John Doe

FOX (ended 2003)





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  • An interesting idea and played out almost perfectly

    THis show was great, the idea was while not entirely unique blended ideas together in a way that was. It was clearly the spring board for shows like Kyle XY, but looked at the show from a different angle, because John never stopped searching for his past, and the entire time never really tried to make connections with people who ere around him. He was able to with a few but his circle of friends never really grew as the show went on, the only people who were added later were Rachel (who only showed in 2 eps) and that NSA guy (can't remember his name) and their relationship never really got developed because the show was cancelled. Which is really the only major flow it never ends, I mean it was suppose to come back b/ fox didn't let it (they're really hard on all sci-fi oriented shows) and so fans never got some of the explainations that were really really needed at that point. It really left us asking questions, still worth the time of anyone who is interested in aspects of sci fi that seem as though they could actually take place, in todays time and would believably be unnoticed (not 100% b/ for the most part).