John Doe

FOX (ended 2003)





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  • A show that deserved better than what the network gave it.

    John Doe is one of those kinds of shows that are very intriguing. John Doe woke up and had no memory of his past, but in time realized he knew just everything about everything. But what he really wanted to know was who he was and about his past. The show was so excellent and superb that the whole idea that a network would cancel it after one season truly astonished me. But I am getting tired of complaining about unintelligent networks. I really like Dominic Purcell who plays John Doe in this show so much more than the role he has in Prison Break. Don't get me wrong, he is a great actor in both shows, but in John Doe his role had so much more substance. I wish that they would at least do a movie to at least finish off the series.