John Doe

Season 1 Episode 18

Save As...John Doe

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Two of the women who are Kubla Com prostitutes were strippers in "The Mourner." At least they're remaining consistently employed...

    • When John is hacking into the mall security system he is talking about firewalls and such while the computer is showing a circuit diagram (full with op-amps capacitors and inductors) which has nothing to do with all that high level networks stuff.

    • Domain name department-of-water-&" contains an illegal character (& sign) that can't exist in domains.

    • Wouldn't a bank with such tight security--finger print scans, iris scans, handcuffs, etc.--at least provide escorts in the parking garage for their most important clients?

    • There are only 24 ways to sequence four items. Why would it take forty years to try all possible combinations?

    • The signs on buses aren't connected to the city computer system. They're controlled directly by the drivers.

    • There's no way that much information could be coded into four UPCs.

    • Wouldn't the bank have waited until *after* confirming Paulette's identity to remove the "item" from the vault? Especially with all of the security they placed around it...

    • "Jail bait" is a term for an attractive but underage girl. Digger hardly qualifies.

    • Doe says that there's no key hole in the brief case. But a key on Paulette's bracelet fits in a key hole in the brief case.

    • Stella says they could use the "DES algorithim" to sequence the binary numbers. DES is an encryption standard and would be useless in arranging the number sequence.

    • To work as shown, the Pocket PC John picks up in the computer store would have to have been preloaded with a wireless network access card, preconfigured to log into the Mall's network, and preloaded with "escalator control software." Even if this were the case, despite John's intelligence it would take a lot more then a couple of taps of the stylus as shown to set it all up.

    • The dog collar with the radio device for a wireless dog fence wouldn't contain a power source that would broadcast a signal strong enough to be read by satellite. In addition, John says he's connecting to a GPS satellite to track it, and that it's legal. GPS satellites simply transmit a very precise time, allowing recievers on the ground to tell how far away they are from the satellite, and can then triangulate it's own position, nothing is transmitted to the Satellite. Different technologies can be included with GPS recievers to include a tracking capability, but in either case, a dog's collar would not have that.

    • At 26 mins into the episode they are looking at the motherboard as a layout of the city, they find the mission building, and they leave for it. The scene where they pull up to the big building in John's car is the exact same scene from season 1 episode 5 "John Deux" - they said it was Warnkey's Department Store, closed September of 1948. Furthermore there is only one person in the car when they pull up, whereas there should be two - John and Paulette.

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    • Frank: How come HAL here didn't trip the alarm?
      A reference to the HAL 9000 computer, a computer that manages to kill its human crew, in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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