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  • About this mini-series

    It was excellence story of John Adam's personal life. It had great casting, art direction, makeup, acting for Paul Giamatti, Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson.
  • It doesn't get any better than this.

    This epic, 590 minute HBO mini-series is absolutely fabulous. I just finished watching it over the past 24 hours, as once I had started, I instantly was hooked and couldn't wait to see the next part (episode) of the series. Almost 10 hours later, I am convinced that I just saw one of the best min-series ever created.

    The series tells the entire story of John Adams, from his beginnings as a lawyer in Massachusetts to his rallying the colonies to create an Army led by George Washington to fight the British to his appointment as Vice-President and then President. Along the way, we see the blood, sweat and tears both his family and himself endure throughout these years. The trials and tribulations that Adams went through are depicted extremely accurately and acted superbly by Paul Giammati and Laura Linney (as John's wife, Abigail) along with a fabulous overall cast - Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin is especially fabulous. I almost couldn't give a higher recommendation for any history buffs out there, or to any fans of wonderful television.
  • Hands Down!!

    I have only one word to say "HBO" Yes fellas another HBO mini-series an awsome one the story of John Adams the man the unite the United States of America with his vision, and dream, of liberty The cast is awsome and Paul Giamatti (am i saying it right?) palys an awsome John Adams and we cant let Laura Linney as his wife i saw the entire show in one day on my Blu-Ray Edition so yeah i spend like 500 minutes sit on a sofa watching it and you know what... It worth it!!!
    Well done HBO as i always say: Hands Down HBO did it again... Its not Tv... Its HBO!!"

    XO XO

  • A Master Class!

    There is no better television series about the American founding fathers. Every aspect of the show, probably even the crafts services, was amazing. The music, the writing, directing, acting, production value, is all what I would expect a series of this depth should be. There was no weak link in my opinion. When a show keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you want to go to the theater to watch it, you know that the producers have done their job. It's Emmy's were no surprise when compared to the other miniseries that were nominated. Best thing on Television in the fall of 2007.
  • This is the story and the life of our 2nd President John Adams. This seven part movie focus on what he did from being a lawyer to his death.

    First in my opion this movie review should be at second it was one of the best mini-series movie I ever watch. It had a great cast that look exacly like the real people they play. It's a great movie that focus on the life of our second president during his up and down. I also like the music alot. I can just hum it all day in my head, The opening music just get you exicted and say 'Wow this movie is going to be good!" Now this movie is Not for kids under 13 due to Violents,Partly Nudity (In Part One and Seven) and a couple of Languge. Still it's a good movie to watch Even it's about our American History. I give it 9.5. out of 10.
  • This was a great historical drama with outstanding performances by all players large and small. A history lesson form me since I didn't know much about John Adams going in. The film covered all aspects of his personal and professional

    This was a great historical drama with outstanding performances by all players large and small. A history lesson form me since I didn't know much about John Adams going in. The film covered all aspects of his personal and professional life well. A good move making it six parts which gave them room to explore his legacy in depth. It was real fun to see an honest politician. Adams engaged the enemy himself instead of hiding behind guards and refused to do things against principle giving his a one term presidency. He was anti-slavery but the movie didn't portray his as infallible. Whatever compassion he had against human traffic-ing sadly didn't extend to his son which committed the crime of shaming the Adams name. Adams like all truly great men did without recognition or fame in his life time but his influence gave us the country we have today and HBO once again proves it's the best when it comes to self produced movies.
  • Well written historical docu-drama.

    Based on David McCullough's definitive biography of John Adams, the HBO mini-series of the same name follows Adams's rise to political prominence from his humble beginnings as the son of a farmer and Boston lawyer to the Founding Father and second President. The story opens with the events surrounding of the Boston Massacre. After the massacre, Adams is chosen by the Royal Governor to defend the British soldiers accused of murdering colonial civilians without provocation. This opening not only tells a fascinating story from America's founding, it also sets the stage for the man John Adams was. His sense of duty to the law, his patriotism, and his personal ambition shine through with great detail. We also see the brightest sides of Adams's nobility contrasted against his stubborn and arrogant tendencies. The writers use these traits well as they tell the story of Adams as delegate to the Continental Congress and America's ambassador in Europe. In short, John Adams provides a very human account of a Foudning Father.
  • I love the new HBO mini series about John and Abigail Adams. Watch it!

    I have been a fan of John Adams since the first time I saw 1776 in Philadelphia in July 1976. Over the years I have read what I could about John and Abigail, for one cannot read about John without his wife. I loved David McCullough's book on Adams. I rather dreaded this mini series because I couldn't see either Paul Giamatti as John or Laura Linney as Abigail Adams. I still don't see them as these wonderful historical figures, but I have come to appreciate the actors' abilities. Each episode has been well written. Each episode leaves me wanting more right away. I appreciate the historical details that I see from the costumes through the sets. It a wonderful series. I highly recommend it.
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