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  • Thank God they show this no more!

    I'm more like a cult follower of the Friends series and I actually had a lot of expectations from the spin-off Joey, but after watching the show, I realized how big a mistake it was for the makers to go ahead and create this totally crappy spin-off, almost ruining all the fun Friends had come up with. I was way too happy when I heard this show was axed.

    'Joey' revolves around Joey from the Friends series (Matt LeBlanc), his sister Gina, and her son. Joey leaves for Hollywood after Friends ended, and that's where the story goes on. He becomes a full time actor, and makes new friends. I found the characters in the show trying to be funny, which turned out to be a total facade. I was really saddened the way this show went on, specially after what great quality the original Friends series had.

    'Joey' was kind of unrealistic, and not in a good way. Matt LeBlanc, although, still amongst my list of favorite television actors. I wouldn't really recommend this show. It's bad, really bad.