John Doe

Season 1 Episode 15

Psychic Connection

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

John wakes up from a black-and-white nightmare of Karen calling for his help, and then him finding her dead in the briefing room where the NSA held him. Yellow Teeth confronts him, telling him not to fight and how he killed Karen. John wakes up and discusses his first nightmare with Karen's cat, which he's now taking care of.

Avery and Frank are looking into the case of three missing girls, each a week apart. A woman, Delphine, wanders in and volunteers her services as a psychic and tells Avery she knows where the girls are – "under trees where children play." John meets them at Palmer Park where they're looking for the girls and Delphine runs into the woods and leads them to a trestle. The police bring in dogs and they find two corpses.

At the morgue Nance concludes they died of starvation and had ligature marks indicating they were tied up and sexually assaulted, then bled out. While John tries to figure out a pattern, Avery interrogates Delphine and is skeptical given the psychic's background where she was kicked out by her parents and then kicked out of college for doing drugs. John is skeptical and starts doing a fake psychic routine of his own to show how easily it can be faked with some deductive reasoning.

Delphine confronts John in the hallway and claims her abilities are a curse, not a gift, She also get a "read" off of John of how he's haunted, but she's interrupted by Frank bringing in the victim's personal effects. Delphine gets a reading off of a key, saying the missing girl is "there." John figures out it's the key to a college refrigerator. They go to the college where Connie worked and John follows Delphine into a refrigerator where she screams at his touch and saying there's blood all around him just before collapsing.

John checks Connie's timecard at the college cafeteria and figures out someone else punched out for her. At The Sea John experiments with various ESP devices and Digger wonders if he's obsessed with Karen. Digger advises him to trust his instincts now that Karen is gone. John gets a call from the policy – they've found the third missing girl, dead.

John goes in to police HQ and Avery has called in Delphine as well. She tells John she felt a presence of evil around him when he touched her. John asks her to touch him again but she gets nothing and says it's like she's forbidden to read him. Delphine reveals how her "curse" first manifested five years ago when she was in college. She had a problem with drugs and woke up after a four-day blackout in the bottom of a ravine, and she had a pain and the visions came soon afterward. She looks at a picture of the crime scene that triggers a vision and she sees rows of "moons."

Following a hunch, John looks at a picture of Palmer Park five years ago when it had streetlamps with five globes. The lamps have since been removed but something is drawing Delphine to the park. They go there and Delphine leads them to a buried skeleton.

They determine the skeleton was killed the same way as the other girls, and died five years ago. John concludes that Delphine was here and she has ligature marks similar to the dead girls – she's a victim of the same killer. She doesn't remember and John offers to help. Avery and Frank wonder why the killer took a five-year break, while John puts Delphine through hypnosis and she remembers how she worked in the hospital and stole medicine for her drug habit. A man grabbed her and Delphine remembers how she was partially buried with two other corpses. She ran and made it to safety, but in the present she still can't remember the man's face. Elsewhere the killer sees a newscast which shows Delphine, and the killer recognizes her.

John drops Delphine off then goes over the victims with Frank. They realize that all of the victims worked with food and then Stella narrows the list down to delivery persons for the college cafeteria that match with the other victims' places of works. John figures all the victims were literally butchered and the killer used a mallet gun to knock out the victims. They get the name of Jeb Crosby, the man who delivers meat to the locations, and he was in prison for five years on an unrelated charge. Outside Delphine's apartment, Crosby kills the policeman as he gets the alert.

Crosby takes Delphine to his barn while Delphine manages to make a break for it and hides. Crosby comes after her with a chain saw and recaptures her and strings her up to bleed her. John gets into the barn and spots a cattle prod, and uses it to electrify the platform Crosby is standing on. John starts to free Delphine when Crosby gets up and attacks him, getting the upper hand. Delphine saves John when she uses the knockout gun on Crosby.

Delphine shares a moment with John before being taken off to the hospital, and she assures him he's a good man. Back at his apartment, John has trouble feeding Karen's cat and decides to leave it as a gift for Delphine.
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