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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • If he knows everything, why did John have to call everywhere to know who uses one specific washing machine? It would be likely that he would simply know where those machines are used.

  • John's final balance is $12,000. The bookie holds six stacks of twenty dollar bills (presumably 100 bills in each stack), but counts the stacks at "$800, $900, $1,000, $12,000." Until the final stack, the bookie is considerably off. His dialogue, in conjunction with the stacks, should have been, "$6,000, $8,000, $10,000, $12,000."

  • Helicopter scene: The closeup shows one person in the helicopter, but a distance shot shows two people.

  • At the start you can see that the island John is on is alone with no others around it, but when he falls off you can clearly see an island directly opposite. Does this just appear magically?

  • How long was Nichols hiding beneath the locker room? It appears that at least several hours have passed since the "kidnapping" - how long did he stay down there? There doesn't seem to be a great deal of police security around the place - why did he stick around so long?

  • Not exactly a goof, but why does John bother doing a crossword puzzle? He knows all the answers - what's the point? Jigsaw puzzles, for instance, there's a challenge of putting the pieces in the right order, but there's no challenge in filling in words you know and where you know they're supposed to go.

  • So...where did Nichols get the body from that he used to make it look like he died in the car crash? At the very least this makes him a bodysnatcher, and at worse it means that he killed someone else so he could fake his death, evade the charges filed against him, and leave his wife and daughter to face the music and pay his bills. And yet he's presented as a sympathetic character here.

  • So why does John swim away from the island? It's the only apparent land mass within miles. He might be confused, but it seems odd to start swimming away from the only apparent shelter.

  • John describes the laundry token on the phone as "green", but when we saw him look at it from his black-and-white point of view it was not in color, unlike other stuff relating to the girl's kidnapping.

  • The folks at the library are impressed by John reciting the binary code for MS-DOS: I'm impressed by the normal guy who asked him to do so and knew what John was saying was correct! So did the guy really have the MS-DOS code memorized to know what John was saying was right, or he was just bluffing?

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Blood Lines

  • Issaquah is 15 miles east of Seattle on I-90. There are no surface streets from Seattle there without a serious detour on John's part.

  • If John knows all factual data that exists, shouldn't he be able to identify the fingerprint himself? Why does he need the police computers? Fingerprints are categorized primarily by points of identificaton, which are in a computer database.

  • Doe not only couldn't see that she was banging on the window (maybe we're to assume he "investigated" around and found her fingerprints?), but how come the fingerprint is only of the thumb, perfectly? Why aren't there marks of the rest of her finger and if there are, why didn't Doe get them? Theresa was clearly banging on the glass with her entire hand, not just her thumb.

  • How did Doe know that there was a fingerprint on that piece of glass he cut off the boat? Remember he didn't see that woman banging on the glass, he only saw her once she was on the back of the ferry and calling out to him.

  • Trivia: The last scene as the mysterious woman holds the printout and looks over a bunch of old buildings with a shining castle in the background, was filmed in the Cairo City of the Dead, a four-mile-long walled necropolis in Egypt and the castle is actually the Citadel.

  • If John knows everything, or at least most types of published information, why doesn't he know the schedule of the ferry the mystery woman was on? Instead, he has to look them up on the Internet. (contributor leroyy25 thought there were too many unpredictable factors so John would have to use the Internet...but the ferry company wouldn't update its online schedule after the fact to reflect those factors, would it?)

  • Seattle area zip codes start 98 not 90. 90404 is Santa Monica, CA. Even though they were looking at an accurate street grid of Seattle, there is no street with the name Simpson in the city.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Doe Re: Me

  • Trivia: John mentions to the one woman that after his imaginary parents left Twin Falls they moved to Istanbul. In the previous episode we saw that there were folks in Istanbul (or thereabouts) who appear to know about him. Subconscious memory, perhaps? Plus we later find out John is connected to Idaho in "Idaho."

  • It's never really explained how the killer manages to cut her victims in half, using nothing more than what appears to be a butcher knife.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Past Imperfect

  • John told Frank to take Rainier South to bypass the traffic congestion at Highway 520 to get to the I-90 floating bridge, when Rainier is actually near I-90, not 520.

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