John Doe

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2002 on FOX

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  • Flat entertainment, poor character development, unoriginal cop story and smoking fillers

    Considering John Doe apparently inspired Kyle XY's creator I was expecting its pilot to be quite interesting. However I probably had too high expectations because I was quite disappointed by it. First they turned the protagonist into a freak who had the crazy idea of showing off his amazing knowledge in front of an audience, in a public area. So after that scene I began to worry that it was just entertainment. But the problem is that it got worse as none of the other characters were properly introduced. They focused too much on John Doe which made the story far less intriguing. I was also slightly disappointed by Dominic Purcell's performance because I found he didn't make a believable John Doe. An other problem was the police story. It really felt like déjà vu and it wasn't a pleasant sensation. It leads us to the worst issue in the bunch, the episodic format. I could already see the fillers coming one after an other.

    So overall I was very disappointed by it and don't recommend it to anyone. Considering how bad it was I better understand now why the show got canceled. In some way I have the impression that it missed its target, developing characters to help the protagonist find his own identity. It's sad because there was potential, like the people he met at the club. The production quality was also quite good and the casting correct. But I'll never know if it got better, probably not, because I don't plan to watch the next episode.
  • Promising series, too bad it was cancelled

    Promising series, too bad it was cancelled
  • What would you do if you woke up with all the knowledge of the planet? I'd like to find out for myself.

    Saddly Doe is relagated almost immediately a buddy/cop formula of a hundred shows before it.
    Dominic Purcell as Doe. his character was dynamic and likable. The writing intelligent and whity with a humor you can't find just anywhere. I was unhappy to see it was one of FOX's many brilliant shows they cancelled before it could gather a loyal vewier base. They gave Wonderfalls all of three shows before it was yanked, and they had already filmed 13 episodes.
    I hope there is a DVD out there with John Doe's lost "episodes" I would at least enjoy some reruns?

    JOHN DOE goes to the information desk at a library to test himself, and is able to answer any factual question put to him. These few minutes are one of the Great minutes of any episode. Its the moment that pulls you into the real story line. The Crowd he draws is electricfing. John Doe manages to scrape up money from phone booths and vending machines and begins gambling at the races, using his knowledge to compute the statistical odds.-

    Worth getting hooked on.