John Doe

Season 1 Episode 6

Low Art

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Would you really get "tongue abrasions" from swallowing a diamond? Throat abrasions, maybe, but why would the ring touch the tongue hard enough to cause abrasions?

    • So maybe I'm missing something...but was Karen's presence at the museum at the exact same time as her former host or whatever Max planned the killing just an amazing coincidence? Or did Max plan it that way? If the latter, it doesn't seem to have been explained.

  • Quotes

    • John: Marco!
      Frank: Come again?
      John: Marco!
      Frank: Okay. Polo.
      John: Marco!
      Frank: Any day-o.

    • John: What is that?
      Karen: Breakfast.
      John: Could you be a little more specific?
      Karen: It's a three-letter anything omelet.
      John: You know, since I know everything…I've never heard of it. Not eating it.

    • John: You know, you can't cook peanut butter.
      Karen: Chunky peanut butter.

    • John: You know my story-–how come I don't know yours?
      Karen: (angry) I save that for my friends.

    • (examining a ring)
      John: Do you know that much diamond rings have 58 facets, each entailing…
      Karen: John?
      John: Yeah?
      Karen: Not every picture needs a caption.

    • John: I mean I know it's probably too much to ask…
      Karen: Why would you say that?
      John: Because you said we're not friends.
      Karen: We're not. We're family.

    • John: (looking at an art piece) I feel...I feel...nothing...nothing.

    • Karen: (referring to a painting) It's art, John. It's not a trig equation.

    • Karen: You don't know where you come from, and are trying to find out. I know where I come from, and want to make sure that nobody finds out.

    • Frank: As far as I'm concerned, bacon comes from a magical happy place.

    • Judge: Mr. Doe, do I know you?
      John: Nobody really knows me, your honor.

    • John: (talking about Karen) There's no way she could have done this. She barely knows how to use my dishwasher.

    • Frank: I'm going to call a specialist.
      Museum Director: Who?
      Frank: John Doe.
      Museum Director: John Doe? Who's John Doe?
      Frank: Beats the hell out of me.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Frank:: Hey, Quincy twins, want to catch me up here?
      To John and Nance cheerfully doing an autopsy, referencing the 1976-83 show Quincy M.E. with Jack Klugman.