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  • Season 1 Episode 21: The Rising

  • In the last episode the noise that shattered the interview room's window and broke the light fitting did not break the glasses on the table as John gave the prisoner a drink of water using one of them. They were still on the table.

  • Was the agent really undercover at the cannery long enough to get a case of bursitis? It's established that Phoenix moved shop every few days. seems that if he were working undercover, he'd be among the bald men in suits - not a cannery worker. How would working as a cannery worker undercover let you get close to a bunch of guys in suits running remote-viewer operations and making sure they weren't seen?

  • In one scene, Doe has green in one hand. In the next, his left hand has painted a blue mark on the canvas.

  • There is no way Doe could have built a pyramid that perfect with his bare hands. And it would be stuck to the table when he was done. It is also shown as being way too light in his hands.

  • Wouldn't Doe have felt the heat from the hot stone?

  • Sound gets louder, not higher in pitch, with increased decibels.

  • The sound was loud enough that even those protected by a pane of glass (which shattered) had to cover their ears. Trenchcoat's eardrums would have burst and bled. He certainly wouldn't have been able to communicate normally immediately afterward. John and Sam don't seem to find his resistance unusual.

  • Eyes dilate as an emotional response to what is being said. Wouldn't a deaf person have the same response from reading lips?

  • A secure interrogation room has swinging doors on it?

  • Sam the NSA agent hits a 3" moving target dead center with a handgun at at least 50 feet and no time to set himself. This would be a great shot for a sniper with a scope!

  • The whole point of "never more than one night in the same tent" is that you never go back to the old tent in case you're being tracked. Why would Trenchcoat have gone back there? And would such careful, tidy people have left a psychic drawing behind? (editor's note – one gets the impression these may have been done deliberately by Phoenix to set up John in some manner . . .)

  • How did Doe know which cannery to go to from only a valve and a fish scale? In a later scene, Hayes says that he and Avery have been "searching every cannery in town," indicating that there are many.

  • Wouldn't Nance the coroner have noticed the fish scale?

  • Nance the coroner hasn't dissected the shoulder of the acid-burned man - how can she diagnose bursitis?

  • Maui Wowie is a kind of marijuana. Marijuana doesn't produce hallucinations as Digger implies.

  • Why wouldn't the remote viewers transmit an image of a real power line instead of a legend symbol? If they can remote-see the murder site and try and clue John in, why not just send a vision of the site or the real power line?

  • Why is Phoenix showing Michael and Theresa pictures of Doe? They're supposed to be focusing on finding the Phoenix Staff.

  • Why does the Phoenix Organization remain in Seattle? They don't seem to think the Phoenix Staff is in or near Seattle (and in fact, it's half a world a way - distance doesn't seem to be a problem for the remote viewers). John lives in Seattle, and seems to be their biggest threat. So why do they hang around in his backyard? Apparently only because it's Stocking Cap's stomping grounds - is it really so important to have the operation near him that they put the organization at such risk?

  • So did Phoenix leave the piece of paper and the cyanide case behind? Or did Trenchcoat bring the cyanide with him? If the latter, then why does he leave a device designed to keep him from being captured so far away from himself? (editor's note: again, this might be a subtle hint that Trenchcoat wants to be captured and his effort to try and kill himself is a ruse. But no one on the show notices the discrepancy... :) )

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Remote Control

  • When John is rifling through the cabinets looking for something to break the lock, it's a little odd that after so carelessly and frantically knocking half of their contents onto the counter below that he would take the time to carefully close them.

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