John Doe

Season 1 Episode 4

Past Imperfect

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • John told Frank to take Rainier South to bypass the traffic congestion at Highway 520 to get to the I-90 floating bridge, when Rainier is actually near I-90, not 520.

    • When Karen is using the credit card to break into John's room, she is on the phone. Before approaching the door, she has the phone between her ear and shoulder. When they close up on her face, while she's opening the door, the phone is nowhere in sight. When they cut back to her entering the room, the phone is back to her ear.

    • Why did John automatically and doggedly assume that he was Steven instead of the far more logical conclusion that he could be Steven's son, hence the startling resemblence?

    • Why doesn't John ask for a maternity test? His mother's body didn't melt, they could extract some uncontaminated DNA for it. Or try a match with her mother's cousin as well.

    • John shouldn't have quit just because MRI didn't work. He could have tried a CAT (computer aided tomography) scan (X-ray). Even if there was some metal inside his body at least it would be visible in the CAT scan and offer some clues.

    • In "Do Re: Me" John introduces Detective Frank to Digger while they are sitting at the bar. In this episode John and Karen are sitting at the bar and Frank comes in and makes a comment as if he has never been there before. Even though he has met Digger and Karen before John introduces him to Digger and Karen stating that he has met Karen before.

  • Quotes

    • Frank Got anything? Okay, let me have it, Stu.
      Stu: Isn't that your wife's job?
      Frank: Once upon a time.

    • Karen: Have you been tested – medically – to make sure you're human?
      John: I'm so glad I shared this with you.

    • Digger: Here's your scotch and rocks.
      John: Did I order this?
      Digger: Is this a trick question?

    • John: How old do I look to you?
      Digger: Another trick question. My second wife used to ask me that. Always lead to a fight. "Do I look fat in a dress?" – that was another one.

    • Tyler: What's all over your coat?
      John: Oh, just some fatty acids, high-concentrate corn syrup, food color #7. Fake blood. (Tyler stares) Hey, did you know that Alfred Hitchcock used Boscoe chocolate syrup for the fake blood in Psycho? And did you know that the fear of blood is called hematophobia?
      Tyler: Did you know you talk weird?

    • John: As little as I know about my own tastes, I know I don't like this.

    • John: Hey Karen, I'm claustrophobic! How about that? Learn something new about yourself every day.
      Karen: Ummm, whooo!
      Dr. Hillman: He always like this?
      Karen: It's complicated.

    • Karen: Dude, you're not 52. Old people are 52.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Frank: You're not the only one with a brain, Mr. Mensa.
      "Mensa" refers to Mensa International, an organization for people with high IQ, also called "The High IQ Society."

    • Frank Is that all you've got? Or is it time to call John Edward?
      Refencing proclaimed "speaker with the dead" John Edward, who either can channel the dead to communicate with their living friends and relatives, or uses a combination of centuries old hot- and cold-reading techniques to find out information about his victims and defrauds them. You decide. From 2000-2004 he produced and hosted a show documenting his daily/weekly channeling for studio audience members, Crossing Over With John Edward, and he remains active after its cancellation.

    • Frank: This Ollie North routine is getting real old, real fast, John.
      Refencing Oliver Laurence North, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marines, best known for his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair. During his testimony to Congress he remained silent or claimed ignorance.

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