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  • 'Joey' was sadly underappreciated. While nothing original, it still managed to be funny, have some heart, and allow us to still be connected to one of our "Friends".

    While 'Friends' was/is one of my favorite shows, and even though 'Joey' was completely different from it, I still enjoyed watching it. At his core, Joey was still the same womanizing idiot we all loved from New York but he was also a different person. He had to be the anchor for the show. And this created a different atmosphere and feel for the show.

    'Joey' was nothing original, and it wasn't 'Friends' but it was still entertaining. Would it have even been considered if the plot hadn't involved the character of Joey Tribbiani? Maybe not. But the fact that it was a 'Friends'-spinoff, it got a bit of a push and when it didn't deliver the same ratings it was considered a flop. After that, NBC pretty much decided to end it.

    One thing that bothers me about their decision is that they based it on the ratings from the first new episode after the Olympics and, while the ratings were terrible, that can be blamed on the fact that it was barely promoted as being NEW and few people even knew that it was returning. After that, it was "Bye bye Joey." No closure, no airing of the few remaining episodes. Just gone.

    When will networks learn that leaving fans of shows with no resolution makes us more hesitant to get into something new??
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