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    This show is utterly terrible! It's nothing like "Friends" which was absolutely hilarious! Joey apparently needs Chandler to add some humor to the show! come on, this can't be for real!I find it very dry and pointless each time i see it. go away joey. leave us all alone and spare me!
  • How bad is this?

    After friends, Matt should have just quit while he was ahead. The reason that he is the only character from friends that hasnt done anything in hollywood is because he is the only one who cant act. He was good on frieds but what were they thinking when they gave him his own show? It might have just been bareable if the show itself was actually any good but it really isnt. I am glad to hear that it is being axed because this is the most unfunny sitcom that I have ever watched and I deffinately wont miss it when its gone.
  • joey totally lost it

    i think this show is totally lost of time for both the actors and the viewers, i think its a bad idea to creat this show becouse joey chatracter doesnt have the power to be the main chracter of a show.
    when the chracter played in the world hit F.R.I.E.N.D.S it was awesome but with the support of the other characters in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
    actually i liked joey show in the first season but in the second season with new charcter which i think its totally stuped i begun to get bored from it and to hate it, i think if the neighbor charcter was a bigger character the show maybe still aired till today

  • So many things that goes wrong in this series

    So many things that goes wrong in this series I was so excited when they announce there's gonna be Friends' spin-off. I was hoping they give it to Chandler… but Joey is fine too…it felt like Friends when I watched the first season especially in the beginning. I like Lucy Liu character but not so much of his agent, Bobby. What make Joey very funny was because he is so stupid. Somehow in this series Joey become a little bit smarter. And I kind hope that one of Friends character show up, Chandler especially. I like Gina. She so feisty, I really like it…
  • Give it a second chance

    I now find my perivous review totatly wrong, once I saw it on DVD, I started to love it! Watching it the second time really changed my mind! This show is underappreciated, and deserves not to be cancled (I know hasen't yet, but there are rumors). Just give it a second chance!
    This is my previous review:

    When friends eneded I was a bit upset, but always looked on the bright side because Joey's back and you never know that some old friends may appear in it. Unfortantly, this programm just dosen't keep me watching. Joey, Ginger, and Micheal are all fine but they need to expand the charchters, or Joey will have no one to bounce back of other people, which made friends so good. The only times I watch it if, David Shwimmer dircted it, or an old face from the past returns. For them to make me keeping watching they could make Janice move next door. That would be great, Janice as a main charchter. Then Joey would be better.
  • I was one of those FRIENDS-fans who under appreciated Joey so much. After having watched all FRIENDS episodes and loved each and everyone i started to watch Joey in the television.

    I really didn't like it, i thought they should have picked another cast member or made another season of friends, but I think the reason I thought this, was cause i was still hung up on the other show. This last week i've used on watching all Joey episodes and I must admit this show is somewhat alot better than FRIENDS, if it had had a chance to become as long I'm sure It could be called WAY better. Problem is just that you sort a grew up with friends for those 10 years where it aired watching an episode of it almost everyweek for 10 years solid that means alot. Joey came right after and I, for one, was unhappy with the fact that it was now Joey and not Friends that ran. But now this past week where I watched all of Joey I can nothing but admit that Joey is better. A problem with Friends in my opinion is that there are many moments with pretty lame funnyness, or moments where you just feel the audience shouldn't be laughing as you are nowhere near that point, to be fair though there are many very funny moments in friends too where you can nothing but laugh the first time. But in Joey, there are soo many MUSTLAUGH sequences, it's just so great, I didnt really notice any lame laughs from audience as i did so many times in friends which i found anoying at times, plus, in Joey it doesn't just take a rewatch to stop laughing at something, it takes several. The only bad thing I can think of of Joey at this time is the fact that it was cancelled, and how they made alex and Joey as a couple in the 2 very last episodes of season 2, - This comes from me who was otherwise a very HUGE Friends fan. But anyways in my opinion it's: Joey > Friends. And you guys who think otherwise you should give Joey a chance with no prejudice.
  • This show is horrid

    I dont think i have ever seen a more horrible show in my life even cartoon network is better than this! My opion is that he should have special apperiences by the cast of friends that woiuld make the show a little mor interesting! My opion is that it just stinks, horrible, icky.....etc.
  • Ew.

    This is possibly the worst idea for a spin off ever thought up. How could they undermine such a fabulous series like Friends by producing such rubbish? How could they air this?

    If you used to be a Friends fan, and you watch this, you should be very, very ashamed of yourselves.

  • Worse then Friends.

    Joey is anouther example of NBC's cowardness of not ending their popular shows or making a sequil to it to keep their viewers. The show is not funny at all. All the actors including Joey is Medeocre at best. Just change the channel when Joey comes on; its terrible.

    Just to point it out Joey is terrible; im not the only one relaize that because I have friend who loved (Friends) which hate Joey which is getting crushed by American Idol in rating.
  • Terrible spin-off. Enough said.

    The show is based on the character Joey (Matt LeBlanc from Friends), his sister and her son. Joey leaves New York, moves to Hollywood and becomes a full time actor. The show is basically a sequel to Friends without the best characters.

    Joey was bearable at best in Friends, making him the lead of a show is a recipie for disaster. The humour is dim and it was rare that it even raised a slight chuckle from me. The funniest part of this show was probably the fact that NBC actually let it run for 46 episodes. Complete waste of time.
  • It's actually kinda sad watching Joey, the show just doesn't have that edge it needs to succeed like friends did. And Joey himself as a charecter has seemed to changed quite a lot, and hes not our favorite goofball that we used to love and enjoy.

    When Friends ended many fans were very sad and depressed. While I on the other hand was prasing the fact that Friends ended because it had gone downhill IMO since season 5. Well of course the producers and everyone at NBC didn't want there highly watched show to end completly.

    So they decided to make a spinoff series on Joeys charecter heading to Hollywood. The idea was ok at the time, and it might just have worked. However once the show aired it was clear that there was just little to no hope for this show.

    First of all Joey doesn't act the same way he did on friends, the rest of the cast are extremly boring and the writting is horrible. Heck even the jokes are stale. This is one show that either needs to be cancelled soon, or get an extreme makeover and throw in another friends charecter to give the show more edge. Overall its pretty week, and needs help fast!
  • That sucks they canceled this show we just loved the first season and Joeys agent

    This was a great show until they added the two new charaters, they should recast joeys friends maybe this time hire real actors, once they do that the show should have a chance and enough with the ross and rachel bit you did that for 10 years give us somethingnew
  • Definetely one of the best sitcoms ever.

    Together with Two Guys and A Girl, Friends, and Family Matters, this is funny as hell!
    Just as funny as Friends, but more catchy and direct. It's a good spin off, and wil hopefully be going on for at least two more seasons, bringing joy and laughter into all our homes.
  • This joke on Joey and the big Break sums up what Joey is like. It involved something about vitamin C and the punchline was I don't want to get Scurvy! Think about that joke esp. those who keep holding to this series that a clown would find embarrassing.

    Scurvy! SCurvy! SCUUUURVY! let that joke line ring in everyone's head and hopefully it will set you free from eating this coarse beach sand that you think is dessert.

    I do have to say you can't blame the people involved in only one sense. They have to feed their families or buy their second homes. Thus if the network keeps flipping big checks to them. Would you turn them down?
  • Out of all the possibilities for making a spin-off of Friends, they chose the character Joey Tribbiani? Sorry, Joey sinks in California and only floated in New York because he was part of an ensemble. A terrible show, in my opinion.

    Am I the only one to not like this show? It seems a lot of people either love this show or like it because it has a character from the uber-terrific show, Friends. Joey's character on Friends was fun, mildly entertaining. But to put him out on his own and make him a headliner? No, he doesn't have the acting skills or the comedic timing to pull off his own show, he is better as a side-kick. Chandler and Monica would make a good spin-off or even Phoebe. I am surprised they didn't do a Ross & Rachel. But Joey? For one thing, his whole persona changed in this spin-off, and he is a 'sage' to his sister and her son. I don't buy it. To me, the friends show should have ended as it did, not prolong its suffering like a Joanie Loves Chachi type spin-off.
  • I liked Friends (I mean, I only know one person who didn\'t) but this is a shame.

    Joey is a better character than this series makes him out to be. The supporting cast are pretty awful, and while Matt Leblanc never made any claims to be a great actor, he\'s better than this. The scriptwriters have no new ideas, and without a good set of supporting characters this was never going to work. Whoever thought of making Joey the most intelligent character in his own series was a fool, and not a likeable one like Joey was
  • Matt was better in Friends.

    Honestly this show is no where near good. I liked Matt better in Friends then in Joey. Joey is supposed to e a run off of Friends but its not. Matt needs the gang from Friends to shine. I dont know why they dont just cancel this show all it gets is bad ratings.
  • Joey had an amazing first season. The episodes were well-made. The characters were deep. The jokes were tasteful. Then season two hit and Joey died slowly and painfully

    Season 1 was amazing. While it was nothing on Friends, it was something that could be built upon.

    Then season 2 came, and many problems came in. The introduction of Zach started Joey's downhill run. The episodes were still holding up, but you could see that Joey was starting to die out. The next hit came with Alex's and Joey's confusion over their relationship, which totally killed both their characters. Micheal became more and more Joey-like, also killing his character. Next, Jimmy came in, which was an attempt to revive the show. Far from reviving it, Adam Goldberg and Jimmy totally buried the show. This was coupled with NBC's massive confusion with the show, was it gonna be axed or wasn't? Oh, and then on top of everything else, Alex went and became a sex-crazy sl*t. How did that happen? I don't know because NBC apparently decided not to air the show in some countries anymore! They showed a lackluster series finale in some places of the world, and not in some others. To put it gently: Season 2 SUCKED and totally buried what a show that had the potential to become almost as good as Friends! I'm giving this show a 5.0, because both season one rocked and season two sucked. A nice balance.
  • Not surprised it flopped

    The truth is that spin-off shows rarely make success and considering how popular Friends was, Joey never really had a chance. But the fact that is survived for 2 seasons is much better than I originally anticipated. I believe that most people watched Friends hoping that some memoir or something from Friends would show up. Myself was hoping for one of the friends to show up for visit but apparently they were to busy. The storyline, characters and humor was also missing some Friends element. Although I will miss Joey character, I will not miss Joey the show. If only they would bring Friends back! I'ts not like the actors have been doing anything interesting since the show chancelled, except maybe Jennifer but that's a whole other thing...
  • Not very good. Not shocked it got put on hold.

    I'm not a big Joey fan. I like Matt but the rest of the cast is not very good. I especially don't like the sister ... Drea DeMatteo (I think that's the actresses name). She just doesn't have very good comedic timing. Some of the shows are really well written but the acting just doesn't hold up. Other shows that don't have that good of a story Matt still ends up being funny but the other cast memebers just tank. I did like a lot of what Lucy Lu did on her guest appearances ... it's too bad she wasn't in more of the show. I'm guessing that the show isn't just on hold ... that it will be cancelled.
  • Spin-off my ass!

    A spin-off of the popular hit show "Friends". Joey goes to LA to pursuit his acting dreams. He ends up making us disappointed.

    Frankly, it's not *that* funny to ignore all the lame things like Drea de Matteo(Gina Tribbiani) terrible performance. Seriously, too lardy-dary to be enjoyable. The worst thing is - people love it! And they're actually crazy enough to compare this .. abysmal nightmare to "Friends". Good thing it got cancelled.

    Matt LeBlanc is a decent actor. He did well on Friends, he's good looking, but it's just too bad to notice his talent in this show. It was all too syntethic. Bring back the "Friends"!
  • Chineese copy of friends.

    I like Friends very much. Then the show ends I hope that Joey will replace them somehow for a few years, but then I saw the first episodes I understood that it's the chip chineese version. I've already heard all jokes. Some of them I've seen in Friends. I thought that script writers need some time to make it much better, but they killed the show. Joey had a lot of fans before the first episode and lost them after the first episodes. I think Joey did the worst thing, he gave a hope. I was surprised that the show had second season.
  • New cast please...

    I love the character of Joey.
    That said I can't stand his sister(Drea De Matteo) or her son(Paulo Constanzo) . Everytime they come on the screen I get hives. I really enjoy when Joey is working or interacting with his agent. The blond neighbour played by Andrea Anders is boring x 10.
    Isn't it time Joey went home to Milwaukee with Lenny
    and Squiggy!
    Sorry wrong show.
    Transplanting Joey to Hollywood from New York just
    doesn't work for me. The show seems empty and without a heart. Cold and plastic. Not a worthy
    successor to "Friends".
    So more Jennifer Coolidge and less sister and nephew. Or get rid of them altogether.
    Send Joey to Toronto to film a movie. Anything, please give the show some fun.
  • Another LeBlanc's Misfire

    At the beginning "Joey" was great. The fifth episode was hilarious. I was sure it was going to be a great "Friends'" spin-off. Sadly, spin-offs are not Matt LeBlanc's strenghts. As it happened with "Top Of The Heap" and "Vinnie & Bobby" ("Married... With Children" spin-offs), JOEY is going down as well. It survived through the first season, problably because the producers added a new character every now and then. It had a good-few-eps-at-the-beginning boost as well. As I mentioned it before, I was confident of "Joey's" success. Unfortunately, season two has nothing to offer so far and it seems it will not offer anything at all, since its probable cancellation.
  • A disappointing effort, but still worth a look

    I'm a huge fan of Friends, so I was pretty excited when I heard Joey was being made. However, what I am seeing is very average comedy that does not even slightly resemble the quality of the writing on Friends. I don't know what's happened, but something has to be done quickly, because the novelty will only keep this show going for a short while.

    Joey is being made out to be too stupid; we should be able to see other aspects of his character if he's the leading role. His sister irritated me at first, but she's grown on me. Alex is sweet, but she needs to be investigated more and played with more as a character. Michael is the only well defined character, but there's still plenty to be done with him.
    And what's with the theme tune? Please change the title music, it's very annoying.

    I think if some more care is taken into the writing of this show, and if more public feedback is used, it could be a lot better.
  • Its missing something!!

    I have just watched the first episodes ..i promised myself i would not judge the show from the pilot! but *sigh
    as much as i love Joey, i keep saying where is the rest of the gang..otherwise this is not the Joey we know. Joey without friends is a no no! That was a good attempt from Matt le Blanc, but naaaah, its time for friends to end! joey or otherwise! let it be!
  • It's no "Frasier," unfortunately.

    "Joey" was a noble effort, but unfortunately it had trouble keeping its head above water. The show had creative problems from the start, one of which was that it tried to pattern itself after that other very successful spin-off. However, Joey was never a character who could really carry an entire episode by himself, much less a whole series. He had two major character traits (stupidity and being horny), and it wasn't that noticable that he wasn't a well-rounded character on "Friends," but as a show's centerpiece, that fact was all too obvious. It's a miracle and a testament to the power of "Friends" that the show even got a second season, which turned out to be even worse than the first. In a desperate attempt to fix the creative problems of the first season, the writers threw in every cliche imaginable, which was quite pitiful. It was an effort, but not a well thought out one.
  • Nothing like Friends, not a top show

    After the tenth episode of season two Joey has had a good improvement. Before that the show was not so funny, always about joey's stupidity and rarely had some "high moments". The first season was a major disappointment for me - a huge fan of friends- except for the last episodes, which made me hope for a better second season. But the problems came back in the second season. Many opportunities to be funny were underused/underestimated and the show suffered from these choices. The storyline is not well developed yet; Joey has lived in NY for 10 years with some good friends, how comes he doesn't receive from them any calls, or even an holiday card? I think it is a bit surreal. The last three episodes of 2005 have shown some major improvements, the show is funnier and the story has had an obvious yet good evolution. Let's hope this show is on the right way
  • it is not a bad show but it is not a good show.

    Ok lets put it this way it is missing five things and there names are Chadler, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel. that is what this show needs joey (matt leblanc) is funny and he is a good acter but i do not see this show going as far as friends got.
  • I thought this show was going to be just like friends but it wasn't. Joey need to put up or something.

    I thought this show was going to be just like friends but it wasn't. Joey need to put up or something. He need to bring one of his friends on the show to make it better, like Matthew Perry, I dont think he's doing anything big! But everybody loves Joey!
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