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  • John Doe was such an amazing show! Why did it have to end?

    I used to love 'The Pretender' it was such a cool show i watch it till the cliffhanger ending. I was so disapointed to hear that there wasn't a proper ending to it.
    The 'John Doe' came on i watched it till the end and it had such a great story line goning for it why did it end? Still the story line is pure gold!
  • excellent series. Why the hell did Fox cancel it?

    i cannot believe Fox cancelled this show! It had a plot worthy of Prison Break and everything about it was excellent. The story, the mysteries and the acting was superb. The fact that Digger turned out to be the sign-language dude was pretty cool...i hadn't anticipated that and John finally managed to meet the girl who supposedly has a connection to his past. Things were really beginning to unfold for this series but it was all to end. It's a real shame that a show with so much promise and potential got cancelled just like that. The cliffhanger at the end of the last episode was great. I really hope Fox decides to bring back this great show.
  • One of the best in my opinion. But I still don't understand why did it end?

    It was a great show, full of mystery about the origin of John Doe. A mystery that was never solved thanks to FOX.

    The ending cliffhanger that wasn't solved, leaving us in intrigue, was a really "pissed-off moment" that I still remember.

    I just hope one of these days this show returns.
  • John Doe is one of those shows that were good, had great promise and were cancelled prematurely. The worst thing about it is that the show was cancelled after the season ended with a Huge cliffhanger.

    These days everytime a good show gets cancelled I remember John Doe. I remember the cliffhanger that ended the series. I remember the "pissed off" feelings I got then, feelings I still have.

    John Doe is a series about a man who woke up on an isolated island, remembering nothing. He woke up with a gift, apparently he knows everything about everything in the world.

    The series was good from the start, the main character played by Dominic Purcell was well done. Purcell was perfect for the role. There are many interesting twists as the show goes on. The main goal for John Doe is to find who he is, or what he is.

    I have to say that I can't recommend this show to anyone. That's simply because it's only 1 season and it ends with an enormous cliffhanger that will most likely leave you very sad and angry that the show was cancelled so prematurely.
  • John Doe was a great show, about a guy who seems to know so much, except his own history. Would you like to see John Doe back? Sign this petition:

    John Doe was a great show, about a guy who seems to know so much, except his own history. The storyline would move on by telling us John Doe was the messias, who returned to earth, and the phoenix was an organisation under command of the vatican. Would you like to see John Doe back? Sign this petition:
  • Is this show available on DVD yet?

    This was such a good show. It is a shame that FOX did not give it the time it deserved.

    Has anyone else noticed that FOX tends to cut good shows before they really have a chance to thrive.

    Please, Bring John Doe Back!!!!

    And why did they have to end the show with Digger as they did....What was he doing in the tunnel?
  • John Doe was good, can be good again.

    Like all the other reviewers I think that whoever cut John Doe after a single season was misinformed about what the world wants and needs.

    I certainly would like several more seasons of John Doe. It certainly had not worn out its plot line or given away any secrets in the first season.

    It is bound to become a cult classic. Perhaps like Star Trek it will rebirth somewhere in the future in multiple other guises, casting scorn upon the fool who so carelessly tried to kill the story at 1 season.

    It is a shame that such decisions are in the hands of media moguls rather than real TV watching people.
  • A show that deserved a longer run...

    Dominic Purcell did an excellent job pulling you in to a character that had no idea who he had once been. The plot was intriguing and only getting better as the episodes continued along. So much could have been done with this show, it definitely deserves a second chance should the cast be available again.

    It's disappointing when shows like this, ones that show creativity and worth, are cancelled and other shows are left to flounder on because they were once at the top of their game.

    Give new shows a chance, and if you can't give us these great shows for a whole season, give us a summer season. Anything new to watch during the summer is a great treat.

    Bring this show back.
  • Great show that came out about two years too soon.

    I can't help but feel shafted by FOX for not giving this show the chance it deserved. With Sci-Fi hits like LOST making huge impact this past year, JOHN DOE could have been released this year to a very receptive audience. Airing on Friday nights and being paired with a fluff action show like FASTLANE really killed this Sci-Fi work of art. A great show that raised a lot of questions, but only gave small pieces of the answers each week, and kept you intrigued to find out what would happen next. There was the central story arc of WHO is John Doe?, but each episode stood alone as well with John helping out local police with difficult crimes using his vast knowledge he aquired from who knows where. We can only hope (but not hold our breath) for a DVD set of the entire series with some kind of closure attached. Dominic Purcell was the breakout star of this show, and hopefully he can use some of the fan base he gained with this show and apply it to the new series PRISON BREAK which looks like it will be worth the watch.
  • Now it's not the who, but where's John Doe?

    I really liked this program, it was kind of McGyver but with huge science facts, there was many action in this program and I wanted to know what happened with Theresa. I want to see another season, just to explain all, but I think it won't happen. Just I have to say that this program was good, and it was a mistake that it wasn't continued.
  • John Doe was a great show when it was on. It was so sad when they cancelled it after only one season. It could of easily lasted longer on Fox.

    John Doe was a great show when it was on. It was so sad when they cancelled it after only one season. It could of easily lasted longer on Fox.

    The actors were great in it and the story lines were written excellently. The end of what turned out to be the last episode was one of the most shocking events I've ever seen on TV, that the stocking cap person was Doe's friend.
  • A man washes up on a beach in Seattle, and he knows everything in the world, except who he is.

    A man washes up on a beach in Seattle, and knows everything there is to know in the world, except who he is, with the only clue being a mysterious scar. He names himself John Doe and uses his vast knowledge to help police solve crimes, all the while trying to find out about his past.

    The very premise of this show sounded interesting to me when I first watched it. However, probably because I was just a kid at the time, I did not pay as much attention to the show as I should have and when I heard that it had been canceled, I was very upset. To this day, I believe that if it had just been given a chance, it could have been one of the best shows ever. I recommend this show just because of the story, and anyone can watch this show and enjoy it. Bring it back!
  • the show is really superb that keeps me going home early just to watch the whole episode. In every episode, you can't guess its ending as well as its next step. Totally amazing & intelligently written.

    This is not actually a review but a personal affirmation of the show though i haven't seen the complete episode of the series. I magnificently loved & hooked with the series because of its subtleness and affects to audiences. I love the casts and characters portrayed coz they have acted brilliantly and superb especially Dominic Purcell who seems to be mysterious as he has known nothing of himself and how the writter briliantly slowly uncover the mystery of his life. As an avid fan of the series, i wish to have a complete episodes of that show in DVD so that i'll be able appreciate it more and all the fans here in the PHILIPPINES will be able to see it. tnk u.
  • Fed up with all these brain dead stoner tv shows? Finally a good pseudo sci-fi with mystery, crime, suspense, and wonder . I cant believe it got cancelled after one season. Bad move by the Networks in my opinion.

    I missed the original airing of John Doe and started recording the reruns on my DVR. After seeing a few episodes back to back I was shocked to find out how great this t.v. show is. John Doe has no recolection of his life previous to waking up on some random island off the coast. No matter what it was, he gets a fresh start. Many of us have dwelled on the pass wishing to move forward from it. John do gets a clean slate and while watching it and getting to know the characters, I got a clean slate to
  • John Doe is back on SciFi... right now! :) SciFi runs 4 episodes back to back on on Fridays it seems. Very good show, Numb3rs before it's time.

    John Doe is back on SciFi... right now! :)

    SciFi runs 4 episodes back to back on on Fridays it seems.

    Very good show, Numb3rs before it's time and without the diagrams and the explanations. Less CSI, more X-Files (sans supernatural and geek-boy pin-ups). Very interesting and fun shopw, characters you can really get into and care about. The 'impossible crime of the week' plot meshes well with the over-arching mystery of John's origins and who/what he really is.

    And of course, it's set in Seattle where I currently live ;)

    I think John Doe would do really well right now, with the current line up on TV.
  • John Doe is a great show and should have never been canceled. It was interesting and exciting, along with the awesome characters, and story line, it kept me interested and wanting more. Bring it back!!!

    Bring It Back!!!! I just found this show, John Doe, now being aired on the Sci-Fi channel in California. I never even got a chance to see it during its prime in 2002-2003 premier. Now that I have been watching it I have been trying to see every episode. (Not viewing them in order!) But I am very interested in the show, and now I come to find out it had been canceled. It was something I was interested in watching, and wish someone would make the choice to Bring It Back....It had an awesome story line and great characters. It was definitely something that could catch my interest and keep me wanting and waiting for the next episode. That is obvious because I just happened to catch it on the Sci-Fi channel and left the TV on that channel till it was over....Whomever chose to end it was foolish...I am sure there are many who feel the same....Now I am left wanting more and there is no more!! :(
  • they canceled it just when it was getting good - it reminds me of the Pretender - also has a Hot Guy - bring it back, bring it back don't take it away from me, because you don't know what it means to me (QUEEN).

    bring it back, i am curious as to how his best friend turns up as his worst enemy or was it a ruse? plus the actor who plays John is a believable character, and reminds me alot of michael t weiss from the pretender, i only wish i could become anyone i needed to be!
  • I miss John Doe,...

    I miss John Doe, the job Dominic Purcell as John Doe is priceless... The show is different to others, a guy who doesn't remember his life, and knows everything. He has to life with his gift. It's the first show that I left guessing in. What happens to John Doe?. Is there somebody who wants to answer my question?
  • I LOVE IT!!!! and it's getting really good now. Digger is the "stocking cap" guy!?!?! KEEP it on, bring it back, keep it going!!!

    This shoe is super good - I'm addicted to it! The plot is wonderful, the characters well developed. Taking place in "Seattle", but a lot of the scenery does not look like it. They use a lot of the names in the Seattle area though I'll give them that. I can hardly wait to see where this show goes..... It's one of those "magical" shows, with espionage and a little (or a LOT) of "Big Brother is watching you! Hope they don't just take it off the air, and leave us all hanging in the wind wondering what it's all about!
  • bring this show back if any station had half a brain

    its a damn shame that fox canceled this show, they never knew what they had. i mean come on the show numbers more or less stole the same concept. a math equation can solve all these crime that just stupid. way to go FOX u **** up again i guess thats why u will never be a number 1 station. If a station have half a brain they would bring this back!!!!!!!

    SAVE JOHN DOE bring it back
  • How can we get this show back in the air?

    My wife and I started watching this show on the SciFi channel thinking it was a new show coming out on the SciFi channel. This is has to be up there as one our top shows of all time. I came here just to see what others were saying about the show and then found out I'm watching reruns of a show that only made it one season on FOX! What was this show up against when it came out??? The show has everything.. mystery, suspense, humor, all with a sci-fi - X-Files/4400 - angle going on. Great stuff.

    I sure hope when this season ends it's not a cliffhanger for a show that never made it back on the air.
  • Exhillerating and mysterious thrill-fest.

    John Doe was a highly anticipated show that began the mystery even before the pilot aired. It did live up to the hype and got more and more thrilling with each episode until the unbelivable climax in what turned out to be the series finale. The best part was probably the perfect casting; Purcell seems to have been born to play the role.

    Unfortunately this show was on FOX and so was prematurely cancelled. Fans were left with the most cliffhanging series finale in the history of television. Hopefully FOX will release it on DVD for fans and newcomers alike.
  • Bring it Back!!!!!! John Doe is an addictive TV Show. Unfortuneately, Fox cancelled the show. Hey Fox... get rid of the reality TV and bring back John Doe.

    John Doe is an addictive TV Show. I had not heard of it in 2003, I can\\\'t believe that Fox cancelled it. I have been watching old episodes on Sci-fi.

    We need more John Doe. Bring it BACK!

    Someone needs to annoy Fox and make them bring it back. I mean, come on, this is WAY more entertaining that any stupid reality TV they have on now. Please please please bring it back.

    Bring it Back, Fox, Bring it Back. John Doe is an addictive TV Show. Unfortuneately, Fox cancelled the show. Hey Fox... get rid of the reality TV and bring back this entertaining show.
    It is just killing me!
  • Oh My god. They just finished showing the first season here in Portugal and I can't believe that it's over. I Mean I was expecting to get to the bottom of it. BRING IT BACK!

    Oh My god. They just finished showing the first season here in Portugal and I can't believe that it's over. I Mean I was expecting to get to the bottom of it. BRING IT BACK!
    I wanna know what happens! Plus I loved it, it was one of the best series I've ever seen. It eas my favorite right next to LOST! How can they leave a series like that? They should at least end it somehow. Tell us why John Doe Knows every thing!
    I can't believe that they put the series on here in POrtugal if there is no ending! It's the second time that this has happened and with series that I liked. The other being Veritas: The quest.
    With that I ask please explain what happened to John Doe. Fans deserve to know!
  • Why did the cancel it???

    This was a great show! It could have gone another couple of season's easily! But they had to cancel it! Why? Because it was intelligent. The average TV watcher needs everything explained to them and shoved in there face. It can't be intelligent. It was un-popular, in spit of the fact that it's really. Right over peoples heads. That's all I have to say, so now I must fill in the word quota:

    . / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

    Hey! That works!
  • John Doe is spectacular and thrilling! It is an edge of your seat action show with a mysterious underlining story to intrigue the new comer and satisfy the dedicated fan.

    Dominic Purcell is great in 'John Doe'. This show is not just any cop or mystery show. John Doe captures you and brings you into play with the show's story line in trying to solve the mystery that is John Doe as well as the other underlined crime problems that may arise. All the characters have a great chemistry and you cannot help but get wrapped up in the story lines. If you like X-Files or any crime, investigating or CSI type show, you'll love this show. John Doe is a combination of these shows and more. Due to illness I missed the airing of this show and was not aware of it, now I have found it airing on the SciFi channel and wished I never missed it at all. I'm hooked, and if you watch it you'll be too. I don't know why this show stopped being aired, maybe it was a show ahead of its time, but please bring it back cause I can't get enough of it!
  • John Doe is a great show. Just started watching it on Sci-Fi. Kind of goes with Angel from a couple of years ago, the ending will leave you hanging. That stinks, give a real conclusion!!

    Great show, no need to be cancelled so soon. This show will be associated with the show Angel. Both were cancelled and left you hanging, granted with Angel it was a spin off of Buffy the vampire slayer and ran for a few years, but I still enjoyed it. Bring them both back!!!
  • The best show ever made, and thats a fact.

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring it back! Please?
  • the Best show ever, it can inform you about things and has excellent drama best ever why did ytou remove it sons of a bit**

    it is really the best, i think there's no program that can even compare to it sons of bit**es bring it back!!!!!!!!!! everyone likes it or at least the cool guys like it, people who are not lazy about hinking and want some inspirtation in my case to keep on studying
  • This show kept me watching week after week - it was great viewing which was killed at birth by Fox.

    This show was stimulating, the characters were developing well. The storyline was intriguing and the release of little titbits of clues every week was excruciatingly well done, guaranteed to keep me watching. Fox's closure of the series was simply wrong and has caused countless viewers worldwide extreme aggravation and disappointment due to the sloppy and incomplete way in which it was done. So many questions remain unanswered, and as has been suggested the least that they could do is release a movie to answer those questions and close the book on John Doe. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a huge success either.
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