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  • A good spin off

    I heard many people say "Friends is so much better than Joey" and I think I agree with it but we're wrong because we can't compare them. Friends is Friends and Joey is Joey. Joey can be fun itself if it is not compared with Friends so if you watch it, forget about Friends!

    Yes, like many people said the story changed a little. For example, in Friends Joey is said that he's never been to college, in Joey he apparently did. So I'm a little confused here. And in Season Two of Friends Eddie, Chandler's short period roommate is Joey's best friend in Joey!

    All together Joey is a decent show and I think it got too much bad reviews for such a fun show. The show could have been better if Joey's previous friends (Chandler) were guest starred. The reason it wasn't as fun as Friends (now I have to compare them) is that the story changed so quickly. Joey is suddenly without all his beloved friends and new characters are introduced to be the new main characters which was probably the hardest thing for the audience to let go of.

    That was my review for "Joey"