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  • Wish the show was still on!

    I've never really been into blogs or writing reviews but when I finished watching all the episodes of Joey recently, I so sad and disappointed that the show was canceled that I started searching for answers on why anyone would be crazy enough to do that. The show was amazing!!! There were so many moments I couldn't stop laughing out loud! The characters grew on you quickly and I loved how Joey's character developed so subtly and went from somewhat of a silly character on Friends to one that was pretty irresistible. He was still silly but witty and a little romantic and just plain old lovable. Even the writers on Friends couldn't develop Joey's character that way. Towards the end when the whole thing with Rachel happened, I don't know if it was just me, but it was odd and difficult to believe. And this is coming from a HUGEEE Friends fan. I, too, miss the show dearly and was hoping to get a little more from the rest of the group when I started watching the first few episodes of Joey but it didn't take long for me to appreciate the show for what it was. And that slight continued hope of seeing Rachel and Ross or Monica and Chandler, etc. appear just added to the charm of the show. Compared to what's on tv now, I would say it would easily rank on the same level as Big Bang, Two and a Half Men (with Ashton and before), and How I Met Your Mother (aside from this last almost below mediocre season) and definitely miles ahead of shows like Rules of Engagement and Mike & Molly. Anyway, what a bummer! Oh and Matthew Perry's Go On is pretty awesome if any of you are still looking for those familiar faces! [Cougar Town just didn't cut it for me, maybe a part of it is because Courteney Cox looks so different now (not being mean just thought she was beautiful without the changes) that I don't feel like she's as familiar of a face but, regardless, the writing is just blaaa].