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  • Such a great concept.

    It was a real pleasure watching this show. I really liked the story of a guy who appears and has no memory at all. Plus he only sees black and white except he sees color o f something when it is real important. Plus then to give him this knowledge of pretty much everything. It was something different on to watch. All of the actors were great in the show. It was so much fun trying to figure things out with him. And the ending was like out of left field. Never would have guessed that. I really wish they have given this show a chance. It seemed like every one i knew liked and watched it.
  • Exhillerating and mysterious thrill-fest.

    John Doe was a highly anticipated show that began the mystery even before the pilot aired. It did live up to the hype and got more and more thrilling with each episode until the unbelivable climax in what turned out to be the series finale. The best part was probably the perfect casting; Purcell seems to have been born to play the role.

    Unfortunately this show was on FOX and so was prematurely cancelled. Fans were left with the most cliffhanging series finale in the history of television. Hopefully FOX will release it on DVD for fans and newcomers alike.
  • Although the acting was typical "television mediocre" the story of a guy that was color blind, with amnesia, and had more knowledge than a Dell hard drive was refreshing. Unfortunately networks have dropped the ball before such as NBC's "The Pretender"

    My girlfriend and I got hooked on it and now she is pretty upset that it ended in such a cliffhanger. So am I! I think they could at least make a movie to put some closure on the show.
    I saw the same thing happen with NBC's "The Pretender", but at least they did make a movie or a 2 hour special (not sure which) that at least put some closure on the cliffhanger ending. Maybe we will be lucky, these cable networks somtimes can do things that a network is to scared to try. Get that NETWORKS!!! Y'all are scared to do things that cable networks seem to thrive on.
  • Sci-FI channel recently aired the season and...

    Sci-FI channel recently aired the season and i have to say.... It made me fall in love all over again... Now at this point bringing the show back would be pointless and they would need an entire new cast. I think a future spoof of this show would be amazing!

    If you were a hard core fan you might have read what really happened to John Doe he was between life and death... and yes, i even thought, gees with a background like that were could they have gone with another season?

    They were planning a 2 hour long ending to the show, but it never happened.

    It was another show that was cancelled and a lot of people were devestated, but we get over it.
  • Fantastic

    Bottom Line- this is a unique show and John Doe does enjoy his character. Worth Catching. THis is a show that starts out slow but in every episode thee are minutes where John Doe is just at his prime. The Underlying story line is very impressive. But each episode steps and dances in uncharted land. You never know what John will pull out of his head next but the show does push the neddle on must see
  • The first half of the first and only season is amazing. However it feels like the show looses a great deal off its charm towards the end.

    A show about a man, that gives himself the name John Doe, who wakes up on an island not knowing his name or anything about himself.
    Although he knows every (!) "fact", ever.
    Its like a library has been downloaded into his head.
    When one knows everything criminal investigation makes sence, I guess.
    So John helps the lokal police of Seattle in investigations.
    His quest to find anyone or anything to messure his powers and cunning leads to one risky and dangerous adventure after another.
    His first night in town he makes himself rather wealthy by wakling in to a stock brokers office and makes desicions and with his cunning acumulates a whole lot of money. He buys an awsome car, that he learns to drive in about three minutes.
    Walks into a bar and plays the piano like a consert painist and makes friends with the owner of the bar. Gets hired as a piano player and gets a few friends.
    But life as a walking encyclopedia, dictionary and pool of cunning is not simple.
    One can't imagine what it must be like walking trough life not knowing anything about one self.
    John Doe is player by talented Dominic Purcell.
    This is the first production I saw Dominic Purcell in, and I was quite impressed.
    He is better here then in Prison Break.
    A good show.
    The first half of the first and only season is flat out great.
    Tough it feels like the writers and producers knows that the show won't come back for a seacond season and it kind of falls apart in the last few episodes.
  • Bring it Back!!!!!! John Doe is an addictive TV Show. Unfortuneately, Fox cancelled the show. Hey Fox... get rid of the reality TV and bring back John Doe.

    John Doe is an addictive TV Show. I had not heard of it in 2003, I can\\\'t believe that Fox cancelled it. I have been watching old episodes on Sci-fi.

    We need more John Doe. Bring it BACK!

    Someone needs to annoy Fox and make them bring it back. I mean, come on, this is WAY more entertaining that any stupid reality TV they have on now. Please please please bring it back.

    Bring it Back, Fox, Bring it Back. John Doe is an addictive TV Show. Unfortuneately, Fox cancelled the show. Hey Fox... get rid of the reality TV and bring back this entertaining show.
    It is just killing me!
  • Oh My god. They just finished showing the first season here in Portugal and I can't believe that it's over. I Mean I was expecting to get to the bottom of it. BRING IT BACK!

    Oh My god. They just finished showing the first season here in Portugal and I can't believe that it's over. I Mean I was expecting to get to the bottom of it. BRING IT BACK!
    I wanna know what happens! Plus I loved it, it was one of the best series I've ever seen. It eas my favorite right next to LOST! How can they leave a series like that? They should at least end it somehow. Tell us why John Doe Knows every thing!
    I can't believe that they put the series on here in POrtugal if there is no ending! It's the second time that this has happened and with series that I liked. The other being Veritas: The quest.
    With that I ask please explain what happened to John Doe. Fans deserve to know!
  • Why don't I recall ever seeing this? I like it!

    I have been watching this show on Sci-Fi Fridays, and was utterly shocked to discover here that it was a show that Fox gave the heave-ho. This has been an interesting show, and was under the impression it was a current show put together by Sci-Fi, mainly due to the fact of the awesome acting by Dominic Purcell, which also led me to figure that is one of the reasons Prison Break went into hiatus, so he could work on this project.

    The acting has been superb, the plotlines are on-the-edge of your seat great. Makes me wonder why exactly Fox cancelled it. Pending on the outcome of Prison Break, they need to bring Dominic back for this show.
  • John Doe was a great show, about a guy who seems to know so much, except his own history. Would you like to see John Doe back? Sign this petition:

    John Doe was a great show, about a guy who seems to know so much, except his own history. The storyline would move on by telling us John Doe was the messias, who returned to earth, and the phoenix was an organisation under command of the vatican. Would you like to see John Doe back? Sign this petition:
  • Why did the cancel it???

    This was a great show! It could have gone another couple of season's easily! But they had to cancel it! Why? Because it was intelligent. The average TV watcher needs everything explained to them and shoved in there face. It can't be intelligent. It was un-popular, in spit of the fact that it's really. Right over peoples heads. That's all I have to say, so now I must fill in the word quota:

    . / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

    Hey! That works!
  • John Doe is spectacular and thrilling! It is an edge of your seat action show with a mysterious underlining story to intrigue the new comer and satisfy the dedicated fan.

    Dominic Purcell is great in 'John Doe'. This show is not just any cop or mystery show. John Doe captures you and brings you into play with the show's story line in trying to solve the mystery that is John Doe as well as the other underlined crime problems that may arise. All the characters have a great chemistry and you cannot help but get wrapped up in the story lines. If you like X-Files or any crime, investigating or CSI type show, you'll love this show. John Doe is a combination of these shows and more. Due to illness I missed the airing of this show and was not aware of it, now I have found it airing on the SciFi channel and wished I never missed it at all. I'm hooked, and if you watch it you'll be too. I don't know why this show stopped being aired, maybe it was a show ahead of its time, but please bring it back cause I can't get enough of it!
  • John Doe was one of the best shows i've ever seen. Can't wait to see how it goes. Bring it back Fox!!

    This show can compete with the big ones like Lost and Prison Break. The ending was so unexpected and dramatic that fox simply must put this show back where it belongs, on the TV-screen. The ending is the biggest twist i have ever seen in the history of television, and believe me when i say, i watch ALOT of television. I wasn't until recently aware of the show John Doe, when a friend suggested i should start watching it, and so i did. And i can't say anything bad about it. I recomend this show to everybody, and i can guarantee you won't regret watching it.
  • Bring It Back John Doe Will Leave On Forever Cause... Because He Is The Phoenix But Just Bought The Dvd On Ebay So I Can Watch It Forever But I Miss It Badly If It Was On Around This Time It Will Be Doing Real Well But You Know ??

    John begins to experience an onslaught of bizarre visions and images then blacks out – the visions lead him to a faceless murder victim and a cannery where the Phoenix Organization and the remote viewers were situated. John meets Sam of the NSA (the murdered man is one of Sam's undercover agents) and they manage to capture the Trenchcoat Man and discovers he's not deaf and speaks fluently in Sanskrit and Latin. Trenchcoat hints at John's destiny, how he's one of them, and that Michael (from "Remote Control") may still be alive and a key to the mystery – then he escapes using strange mental abilities of his own. Sam introduces John as a "Class 1" to Lucas Doya, the founder of the U.S.'s own remote viewer program through the DoD – Doya puts John through a series of tests to heighten his own remote abilities and John locks on to Teresa in a copper mine. The NSA, Avery, and Frank close in with John as the remote viewers get a vision of the location of the Staff (from "Ashes to Ashes") in the Vatican. Trenchcoat arrives, kills Michael, and he and Stocking Cap fleet with Theresa. John follows and manages to pull her away as Stocking Cap escapes but catches a glimpse of his face - it is . . . Digger
  • Was my favorite show. I miss it terribly. BRING IT BACK

    This was truly a great concept. They should have given it more time to catch on. I loved every episode. Haven't watched a "new" fox show since, because they cancel everything that I watch(dark angel also) and leave the crap shows on for years. If they cancel "24", I'll never watch fox again. Oh, and did I mention, Bring back John Doe!!!
  • I think John Doe is the most intelligent scifi/drama series I've ever seen, with a great storyline and great acting.

    It's a travesty, that that John Doe has has ended so abruptly. I was really looking forward to the second season, when I heard the news, that the show has been cancelled. I couldn't believe it, I still can't. They could have at least made a final episode for all the fans. How could they leave us hanging like that???
  • One of the best shows on t.v!

    why oh why would you cancel such a fantastic show? what were you thinking? the show kept me wanting more each week and boy did it deliver!! murder, suspense and great characters You Must Bring It Back! What was the cliffhanger ending about...... i was furious! We still do not know who or what John Doe is!
  • One of the best shows on TV.

    This show is better than some of the crap going on 3,4,5,6 seasons, it just didnt get advertised correctly. The characters are awesome and the story is deep and believable. I think with a second season and the correct advertising for it, it could be a huge success! I look forward to seeing this again.
  • A show that deserved a longer run...

    Dominic Purcell did an excellent job pulling you in to a character that had no idea who he had once been. The plot was intriguing and only getting better as the episodes continued along. So much could have been done with this show, it definitely deserves a second chance should the cast be available again.

    It's disappointing when shows like this, ones that show creativity and worth, are cancelled and other shows are left to flounder on because they were once at the top of their game.

    Give new shows a chance, and if you can't give us these great shows for a whole season, give us a summer season. Anything new to watch during the summer is a great treat.

    Bring this show back.
  • John Doe is a great show. Just started watching it on Sci-Fi. Kind of goes with Angel from a couple of years ago, the ending will leave you hanging. That stinks, give a real conclusion!!

    Great show, no need to be cancelled so soon. This show will be associated with the show Angel. Both were cancelled and left you hanging, granted with Angel it was a spin off of Buffy the vampire slayer and ran for a few years, but I still enjoyed it. Bring them both back!!!
  • The best show ever made, and thats a fact.

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring it back! Please?
  • why?!?!?!?! :(

    This show john doe is the best i cant belive fox. The cliffhanger and everything was so good. This show is the recipe fore a great show and I really hope that fox will bring it back soon or some day. Dominic Purcell is a great actor hove is in prison break right now. I hope after that he go back to john doe.
  • excellent series. Why the hell did Fox cancel it?

    i cannot believe Fox cancelled this show! It had a plot worthy of Prison Break and everything about it was excellent. The story, the mysteries and the acting was superb. The fact that Digger turned out to be the sign-language dude was pretty cool...i hadn't anticipated that and John finally managed to meet the girl who supposedly has a connection to his past. Things were really beginning to unfold for this series but it was all to end. It's a real shame that a show with so much promise and potential got cancelled just like that. The cliffhanger at the end of the last episode was great. I really hope Fox decides to bring back this great show.
  • Left us on a horrbile cliff hanger.

    The show was a great idea, and it was implemented great as well. The characters were fun, and the show was going along great. We need the answers even if there just handed to us, don’t leave us like that, explain, and of course let us know that Karen is not actually dead, if anything maybe she’s back like John with talents of her own or whatever. EXPLAIN, sure you were canceled, and sure it shouldn’t have been because it was a great show, but don’t just leave us without answers. Finish the story for us, be reasonable.
  • I really wish this show would continue... Great following!

    BRING IT BACK! This show should have never been cancelled.... I never saw the initial release, but after watching it on sci-fi I cant imagine this show being cancelled. I wish I knew how to petition to bring this show back. I guess that about sums it up. Thanks alot.
  • Why, OH Why, Did You Have To Cancel It???? What Went Wrong???? You can't tell me that there wasn't enough viewers, almost everyone I knew watched and loved it! Please! Consider bringing it back!

    I was SOOOO looking forward to seeing John rearrange Digger's face! But most importantly, I wanted to find out Why he would do such a thing. Did she find out something about Digger being involved? or did they kill her just because she was close to John and thay wanted to see what he would do? And what was with the old woman that we kept seeing at the end of most of the episodes? Was he abducted or was it a government conspiracy? All of John Doe's fans enquiring minds really want to know. Please tell us something. xoxoxo
  • One of the BEST Science fiction shows on TV!

    A show well worth of being it the same 4 hour fix as Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantas, and Battlestar Galatica! Fox was folish not to continue on with the show in the 2003 season. Now hopefully SciFi will pick up the series. After the exciting cliffhanger three years ago, we are all waiting to see what happens next!
  • Good job following in the footsteps of others in this genre

    Even with spotty writting and some huge logic gaps, this is a fun, entertaining show to watch.

    I think this show worked because of the use of Black and white when seeing from Joe's vantage, and the off beat characters that populated the universe.

    It is obvious that this show follows in the in the same path as The Pretender and the Sentinel, both good shows that did the prodigy/hightend senses thing very well. This show had enough unique elements to make it stand alone.
  • What a cliff hanger and the worst place on earth to cancel a show of this magnitude. Looking up to see a hat fall and your friend Digger looking down at you, my heart missed a beat. Dominic Purcell and William Forsythe were brilliant as was the other cast

    I watched all the episodes again over the past few days and the show was still as exceptionally brilliant as it was when it was first aired. The show should be revived in tv movie format to finish the story and bring an end to a classic of television history.
  • Excellent show that I wish would have continued.

    From the very first episode I was captivated. I really don't know why they cancelled the show, but I'd really wish if they could somehow bring it back. Everyone I know who has watched it, really enjoyed it. I'm glad to see that SCIFI started replaying the show last month; however I don't like the time slot - I wish they would've switch times with Battlestar Galactica or even just played it in its place.
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