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  • If Only We Had Known

    Friends fan from episode 1. I have to say that when Joey Premiered, I was fired up. I just kept thinking about how they could work special guest stars into the shows through the years and keep us abreast of everything that was going on in the other friends lives. I liked Joey but was having a hard time adjusting to the other characters. By the time season 1 ended, they had jelled and it was an excellent show. The writing was smart, LeBlanc was fantastic and his supporting actors really came into their own. Too bad too many people dissed it thinking it was going to be the same rehash of Friends. Probably people like me that thought they would sprinkle a few guest appearances in there. And then it was gone. If it had made it through season 2 with the 8 million average viewers from season 1 then it would have been fine and we likely would have gotten the surprise visit from Ross and Rachel episode and the Joey and Michael go to visit Monica and Chandler episode and the Phoebe Stays for a week episode and then the ratings would have soared and the storylines would have opened up a little because they would have no fear of cancellation. It is just too bad. I have spent the last couple weeks watching the season 1 and season 2 episodes and it is fantastic. Many hard laughs and I for one am sad that it didn't get a fair shake.
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