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  • I was one of those FRIENDS-fans who under appreciated Joey so much. After having watched all FRIENDS episodes and loved each and everyone i started to watch Joey in the television.

    I really didn't like it, i thought they should have picked another cast member or made another season of friends, but I think the reason I thought this, was cause i was still hung up on the other show. This last week i've used on watching all Joey episodes and I must admit this show is somewhat alot better than FRIENDS, if it had had a chance to become as long I'm sure It could be called WAY better. Problem is just that you sort a grew up with friends for those 10 years where it aired watching an episode of it almost everyweek for 10 years solid that means alot. Joey came right after and I, for one, was unhappy with the fact that it was now Joey and not Friends that ran. But now this past week where I watched all of Joey I can nothing but admit that Joey is better. A problem with Friends in my opinion is that there are many moments with pretty lame funnyness, or moments where you just feel the audience shouldn't be laughing as you are nowhere near that point, to be fair though there are many very funny moments in friends too where you can nothing but laugh the first time. But in Joey, there are soo many MUSTLAUGH sequences, it's just so great, I didnt really notice any lame laughs from audience as i did so many times in friends which i found anoying at times, plus, in Joey it doesn't just take a rewatch to stop laughing at something, it takes several. The only bad thing I can think of of Joey at this time is the fact that it was cancelled, and how they made alex and Joey as a couple in the 2 very last episodes of season 2, - This comes from me who was otherwise a very HUGE Friends fan. But anyways in my opinion it's: Joey > Friends. And you guys who think otherwise you should give Joey a chance with no prejudice.