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3 Episode Rule

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    [1]Oct 9, 2007
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    Just finished watching the show, and once again it has no ending. I know that we live in a dog eat dog world, and that if the ratings of the show drop for half percent below TV network projections they will cancel it, but why oh why they don't give ending...

    If you choose 2 cut the show, at leas give us something for conclusion, otherwise i lost all that time watching, and without a closer...

    Wouldn't be great if the network would have a three episode rule - if you choose to cancel the show you have to make at least another three episodes to end the show...

    I mean how many shows have you watched and loved that have an ending that doesn't have cliffhangers or missing episodes...

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    [2]Jan 8, 2008
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    yes yes a 3 episode rule or even one that wraps it all up. I don't think I even what to start watching new shows when they come out. I think I might just wait to see if is renewed for the next season. Then I'll start watching from the begining. Just think of all the commercials I will miss this way (hint hint networks) This way I won't have wasted my time watching shows that never end. Would you buy a book or go to libary if someone may take the book away from you before you are finished. What is the point? I am getting sick sick sick of it. End the shows you start make a final episode or make a movie straight to DVD. People will rent it. Even put the last episode on DVD or for download online for a small fee.
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    [3]Jun 27, 2008
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    I absolutely agree. The thing is, networks don't give a damn about people, and what they think. The only thing they care about is making more money. A show with low ratings won't make a lot of money, so why not cancel it?
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