John Doe

Season 1 Episode 9

Manifest Destiny

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2002 on FOX
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Episode Summary

John boards a flight for London but discovers a murder-mystery in mid-air while getting to know a pretty fellow passenger and neurologist.

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  • Manifest Destiny, a perfect 10

    Manifest Destiny, a perfect 10.

    Better than anyone has a right to expect from an individual episode of a one hour weekly TV series.

    Not as good as a feature film of course. But every bit as good as many made for TV movies.

    Gabrielle Anwar brings some real star power to the episode as well.
  • John takes a plane flight to London and finds himself in a life or death situation where his abilities help save the day.

    John gets on a plane bound for London. His claustrophobia grips him almost immediately. He takes a seat next to Dr. Rachel Pembroke, a beautiful British neurologist. John helps her with her laptop and she helps him with a reflexology technique that eases his distress. It's kind of a neat arrangement: a genius with amnesia getting acquainted with a neurologist. Later on, a priest is murdered in a most uncommon manner. John and Rachel team up with a Scotland Yard detective to investigate the murder and find the killer. Naturally John uses his amazing intellect while investigating. He also gets some help from a Czech weight-lifting team. During the investigation, John helps to avert a crisis on the plane and forms a romantic relationship with Rachel. This is a very good episode with action, tenderness and suspense. Again, this episode has some neat trivia for people wanting to know a little more. It's amazing that many of the things that John requires for his homemade tools are on the plane.moreless

    Never underestimate John Doe's power and the writers of this show. Its interesting how the story line can turn to a dead end and all fit together when done. John Doe's Skills prove this show is worth watching.

    Its an Excellent story line even thou on John Doe is the one main character in this story line. The English Detective wants the Credit for not doing a thing

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The airplane shots are mostly wrong: When the plane is supposed to take off, you see the bumpers as a plane touches down and later the flaps are actually set for a landing, too. During the flight there are shots of a 747 and a DC-10. And John says he's just flown a 767!

    • An airplane flight crew wouldn't position the containers the way there were positioned in the cargo hold. They would either fill up the space or bunch them together, not leave them scattered. Having containers move like they did during the flight is very dangerous for weight and balance.

    • How the heck did the killer take out Russian weight-lifter Pavel? Especially when John specifically told Pavel to guard Rachel? The killer's not exactly what you'd call a prime physical specimen.

    • At least a couple of times John says he is heading "back" to London. But...he's never been there, and the plane is heading toward London.

    • If the pilot was overcome from carbon monoxide poisoning, shouldn't everyone in the cockpit be wearing oxygen masks to avoid the same problem? Or can the scrubbers clean the air supply after 60 seconds of being powered up again?

    • The little girl's mother wasn't listening during the safety lecture. The little girl is *holding* her oxygen mask on, instead of using the elastic straps.

    • Most airline restrooms have an unlock switch, usually located behind the "Occupied" indicator. Why does Doe kick the door, if it opens outward?

    • The oxygen masks disappear after Doe finishes flying the plane.

    • During the storm, oxygen masks fall from the ceiling. This should only happen when there is a loss of cabin pressure.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • John: Engine thrust: 52,200 pounds. The Wright Brothers' first flight could've been performed entirely within this cabin.
      Rachel: Oh, I didn't realize my seat came with a tour guide.
      John: Sorry. Claustrophobia. It's starting to kick in.
      Rachel: First time on a plane?
      John: Yes. No. Uh, hard to say.

    • Karen: (to John) Don't be gone too long, okay? I mean, I know you're looking for home... but maybe it's right here.

    • (John panicky starts rattling off facts)
      No-Nonsense Flight Attendant: Excuse me?
      John: Mental exercise – I do to take my mind off my problem.
      No-Nonsense Flight Attendant: Not working very well, is it?

    • Rachel: You're telling me you can fly a plane and cook?
      John: You don't know the half of it.
      Rachel: I get the feeling I don't know any of it.

    • John: I just flew a 767. When we get back to London, drinks are on me. Damn!

    • John: I have retrograde...complete amnesia.
      Rachel: Traumatic? Incremental?
      John: If I could remember, I'd tell you.

  • NOTES (3)