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  • Now it's not the who, but where's John Doe?

    I really liked this program, it was kind of McGyver but with huge science facts, there was many action in this program and I wanted to know what happened with Theresa. I want to see another season, just to explain all, but I think it won't happen. Just I have to say that this program was good, and it was a mistake that it wasn't continued.
  • John Doe was such an amazing show! Why did it have to end?

    I used to love 'The Pretender' it was such a cool show i watch it till the cliffhanger ending. I was so disapointed to hear that there wasn't a proper ending to it.
    The 'John Doe' came on i watched it till the end and it had such a great story line goning for it why did it end? Still the story line is pure gold!
  • fantastic show that no one really understood. The frutiful offspring of the X-Files and MacGyver.

    This show was amazing from start to finish. It was impeccably written, impeccably thought out and impeccably acted. Dominic Purcell was absolutely perfect in the role of know-it-all John Doe, the mysterious character who somehow seems to know everything, ever. John Doe would solve crimes with the aid of the, at first begrudging, Police department- he did so with his vast intelligence and a touch of MacGyver-like problem solving (using the available materials to make something amazing etc…). However the show also asked bigger questions, questions I love to see on TV, such as what makes us human. John Doe has no idea who, or indeed what, he is; and thus he is constantly striving to reassure himself of human nature. The central mystery was something of great magnitude, and probably could never have been answered satisfactorily. That being said it was a definite premature birth, and I feel that in the wake of such mysterious shows such as Desperate Housewives and Lost, it may definitely have faired better this season. Here's hoping there will be a movie at some point to tie up all the loose ends. If you haven't seen it, watch it now! you will not be disappointed. Oh and don't talk anyone about it because there is a huge, and I feel rather unconvincing, twist at the series end.
  • John Doe was a great show when it was on. It was so sad when they cancelled it after only one season. It could of easily lasted longer on Fox.

    John Doe was a great show when it was on. It was so sad when they cancelled it after only one season. It could of easily lasted longer on Fox.

    The actors were great in it and the story lines were written excellently. The end of what turned out to be the last episode was one of the most shocking events I've ever seen on TV, that the stocking cap person was Doe's friend.
  • Great show that came out about two years too soon.

    I can't help but feel shafted by FOX for not giving this show the chance it deserved. With Sci-Fi hits like LOST making huge impact this past year, JOHN DOE could have been released this year to a very receptive audience. Airing on Friday nights and being paired with a fluff action show like FASTLANE really killed this Sci-Fi work of art. A great show that raised a lot of questions, but only gave small pieces of the answers each week, and kept you intrigued to find out what would happen next. There was the central story arc of WHO is John Doe?, but each episode stood alone as well with John helping out local police with difficult crimes using his vast knowledge he aquired from who knows where. We can only hope (but not hold our breath) for a DVD set of the entire series with some kind of closure attached. Dominic Purcell was the breakout star of this show, and hopefully he can use some of the fan base he gained with this show and apply it to the new series PRISON BREAK which looks like it will be worth the watch.
  • Dominic Purcell had an unenviable task: create a likeable know-it-all; and he succeeded! John Doe had that special something, that indefinable quantity that makes makes you want to watch. Yet another victim of Fox's itchy trigger finger, 'Doe'coulda bee

    Dominic Purcell had an unenviable task: create a likeable know-it-all; and he succeeded! John Doe, both as a show and a charcter, had the special something, that indefinable quantity that makes makes you want to watch. Yet another victim of Fox's itchy trigger finger, 'Doe' coulda been a contender. Perhaps part of the shows failings is that it took it's time in geling any meaningful sublot for its main character. Once it got going, it was fantastic, but by that maybe too many people had already decided that the emperor had no clothes.
  • John Doe was good, can be good again.

    Like all the other reviewers I think that whoever cut John Doe after a single season was misinformed about what the world wants and needs.

    I certainly would like several more seasons of John Doe. It certainly had not worn out its plot line or given away any secrets in the first season.

    It is bound to become a cult classic. Perhaps like Star Trek it will rebirth somewhere in the future in multiple other guises, casting scorn upon the fool who so carelessly tried to kill the story at 1 season.

    It is a shame that such decisions are in the hands of media moguls rather than real TV watching people.
  • John Doe is one of those shows that were good, had great promise and were cancelled prematurely. The worst thing about it is that the show was cancelled after the season ended with a Huge cliffhanger.

    These days everytime a good show gets cancelled I remember John Doe. I remember the cliffhanger that ended the series. I remember the "pissed off" feelings I got then, feelings I still have.

    John Doe is a series about a man who woke up on an isolated island, remembering nothing. He woke up with a gift, apparently he knows everything about everything in the world.

    The series was good from the start, the main character played by Dominic Purcell was well done. Purcell was perfect for the role. There are many interesting twists as the show goes on. The main goal for John Doe is to find who he is, or what he is.

    I have to say that I can't recommend this show to anyone. That's simply because it's only 1 season and it ends with an enormous cliffhanger that will most likely leave you very sad and angry that the show was cancelled so prematurely.
  • Is this show available on DVD yet?

    This was such a good show. It is a shame that FOX did not give it the time it deserved.

    Has anyone else noticed that FOX tends to cut good shows before they really have a chance to thrive.

    Please, Bring John Doe Back!!!!

    And why did they have to end the show with Digger as they did....What was he doing in the tunnel?
  • This show kept me watching week after week - it was great viewing which was killed at birth by Fox.

    This show was stimulating, the characters were developing well. The storyline was intriguing and the release of little titbits of clues every week was excruciatingly well done, guaranteed to keep me watching. Fox's closure of the series was simply wrong and has caused countless viewers worldwide extreme aggravation and disappointment due to the sloppy and incomplete way in which it was done. So many questions remain unanswered, and as has been suggested the least that they could do is release a movie to answer those questions and close the book on John Doe. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a huge success either.
  • I watched every episode

    People thought I was crazy for liking this show but I actually understood what was going on in this show. It was birlliant. Except for I dont know what happened in the end. Again Damn the TV!!! It is true I watched every episode and I am proud of it!
  • different that ive not seen ne like it only that yes its like 2005 and ive finaly wotched all episodes after only seeing 1 when it was out then moved

    id deffo want to see a remake or at least a nother season
    even a dvd set would be cool
    but yes i agree on some of the reviews that more
    reserch into stuff should be taken b4 they comment on facts
    that he should no about epecialy the other charators

    other than that it was a good seiries and i cant see the point in leaving it just like that
    did he or not get the staff
    i want more
  • Best show ever and will allways be Miss you John Doe

    I can say one thing, its the best show ever, its to sad it never got a good ending.

    Donate 10 dollors to FOX and write John Doe Movie on it and we can still get it, so dont be a cheap basterd.

    The show gets a 10 / 10 of me.

    John Doe Forever
  • The best show ever on TV. Too bad Fox killed it before it ever reached the second season. Fox, bring it back, or at least give us one last episode!

    So, this is the world of John Doe, a person who knows everything there is to know - if you exclude info about himself, that is. He wakes up on an island without knowing where, or who he is. The story continues on and on, with John trying to figure out who he is, while he at the same time helps the local police. The story unfolds more and more and - without trying to spoil too much - the season will end off in a way that makes you want to hunt down Fox for cancelling it. I recommend this serie to anyone who enjoys watching something superb!
  • I really like this show!! It is so funny and cute and ít\'s to bad Fox killed it.

    I really like this show!! It is so funny and cute and ít\'s to bad Fox killed it.
    First I thought..another crime-series...but it\'s not like the other shows.
    First \"John Doe\" is good looking, second the detectiv has so funny commets to everything! The story is different and exciting, i\'m gonna miss this show!
  • Sooo cool but is fox never going to continue the series?

    I liked the episodes but why does it have to end in the middle of the story? is there a budget problem cause we can all save up some money cant we guys and how bout those actors is it them who dont want to play anymore then just replace them with some clones :p
  • Fantastic Show.

    Somehow I missed this one when it came out. I recently got it from a download site and was completely blown away by how good it was. In typical Fox eashion it of course axed it probably replaced it with some inane program that sucks beyond beliefe. Fox does that with all the best shows, a few examples are the recent North Shore, and before that Roswell High. Good thing LOST isn't under Fox's power because they would have axed it at the termination of season one.
  • The best ever! Though it is not finished.

    "John Doe" rocks! And as I say that, I don't mean only Domminic Purcell\'s acting, but the whole story. To know everything in the world is great, considering how big the world is. It's too bad the story doesn't go on. At least 3 or 4 more seasons would be enough to satisfy all the fans.
    Still "John Doe" remains the best for me. As to Purcell - Pure Genius! :)
  • Not so bad

    I do not like conventional detective dramas. I've seen so many of them that new ones just seem like the same old seen-it-a-mllion-times. John Doe seems to be developing as a detective drama with the added twist that Doe can draw on such a huge amount of knowledge even more so than Jarod in The Pretender. But whereas Jarod is supposedly a genetically engineered (or bred? its not clear) savant Doe's source of knowledge is much more mysterious and is so great that one can't imagine how even the most brilliant super genius would even want to know a lot of the knowledge he draws up. The knowledge extends way into the realm of uninteresting trivia (like the model numbers of old biolers for heating buildings).
  • Very nice plot, but also has very bad filming.

    I don't know if it's because it's already a 3 year old show now, the filming is just so unprofessional. I just hate it when John Doe starts mubbling about the things he know. He always frowns and pause within sentences as if he doesn't really KNOW what he's saying. If the actor didn't star in Prison Break and make a fabulous job out of it, I would've been a Dominic Purcell hater.

    The video editing a cheap. The theme song is cool, but the special effects of the video weren't that good. I don't know how to explain, the whole show just wasn't good enough. I just couldn't get sucked into it even though I was dying to know what the mystery was.

    The story of the show was fabulous, though. "Waking up in an island without memories" - Isn't that awesome? It feels like it could've been from a 100 year old novel or something. I think they should've done more on his memories and don't really actually use his power to solve crimes, that's so plain and typical.

    Basically, this show isn't bad. Though it really could've done WAY better and, who knows? It could've even had a second season. Whether you would like it or not, depends.
  • guy wakes up on an island and kows EVERYTHING, exept who he is, he can even recite the binary code for MS DOS :P

    absolutely great show, great story line, filming is a litle old, but thats ok. only problem with this is that it reaches its peak at the end of series 1, opening all sorts of doors for the storyline (all good ones). and then it is cut short and they stopped making it!!
  • Like MacGyver in Seattle.

    It came as no surprise when I learned that this show was cancelled after only one season. It's entirerly predictable and boring, even if the actors are mostly ok the main character played by Dominic Purcell leaves much to want. It's either him or his character that is so flawed it makes it painful to watch.

    There is a very basic chain of events that keep repeating itself in this show. Extremely intelligent and well prepared bad guy totally runs laps around the Seattle PD, that seem to be in the same league as the cadets of Police Academy. Enter John Doe, he makes some incredible deductions and narrows down the suspect within minutes while the police lab merely gasps. Considering how long we've been fed with the geniuses of CSI and its offspring shows, it's not so credible to accept the police departments complete lack of wit in this show. And it seems that no matter what happens to the characters, they just can't stop themselves from bumbling into obvious trouble. Thankfully always being saved by macGyver, sorry, John Doe and his all knowing mind.

    Also, somehow it manages to convey the image that this show is shot during the 80's or something and I am always surprised to see an iMac or to hear them refer to the internet as something they use. It's got this air about it that is hard to ignore.

    It is one show that really deserved to be cancelled.
  • One of the best in my opinion. But I still don't understand why did it end?

    It was a great show, full of mystery about the origin of John Doe. A mystery that was never solved thanks to FOX.

    The ending cliffhanger that wasn't solved, leaving us in intrigue, was a really "pissed-off moment" that I still remember.

    I just hope one of these days this show returns.
  • the Best show ever, it can inform you about things and has excellent drama best ever why did ytou remove it sons of a bit**

    it is really the best, i think there's no program that can even compare to it sons of bit**es bring it back!!!!!!!!!! everyone likes it or at least the cool guys like it, people who are not lazy about hinking and want some inspirtation in my case to keep on studying
  • Absolutamente la mejor!

    La mejor serie de Ciencia Ficcion que haya visto en años años años... vuelvanla a traer a las pantallas... o aunquesea dejenos saber el descenlance de esta magnifica serie, con DOMINIC PURCELL!

    La mejor serie de Ciencia Ficcion que haya visto en años años años... vuelvanla a traer a las pantallas... o aunquesea dejenos saber el descenlance de esta magnifica serie, con DOMINIC PURCELL!

    La mejor serie de Ciencia Ficcion que haya visto en años años años... vuelvanla a traer a las pantallas... o aunquesea dejenos saber el descenlance de esta magnifica serie, con DOMINIC PURCELL!

    La mejor serie de Ciencia Ficcion que haya visto en años años años... vuelvanla a traer a las pantallas... o aunquesea dejenos saber el descenlance de esta magnifica serie, con DOMINIC PURCELL!
  • Excellent show that I wish would have continued.

    From the very first episode I was captivated. I really don't know why they cancelled the show, but I'd really wish if they could somehow bring it back. Everyone I know who has watched it, really enjoyed it. I'm glad to see that SCIFI started replaying the show last month; however I don't like the time slot - I wish they would've switch times with Battlestar Galactica or even just played it in its place.
  • What a cliff hanger and the worst place on earth to cancel a show of this magnitude. Looking up to see a hat fall and your friend Digger looking down at you, my heart missed a beat. Dominic Purcell and William Forsythe were brilliant as was the other cast

    I watched all the episodes again over the past few days and the show was still as exceptionally brilliant as it was when it was first aired. The show should be revived in tv movie format to finish the story and bring an end to a classic of television history.
  • Good job following in the footsteps of others in this genre

    Even with spotty writting and some huge logic gaps, this is a fun, entertaining show to watch.

    I think this show worked because of the use of Black and white when seeing from Joe's vantage, and the off beat characters that populated the universe.

    It is obvious that this show follows in the in the same path as The Pretender and the Sentinel, both good shows that did the prodigy/hightend senses thing very well. This show had enough unique elements to make it stand alone.
  • One of the BEST Science fiction shows on TV!

    A show well worth of being it the same 4 hour fix as Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantas, and Battlestar Galatica! Fox was folish not to continue on with the show in the 2003 season. Now hopefully SciFi will pick up the series. After the exciting cliffhanger three years ago, we are all waiting to see what happens next!
  • Why, OH Why, Did You Have To Cancel It???? What Went Wrong???? You can't tell me that there wasn't enough viewers, almost everyone I knew watched and loved it! Please! Consider bringing it back!

    I was SOOOO looking forward to seeing John rearrange Digger's face! But most importantly, I wanted to find out Why he would do such a thing. Did she find out something about Digger being involved? or did they kill her just because she was close to John and thay wanted to see what he would do? And what was with the old woman that we kept seeing at the end of most of the episodes? Was he abducted or was it a government conspiracy? All of John Doe's fans enquiring minds really want to know. Please tell us something. xoxoxo
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