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  • Monica & Chandler adopted twins, Rachel & Ross got back together, and Phoebe married Mike. What happened to our favorite?

    This spin-off of "Friends" is about Joey. Joey moves to Hollywood and lives there with his sister and her son.

    Who said this show wasn't perfect?

    If you are a "Friends" fan, you'll definately love this show!
    Same Guy! Still Lost!

    Joey of "Friends" is back in this 5-star comedy about Joey, his sister & her son. The show is brilliant. Friends fans just can't give it a try. Remember Friends in its first season? It wasn't that good. Joey's first episodes are not that good, but starting episode 3 or 4... WOW! SO, you gave Friends a chance although it had a bad first season... why not give Joey a chance with a first FEW fairly good episodes?

    Episodes You Have To See:
    JAT (Joey And The) Neighbour(aka Jat Photographer)
    Jat Valentine's Date
    Jat Moving In
    Jat Wrong Name

    These are the best four (notice they are not in the beginning of the season). The pilot & the finale have references to "Friends" & guess what? They will appear in later seasons so if you're a true "Friends" fan get "Joey", support him! Remember, "How You Doin'?" It's the same guy! He even uses this line in Joey, too. He mentions Chandler, he has a picture of him, he has Hugsy! Guys get Joey, watch Joey! Catch up with 2004/2005's No. 1 Sitcom!

    If You Enjoyed These You'll Love Joey:
    "Friends"- Obviously!

    "Frasier"- Another guy who took his "classic show" and made it a spin-off.

  • I don't know why the show has fallen short to many people's expectation.

    I don't know why the show has fallen short of many people's expectation. At first, I was sceptical about the new series, because "Friends" was so close to me I could not imagine how this could be continued without the rest of the characters. But as I was watching it, I think they did a great job, I really had the unexpectedly pleasant surprise about "joey".
    I hope they will continue!

  • It never had a chance

    Although the official word on the show's cancellation is yet to be made, with episodes not being aired and cast members leaving, I can only expect the inevitable.

    But why did it get cancelled, were the storylines bad? No! Were the characters terrible? No!

    The truth is that the show was going to end quickly before it even had a chance to start. This was due to all those `Friends` fans who were slating the show before it even had a chance to air. Maybe if they hadn't been so stubborn, it would have lasted
  • Funny and a great family show

    Joey says goodbye to a time when his friends were his family and welcomes the chance to turn his family into his friends. After reuniting with his high-strung sister Gina (Emmy winner Drea de Matteo, "The Sopranos"), a strong and sexy hairdresser, Joey moves in with her genius 20-year-old son, graduate student Michael (Paulo Costanzo, "Road Trip"), who literally is a rocket scientist. What Joey lacks in book smarts, however, he more than makes up for with his people skills, making him the best new friend his nephew could ask for.
  • Very good movie!!

    I really trust that the tv show JOEY will be back on air soon! And i hope Matt Le Blanc figured out his personal problems,and we must keep the fate that the show will go on ,and we will expect,the new series of that really great tv show.Please let the show go on!:(
  • its real funny (of course)

    I love this show I mean I wouldnt have watched it if it didnt have Joey in it. I first saw him in Friends and I would pretty much watch anything he did. He is so funny , and this show Joey is really funny too. not just because of Joey the whole cast is funny! I like his nephew alot. [ his funniness of course ] but those are my two favorite [ Joey and his nephew{ forgot his name }] but as I said before I like the whole cast! / / / / / / / /
  • I've only seen the first season but "Wa-ha-how!"

    It may not be as good as Friends, but it is one of the best shows to come around in a long time. It is original with fantastic characters whose mannerisms make this show a hit.
    Joey is as always Joey, although it seems that he has made a few changes. It seems as if he is loooking more for a serious relationship than he was in Friends.
    Gina is the mother of Michael and sister of Joey, she is just too funny for words.
    Michael is the geek that everyone knows or has in their family. Slightly spazzy around women but completely loveable.
    Alex is average and possibly a low point in the show. Her best moments are when she sees Celine Dion, is working as a spanish maid for Mary-Therese and dating a lesbian.
    Bobbi is the best character by far. She keeps me laughing on and on and on. I love her to pieces. I wish this show wasn't cancelled it is just so good!

  • The show follows the life of Italian 'Friend' Joey Tribiani as he ventures to sunny LA in hopes of furthering his carreer, along the way he catches up with family, makes new friends and brings out the best of his character

    I really dont get why people dogged joey so much!! I liked the show and above all else i was very greatful the creators of friends reprised joey's character....i think fans of friends should have given it a better chance, as a friend fan myself i think joey was fantastic but i guess just my word isnt enough! if it were the show would still be on, no doubt! then again, NBC isnt what it used to be - now i am wondering, however, if it ever was! Friend and Will & Grace were all i watched as far as i can tell. There might have been a few more - who knows

    I understand why this show failed. It's not even close to how good Friends was. But it is still a wonderful show!

    Every episode I laughed from start to finish. Joey, Gina, Alex, Bobbie, and even Michael were so funny.

    This show was good, but when everyone watched it, they all compared it to Friends. If you just look at this show by itself, it is a really good comedy show.

    I was so mad when this was cancelled in the middle of Season 2. NBC should have never have moved it to Tuesdays.

    I have the first season DVD and I am just waiting for the second season to come out. RELEASE IT.
  • Not a bad show at all!

    I've recenetly started watching it, and in the begining I thought it was pretty pathetic (the sets were totally fake, Micheal and Gina looked like complete weirdos, and Alex seemed...well, idiotic.) But I'm glad I actually went on watching it because its totally worth it. You'll be sorely disappointed if you keep on drawing comparisons with Friends (lets just face it, no spin off could've been as good as the original), but if you want to watch this show just because you love Joey and think he deserved a proper closure like other characters, this is the show for you. The characters may seem out of place in the begining, but if you give them a shot, they totally grow on you. Joey is as adorable as ever (now that he has more screen space, its awesome coz he is just the same ol Joey), the guy playing Micheal has awesome body language and facial expressions, Gina is a great character, and Alex is pretty good (altough I'm not crazy about her character, she's not bad either). In the nutshell, the show is definately worth a watch if you're a friends fan. Plus this show has a Bobbie (read-Estelle like agent), who is a treat to watch. Just don't draw any comparisons and you might actually enjoy the show...........
  • This was a very funny show, and I liked it.

    Joey could never be s good a Friends was, as most spin offs are not as good as the original show, but still it was good. I was enjoyable and interesting to see more of Joey's side. It was also nice to see Joey kind of grow up in a sense. I wish it had lasted a little longer so we could see how Joey and Alex worked out, the were a great couple. Over all it was a funny show, but NBC canceled it like they end up canceling all the great shows and we end up with reality TV shows.
  • What are you thinking NBC?

    How in the heck are you people thinking? You put the show on, you take it off. Then you bring it back on again, then take it off after one show. No wonder there is not alot of people watching. We can't keep up of what night is on, or if its on at all!!! Give the show a chance!!!! You had worse TV shows on and run longer than Joey. All I got to say is give it a chance. Let it run for a season on the same night and the same time. Then sit back and look at the outcome!!!
  • This show was so hysterical why did they have to cancel it?. This was the next best show after Friends.

    This show Joey is the best show that they could come up with on the NBC network in the past one year. I love the characters and everything else. I just NBC would bring this show back. I'm going to miss this show. I wounder why they stoped this show?.
  • The problem with this show is that most people compare it to Friends, wich is bad. And it´s network put it on the same time slot than Friends wich is worse.

    Comparing both is inevitable. But stupid. Besides Joey they have nothing in common. Joey was a great, lovable character in Friends, and still is on this show. The problem lies in the other characters. They are bland and have no development wich has gotten worse in the second season. The show is under too much pressure, it cant grow. It should change time slot and gain it´s own viewers, not the leftovers from Friends.

    Frasier was after Cheers but it only was really good after some seasons. I hope Joey gets the chance to grow with some seasons too.

    This was more like an opinion than a review. My mini-review is more like: I watch Joey because i loved Friends so much and wanna see what´s with the dumb lovable italian. Many of you will identify with that too. If you´ve never seen Friends, well, buy the dvds, if not, give Joey a try, after 2 or 3 episodes you´ll understand why we like him so much.

    UPDATE: Last few episodes really showed what Joey should be. They were very good. joey is dumber and with a bigger heart, like he was on Friends and the only way someone can love a character like that. A litle story with the secondary actors (even if it was only Alex) is also very good. Just because a show is named after a character doesnt mean it should be all about that character. Seinfeld wasnt - and it was a sucess in all fronts.
  • Well the show only lasted for two seasons, there were truly some memorable episodes nonetheless. I was surprised that it was not renewed since there are quite a few shows out there, in my opinion, that are absolutely GARBAGE!! Joey is not one of them!

    Well, clearly not as good as Friends, I admit to really liking this show! Maybe because Joey was one of my favorite characters on Friends and the woman who was on The Sopranos, is also a fave of mine. I could do without his agent...she is totally annoying! Alex, however, is just adorable! Like to see her and Joey together.....

    I had purchaed Season 1 when it was originally released so when Season 2 was announced for release in Canada, I had to order it! I just received it and I am looking forward to spending a weekend watching it.

    Yes, it truly is a guilty pleasure for me!!
  • A good spin off

    I heard many people say "Friends is so much better than Joey" and I think I agree with it but we're wrong because we can't compare them. Friends is Friends and Joey is Joey. Joey can be fun itself if it is not compared with Friends so if you watch it, forget about Friends!

    Yes, like many people said the story changed a little. For example, in Friends Joey is said that he's never been to college, in Joey he apparently did. So I'm a little confused here. And in Season Two of Friends Eddie, Chandler's short period roommate is Joey's best friend in Joey!

    All together Joey is a decent show and I think it got too much bad reviews for such a fun show. The show could have been better if Joey's previous friends (Chandler) were guest starred. The reason it wasn't as fun as Friends (now I have to compare them) is that the story changed so quickly. Joey is suddenly without all his beloved friends and new characters are introduced to be the new main characters which was probably the hardest thing for the audience to let go of.

    That was my review for "Joey"
  • What a dull show with such a dull character from a brilliant series. Kudos to Jennifer Coolidge 4 giving us a ray of hope!!!

    Well apparently Joey cant hold his own show, is this true? Yes as every scene from this excruciating painful series reminds us of what we miss about all of the other friends. I never realised how boring Joey was unless he was in the company of chandler or pining over Rachel, or maybe were just a bit picky(Dont think so!!)The only ray of light comes from Bobbie, played fantastically by jennifer coolidge!! And whoever thinks well see a friend on Joey any time soon should think again after theyve watched it, im sure courtney cox wouldnt waste her talents with this and from the looks of the ratings she wont have to! Joey is heading to the spinoff graveyard were it will be looked upon by such classic spinoffs as Frasier!(i think thats it!)
  • Wish the show was still on!

    I've never really been into blogs or writing reviews but when I finished watching all the episodes of Joey recently, I so sad and disappointed that the show was canceled that I started searching for answers on why anyone would be crazy enough to do that. The show was amazing!!! There were so many moments I couldn't stop laughing out loud! The characters grew on you quickly and I loved how Joey's character developed so subtly and went from somewhat of a silly character on Friends to one that was pretty irresistible. He was still silly but witty and a little romantic and just plain old lovable. Even the writers on Friends couldn't develop Joey's character that way. Towards the end when the whole thing with Rachel happened, I don't know if it was just me, but it was odd and difficult to believe. And this is coming from a HUGEEE Friends fan. I, too, miss the show dearly and was hoping to get a little more from the rest of the group when I started watching the first few episodes of Joey but it didn't take long for me to appreciate the show for what it was. And that slight continued hope of seeing Rachel and Ross or Monica and Chandler, etc. appear just added to the charm of the show. Compared to what's on tv now, I would say it would easily rank on the same level as Big Bang, Two and a Half Men (with Ashton and before), and How I Met Your Mother (aside from this last almost below mediocre season) and definitely miles ahead of shows like Rules of Engagement and Mike & Molly. Anyway, what a bummer! Oh and Matthew Perry's Go On is pretty awesome if any of you are still looking for those familiar faces! [Cougar Town just didn't cut it for me, maybe a part of it is because Courteney Cox looks so different now (not being mean just thought she was beautiful without the changes) that I don't feel like she's as familiar of a face but, regardless, the writing is just blaaa].
  • NBC you Suck you hear me

    nbc see has gone to far this time for canceling this show i can understand not have good ratings but briging one episode of a 3 month wait on a new day its not going to be great ratings nbc cancelled the best spin off series to one of the greates televisions series well nbc you suck

    This show is hilarious. The girls are hot and the guys are funny as every...What more can you want? It is a huge hit that is EXTREMELY under appreciated. NBC is retarded cuz there are still a bunch of Friends\' fans out there that still love this show. Bring it back rite now!
  • What is up with nbc? Pulling out one half of best tv entertaiment in tv at the moment. Joey is one show that's actually worth watching and no it's gone.. again.. and who knows how long this time, if it comes back ever. Bring it back!

    Todays tv is offering two shows that are worth to watch, other one being Joey and other 24. Thank god 24 is still up and running.. Althou it seems next season is going to be last but still. Joey on the other hand got cut off in the middle of the season! I know the ratings haven't been good, but this series still had fans and it had fans all over globe. It would have been atleast polite to let Joey finish second season and then make the judgement call, but no. Instead they show crappy reality-tv series, wanna-be-a-popstar-junk, atleast 10 different soap operas and all kinda other artistic and sophisticated drama/comedy thats supposed to be funny plus don't even get me started on the 4 different all-the-same csi and cop/law-series.
    There's 168 hours in week and no place for 25 minutes of Joey??
  • The Joey show on NBC

    i am very upset with nbc for taking \"Joey\" off the thursday night lineup. I have been watching that show since the start and it has continued to make me laugh every week. The show is the perfect spin off from \"friends\". It just can not end this way. Leaving us hanging from the last show.
  • Excellent show!

    I was not a fan of the show "Friends" but when ever I did catch an episode of it on tv I always found Joey and Chandler to be entertaining. I was very surprised and happy that they were giving Joey his own show. It took some time getting used to it but this show is finally coming into it's own. Joey, Alex, Gina, Michael, Bobbi and Zack are all fun characters! Joey is still his same funny self. Rooming with his nephew Michael brings up some very funny moments especially when they are trying to hide a secret from Gina! The "Friends" cast will start showing up on "Joey" eventually. I am glad they decided to build the shows regular characters before bringing them on. Time will only tell how popular this show will be. I predict this show will be around for 5+ seasons. If you have not seen it yet, what are you waiting on?
  • This show is awsome

    This is one of the most best shows I've seen even though I've only ween like4 episodes. Wouldnt wanna miss this show. It's not Friends but its Joey I mean he was the funniest one in Friends and now he has his own show thats sooo awsome and its really funny.
  • \"Joey\" it`s one of the really funny tv show at this moment. If you haven`t seen it yet I`m gonna ask you \"Well...what you`re waiting for?\"; I`m sure you won`t be disappointed at all!!! \"Joey\" really deserve watching because it`s so original, it mak

    I liked \"Joey\" since I saw it for the first time some months ago. It had that something which captivated me and made me watch it every weekend. I think it`s the most funny tv show I`ve ever seen and definetely worths seeing. \"Joey\" it`s not only funny, but interesting too. I`m never bored when I watch \"Joey\" because everytime comes with something new which makes me not moving away from the Tv. My favoutite character it`s Alex even if she`s not the main character because she acts very good. I like \"Joey\" a lot and I hope there will be many more episodes. \"Joey\" rocks!!
  • Still good but not s good as Friends

    Joey follows the life of failing actor Joey Tribbiani who has just left his friends in New York to pursuit his acting career in Los Angeles.
    Joey is a spinoff show from the classic US sitcom Friends wich has become one of the biggest comedy shows of all time.
    Some of the supporting cast are great like Joeys sister Gina and her son Michael but I really find Joeeys agent Bobbie annoying.
    I sometimes enjoy watching Joey because of the connections to friends but I must say they where right to cancel the show but they should gave it another season to finish Joeys story.
  • Joey is one of the best shows, but something is missing

    Back in friends, my favorite character was Joey, because his personality is almost the same as mine. I think that Matt Le Blanc is an excellent actor and he really likes the character. Now that friends is over, Joey is alone in California and lives with his sister and nephew and he is triying to move on with his life now that he is not with his friends in New York.

    This show has the same charisma and fun of friends. but i think that Joey got separated a lot from his friends when he move out to California, i mean, he barely says something of his friends in the show, actually he doens t even call them to New York or get a call from then. maybe if Joey reunites with all or one of his friend in a reunion episode, the show will rise again, like in the beggining of the series.
  • Joey is pretty funny. But it's not quite the same thing as Friends. It is a great subsitute though!

    Joey is about the hilarious character Joey from Friends, and what he does after he leaves the gang in New York and goes to live with his sister and nephew in Hollywood. It's not quite as funny as Friends, but it does make you laugh! If you loved Friends, you will probably like Joey.
  • Bring it Back!

    It's a fun show. Everyone on the show is a hoot!
    It gets better on every show and you feel at home with them all. I can count on a good laugh by the end of the week. With todays reality trends, it's a great break! Keep it coming!
  • I love all the characters in the show, and how they all play off each other so well. The writing is hilarious, and I laugh through the whole episode everytime. Matt LeBlanc's charisma is great, and each character has so much personality.

    I love all the characters in the show, and how they all play off each other so well. The writing is hilarious, and I laugh through the whole episode everytime. Matt LeBlanc's charisma is great, and each character has so much personality. I don't think any show should be compared to "Friends," but I think it is a great show.
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