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FOX (ended 2003)





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  • John Doe is a much underappreciated show starring Dominic Purcell, as John Doe, a man that knows the answer to all the worlds questions...except one..who he is?

    I stumbled upon this show around a year or two ago,The main reason that I decided to check it out was the actor (Dominic Purcell) as I was a fan of his latest and more commercially successful show Prison Break. I was suprised at how great this show was!,I thought that the idea was very fresh and ahead of it's time(A man who is all knowing, apart from who he is),the way the writers execute the main idea for the show was excellent.The writers and Purcell himself. I feel gave great depth to the character of John Doe,which in it's self is great but when you realise that they managed to create this depth and emotion into a character that remembers zero percent of his past makes it all the more special. I feel that FOX never really gave this show a chance, because to me it's way better than many of the shows causing a stir on out television screens today.It saddens me to think that they cancelled this show,The idea behind it was, and still IS great.Everyone that I have discussed this show with agrees after watching a few episodes that it was way to good to cancel...and without a proper ending just threw salt in the wound for me...maybe it was too good, that's the only reason I can think of for cancelling this show, and it's not exactly a good reason. In conclusion: John Doe, a great show, ahead of its time, tragically neglected but painfully missed!
    Heres to hoping for a proper ending to this show sometime in the not so distant future!...just don't hold your breathe for it!