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  • Like MacGyver in Seattle.

    It came as no surprise when I learned that this show was cancelled after only one season. It's entirerly predictable and boring, even if the actors are mostly ok the main character played by Dominic Purcell leaves much to want. It's either him or his character that is so flawed it makes it painful to watch.

    There is a very basic chain of events that keep repeating itself in this show. Extremely intelligent and well prepared bad guy totally runs laps around the Seattle PD, that seem to be in the same league as the cadets of Police Academy. Enter John Doe, he makes some incredible deductions and narrows down the suspect within minutes while the police lab merely gasps. Considering how long we've been fed with the geniuses of CSI and its offspring shows, it's not so credible to accept the police departments complete lack of wit in this show. And it seems that no matter what happens to the characters, they just can't stop themselves from bumbling into obvious trouble. Thankfully always being saved by macGyver, sorry, John Doe and his all knowing mind.

    Also, somehow it manages to convey the image that this show is shot during the 80's or something and I am always surprised to see an iMac or to hear them refer to the internet as something they use. It's got this air about it that is hard to ignore.

    It is one show that really deserved to be cancelled.
  • I watched every episode

    People thought I was crazy for liking this show but I actually understood what was going on in this show. It was birlliant. Except for I dont know what happened in the end. Again Damn the TV!!! It is true I watched every episode and I am proud of it!
  • John Doe: For a guy who had all the answers, I didn't have the ones that mattered the most.

    I really liked this show. It had many good elements of detective work - on a whole new level. It was tricky how knowing every fact, written or otherwise, could help to solve cases that seemed so unrelated to the facts themselves, but in the end felt nothing short of realistic.

    The plot was a bit too repetitive at places, especially John Doe's dilemma that was more or less force-fed into every episode; he doesn't know who he is, he doesn't know why certain people are after him... Yeah, it fit the scenes a few times, but it got a bit boring by the end.

    About the end of the first - and only - season I must say that it was bad. Good episode, terrible ending, because it felt more like the first half of a two-episode combo. Now we are left with too many answers hanging, not to mention one revelation that sure was shocking, but which also felt too surreal to be true.

    All in all going into my favorite shows, and it's sad to see it discontinued since it has a lot of potential to move forward and expand after this first season.
  • The show left too soon.

    I wish the show would come back. John Doe was a really original show because it had writing and storylines that were not seen anywhere else. I didn't think that I was going to like it at first, but I decided to give it a try and after the first episode, I was hooked. Never did I think this show would have only lasted less than 2 seasons. I thought that it was an interesting show and had drama, action, and suspense. I thought that the John Doe character was interesting as he had the ability of wide knowledge of history. This show was canceled too soon and I wish they would have given it another shot. Thank you.
  • Good job following in the footsteps of others in this genre

    Even with spotty writting and some huge logic gaps, this is a fun, entertaining show to watch.

    I think this show worked because of the use of Black and white when seeing from Joe's vantage, and the off beat characters that populated the universe.

    It is obvious that this show follows in the in the same path as The Pretender and the Sentinel, both good shows that did the prodigy/hightend senses thing very well. This show had enough unique elements to make it stand alone.
  • John Doe is one of those shows that were good, had great promise and were cancelled prematurely. The worst thing about it is that the show was cancelled after the season ended with a Huge cliffhanger.

    These days everytime a good show gets cancelled I remember John Doe. I remember the cliffhanger that ended the series. I remember the "pissed off" feelings I got then, feelings I still have.

    John Doe is a series about a man who woke up on an isolated island, remembering nothing. He woke up with a gift, apparently he knows everything about everything in the world.

    The series was good from the start, the main character played by Dominic Purcell was well done. Purcell was perfect for the role. There are many interesting twists as the show goes on. The main goal for John Doe is to find who he is, or what he is.

    I have to say that I can't recommend this show to anyone. That's simply because it's only 1 season and it ends with an enormous cliffhanger that will most likely leave you very sad and angry that the show was cancelled so prematurely.
  • Very nice plot, but also has very bad filming.

    I don't know if it's because it's already a 3 year old show now, the filming is just so unprofessional. I just hate it when John Doe starts mubbling about the things he know. He always frowns and pause within sentences as if he doesn't really KNOW what he's saying. If the actor didn't star in Prison Break and make a fabulous job out of it, I would've been a Dominic Purcell hater.

    The video editing a cheap. The theme song is cool, but the special effects of the video weren't that good. I don't know how to explain, the whole show just wasn't good enough. I just couldn't get sucked into it even though I was dying to know what the mystery was.

    The story of the show was fabulous, though. "Waking up in an island without memories" - Isn't that awesome? It feels like it could've been from a 100 year old novel or something. I think they should've done more on his memories and don't really actually use his power to solve crimes, that's so plain and typical.

    Basically, this show isn't bad. Though it really could've done WAY better and, who knows? It could've even had a second season. Whether you would like it or not, depends.
  • John Doe is a mysterious man who rises from the primordial waters of an isolated island, possessing knowledge of literally everything in the world, yet having no memory of who he is. He finds his way to Seattle and uses his gift to help solve crimes.

    When I first started watching this series it was good and I enjoyed most of the episodes. Then it started to get a little boring so I stop watching the series. But I guess that other people lost interested too because I heard it stopped airing new episodes. The Sci-Fi network still air the old episodes from time to time. So, if anyone interested in seeing the episodes check your local listings. This is a good series it just lost interest for me, but I am glad I was able to see it when I could. Enjoy to those who go looking for the series.
  • A great show lost.

    Talk about an interesting story. Dominic Purcell was amazing. He was so good and just amazing to watch. Every episode left me wanting to know more. Also, all of the facts that he would spit out were awesome. Talk about learning something new everyday. The whole organization behind John Doe was very interesting.

    I can't believe they ended the show before the biggest event of the show. Fox could atleast be nice and give viewers a DVD set because it was a great concept. Who knows where the show would have gone if Fox had given it more of a chance.
  • Although the acting was typical "television mediocre" the story of a guy that was color blind, with amnesia, and had more knowledge than a Dell hard drive was refreshing. Unfortunately networks have dropped the ball before such as NBC's "The Pretender"

    My girlfriend and I got hooked on it and now she is pretty upset that it ended in such a cliffhanger. So am I! I think they could at least make a movie to put some closure on the show.
    I saw the same thing happen with NBC's "The Pretender", but at least they did make a movie or a 2 hour special (not sure which) that at least put some closure on the cliffhanger ending. Maybe we will be lucky, these cable networks somtimes can do things that a network is to scared to try. Get that NETWORKS!!! Y'all are scared to do things that cable networks seem to thrive on.
  • Now it's not the who, but where's John Doe?

    I really liked this program, it was kind of McGyver but with huge science facts, there was many action in this program and I wanted to know what happened with Theresa. I want to see another season, just to explain all, but I think it won't happen. Just I have to say that this program was good, and it was a mistake that it wasn't continued.
  • The first half of the first and only season is amazing. However it feels like the show looses a great deal off its charm towards the end.

    A show about a man, that gives himself the name John Doe, who wakes up on an island not knowing his name or anything about himself.
    Although he knows every (!) "fact", ever.
    Its like a library has been downloaded into his head.
    When one knows everything criminal investigation makes sence, I guess.
    So John helps the lokal police of Seattle in investigations.
    His quest to find anyone or anything to messure his powers and cunning leads to one risky and dangerous adventure after another.
    His first night in town he makes himself rather wealthy by wakling in to a stock brokers office and makes desicions and with his cunning acumulates a whole lot of money. He buys an awsome car, that he learns to drive in about three minutes.
    Walks into a bar and plays the piano like a consert painist and makes friends with the owner of the bar. Gets hired as a piano player and gets a few friends.
    But life as a walking encyclopedia, dictionary and pool of cunning is not simple.
    One can't imagine what it must be like walking trough life not knowing anything about one self.
    John Doe is player by talented Dominic Purcell.
    This is the first production I saw Dominic Purcell in, and I was quite impressed.
    He is better here then in Prison Break.
    A good show.
    The first half of the first and only season is flat out great.
    Tough it feels like the writers and producers knows that the show won't come back for a seacond season and it kind of falls apart in the last few episodes.
  • A man who knows everything, is a man destined for greatness.

    Story in this great show starts when John doe (not his real name) awakenes himself alone and nude on an island unaware of his memories and any past recollections.

    John wanders through the city with the glimmer of hope that he will remember who he is and his purpose in life. He also carries a unique ability which normal people do not have, the gift of knowledge.

    John stumbles into a bar where he meets penny a very hyped young girl who is able to assist john in his search for his dientity.

    Sadly this series was canceled after the leader of the phoenix group was revealed. I was pretty heartbrokened at the time since they decided to end the show.

    I hope they bring it back !!!
  • Excellent show that I wish would have continued.

    From the very first episode I was captivated. I really don't know why they cancelled the show, but I'd really wish if they could somehow bring it back. Everyone I know who has watched it, really enjoyed it. I'm glad to see that SCIFI started replaying the show last month; however I don't like the time slot - I wish they would've switch times with Battlestar Galactica or even just played it in its place.
  • It would be great, if it had a decent finale.

    This is one great show containing all the mystery and intrigue of the X-Files and Characters who actually have character. I got hooked on it when it came out on Sci-Fi without having heard of it before. When I missed an episode and had to download it, I found the whole first season and went ahead and got it. Fox really screwed up when they decided to cut it without actually bringing it to a real end. It was there one day and gone the next. That's what I hated about it. I didn't mind so much about it ending, but it was never really revealed who this mysterious John Doe character is or who Phoenix was. What was this strange staff they were after and why did it matter so much to them? Because of Fox's decision to send it down the tubes we will never know. I like a good mystery, but I want it to be solved. Because this one was never solved, it will leave you disappointed in the end.
  • A show that deserved a longer run...

    Dominic Purcell did an excellent job pulling you in to a character that had no idea who he had once been. The plot was intriguing and only getting better as the episodes continued along. So much could have been done with this show, it definitely deserves a second chance should the cast be available again.

    It's disappointing when shows like this, ones that show creativity and worth, are cancelled and other shows are left to flounder on because they were once at the top of their game.

    Give new shows a chance, and if you can't give us these great shows for a whole season, give us a summer season. Anything new to watch during the summer is a great treat.

    Bring this show back.
  • excellent series. Why the hell did Fox cancel it?

    i cannot believe Fox cancelled this show! It had a plot worthy of Prison Break and everything about it was excellent. The story, the mysteries and the acting was superb. The fact that Digger turned out to be the sign-language dude was pretty cool...i hadn't anticipated that and John finally managed to meet the girl who supposedly has a connection to his past. Things were really beginning to unfold for this series but it was all to end. It's a real shame that a show with so much promise and potential got cancelled just like that. The cliffhanger at the end of the last episode was great. I really hope Fox decides to bring back this great show.
  • One of the best in my opinion. But I still don't understand why did it end?

    It was a great show, full of mystery about the origin of John Doe. A mystery that was never solved thanks to FOX.

    The ending cliffhanger that wasn't solved, leaving us in intrigue, was a really "pissed-off moment" that I still remember.

    I just hope one of these days this show returns.
  • Great show that came out about two years too soon.

    I can't help but feel shafted by FOX for not giving this show the chance it deserved. With Sci-Fi hits like LOST making huge impact this past year, JOHN DOE could have been released this year to a very receptive audience. Airing on Friday nights and being paired with a fluff action show like FASTLANE really killed this Sci-Fi work of art. A great show that raised a lot of questions, but only gave small pieces of the answers each week, and kept you intrigued to find out what would happen next. There was the central story arc of WHO is John Doe?, but each episode stood alone as well with John helping out local police with difficult crimes using his vast knowledge he aquired from who knows where. We can only hope (but not hold our breath) for a DVD set of the entire series with some kind of closure attached. Dominic Purcell was the breakout star of this show, and hopefully he can use some of the fan base he gained with this show and apply it to the new series PRISON BREAK which looks like it will be worth the watch.
  • really good show, sorry it only lasted one season

    i watched this show when it first aired about 4 years ago, and really enjoyed it. it was such an odd mystery... a person who knows everything, except who he is. it was a nice change of pace from a few shows were no one questions how the main detective person knows about russian ballet and poker and how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootise roll pop (okay, make the last one is a bit of a strech). but whatever.
    i have started rewatching it on scifi, and i slightly remember the episodes, but, as i rewatch them, it is nearly like eeing them again for the first time. and i am reminded just how good this show was.
  • Sci-FI channel recently aired the season and...

    Sci-FI channel recently aired the season and i have to say.... It made me fall in love all over again... Now at this point bringing the show back would be pointless and they would need an entire new cast. I think a future spoof of this show would be amazing!

    If you were a hard core fan you might have read what really happened to John Doe he was between life and death... and yes, i even thought, gees with a background like that were could they have gone with another season?

    They were planning a 2 hour long ending to the show, but it never happened.

    It was another show that was cancelled and a lot of people were devestated, but we get over it.
  • Not so bad

    I do not like conventional detective dramas. I've seen so many of them that new ones just seem like the same old seen-it-a-mllion-times. John Doe seems to be developing as a detective drama with the added twist that Doe can draw on such a huge amount of knowledge even more so than Jarod in The Pretender. But whereas Jarod is supposedly a genetically engineered (or bred? its not clear) savant Doe's source of knowledge is much more mysterious and is so great that one can't imagine how even the most brilliant super genius would even want to know a lot of the knowledge he draws up. The knowledge extends way into the realm of uninteresting trivia (like the model numbers of old biolers for heating buildings).
  • Sooo cool but is fox never going to continue the series?

    I liked the episodes but why does it have to end in the middle of the story? is there a budget problem cause we can all save up some money cant we guys and how bout those actors is it them who dont want to play anymore then just replace them with some clones :p
  • An interesting idea and played out almost perfectly

    THis show was great, the idea was while not entirely unique blended ideas together in a way that was. It was clearly the spring board for shows like Kyle XY, but looked at the show from a different angle, because John never stopped searching for his past, and the entire time never really tried to make connections with people who ere around him. He was able to with a few but his circle of friends never really grew as the show went on, the only people who were added later were Rachel (who only showed in 2 eps) and that NSA guy (can't remember his name) and their relationship never really got developed because the show was cancelled. Which is really the only major flow it never ends, I mean it was suppose to come back b/ fox didn't let it (they're really hard on all sci-fi oriented shows) and so fans never got some of the explainations that were really really needed at that point. It really left us asking questions, still worth the time of anyone who is interested in aspects of sci fi that seem as though they could actually take place, in todays time and would believably be unnoticed (not 100% b/ for the most part).
  • One of TV's Best...

    Few shows rank high and "John Doe" was one of the most non-stop exciting minutes one could spend and discovered after its cancellation due to possible marketing. Fine cast, direction and a REAL WINNER though cancelled.
  • more!

    Not a 10 because it left me with many questions!
  • A man washes up on a beach in Seattle, and he knows everything in the world, except who he is.

    A man washes up on a beach in Seattle, and knows everything there is to know in the world, except who he is, with the only clue being a mysterious scar. He names himself John Doe and uses his vast knowledge to help police solve crimes, all the while trying to find out about his past.

    The very premise of this show sounded interesting to me when I first watched it. However, probably because I was just a kid at the time, I did not pay as much attention to the show as I should have and when I heard that it had been canceled, I was very upset. To this day, I believe that if it had just been given a chance, it could have been one of the best shows ever. I recommend this show just because of the story, and anyone can watch this show and enjoy it. Bring it back!
  • This shows is about a man who wakes up on an island naked, colorblind, with no memories but knowing everything about everything. He named himself John Doe. While trying to find out his real identity he works with police to solve enigmas.

    "I woke up in an island off the coast of Seattle. I didn't know how I got there ... or who I was. But I did seem to know everything else. There were things about me I didn't understand ... the brand, being colorblind, extreme claustrophobia. And while my gifts provided answers for others, I still search for my own. My name is John Doe."

    In the opening scene of the series' pilot episode, a mysterious man wakes up on an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington, naked, with absolutely no memory of who he is or how he got there. However, apart from the details of his own past, "John Doe", as he comes to call himself, seems to have access to the sum total of all human knowledge: he knows how many dimples are on a golf ball, the population of Uruguay, and other such obscure (and not-so-obscure) facts. He also has expert knowledge on everything from the stock market to computers. Over the course of the series John attempts to find clues about his past by using his unusual ability while also helping people in need. In the process it becomes clear that an international conspiracy known as the Phoenix Organization is watching John's every move.
  • A great Show that should be brought back. And Fast!!!

    A great Show that should be brought back. And Fast!!!! It still can make a lot of viewers stick themselfs in front of a television set, besides in era of superheroes, it's more than apropriate to make people see what it could be make in the future with the right tecnology. In my honest opinion, this is the kind of series that can rival with "The 4400" and "Heroes". But hey... I don´t even live in the USA, I'm only a portuguese on the other side of the world that gives his honest opinion.... take it if you want forget it if you wish...
  • John Doe was one of the best shows i've ever seen. Can't wait to see how it goes. Bring it back Fox!!

    This show can compete with the big ones like Lost and Prison Break. The ending was so unexpected and dramatic that fox simply must put this show back where it belongs, on the TV-screen. The ending is the biggest twist i have ever seen in the history of television, and believe me when i say, i watch ALOT of television. I wasn't until recently aware of the show John Doe, when a friend suggested i should start watching it, and so i did. And i can't say anything bad about it. I recomend this show to everybody, and i can guarantee you won't regret watching it.
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