBC. Not only is Joey going downhill fast but so is NBC along with it.
  • Joey needs New York.

    Without Rachel, Pheobe, Monica, Ross and Chandler Joey is just a 30 year old actor. He is no longer funny, the food jokes are getting old, and I hate to say it but his face expressions no longer amuses me. After finding out NBC renewed the show I'm hoping the put new spins on it. As well I think that Joey needs David Crane and Marta Kauffman, without them joey is not amusing to watch. I think NBC should pull the show but every deserves a secod chance. Maybe a couple of guest apperances but Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow would make it whole.
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