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  • Season 1 Episode 16: Illegal Alien

  • They refer to Air Force personnel as "jarheads" (which is used for Marines).

  • The whole premise by which they beat the laser sensors is flawed. Laser light is single frequency (color) -- not a mixture like white light. The notion of filtering out some frequencies before they reach the body is nonsense. Additionally, even if they were using white light beams rather than lasers, the strategy still makes no sense. You interrupt some frequencies before they reach the body, the rest get interrupted by the body. The whole beam is still interrupted and you still set off the sensors. They even foul up the greenhouse analogy they try to use to explain this. The glass in a greenhouse blocks UV radiation (which is incidental and has nothing to do with the operation of the greenhouse) and lets through the infrared, which is the necessary part.

  • The ground track for the LaCrosse satellite was impossible - it stayed in the Northern hemisphere. A satellite ground track must have the same maximum North and South latitudes, unless it stays on the equator.

  • Would a laser security grid large enough to protect the pod by approach from all directions really be effective in a forest? Falling leaves, branches, passing animals - seems like it would get set off all the time.

  • John claims the environment in the wilderness near Seattle is similar to that on Mars. No it isn't. They need the pod to be on the ground to simulate excursions on Mars' surface (rather than on a military base or in orbit on a station), but a desert setting would be much closer to Mars, and a lot easier to secure. See the Adventure Inc. episode "Fatal Error" for a (slightly) more accurate rendering of what such a Mars simulation experiment would be like. Or even the Stingray episode "Playback".

  • As he updates Colonel Dunagan on the status of the men in the pod, the Staff Sergeant salutes him. This is a common mistake: Air Force protocol doesn't require saluting indoors except during a formal report, which is not the case here.

  • Satellites take snapshots of the ground, not live video. There is no way they could have deciphered the Morse Code from the pod using real-time satellite photos. Plus what's supplying the beeping sound?

  • Why would the Air Force put such an important project out in the woods where anyone could come near it? Wouldn't there at least be a guard?

  • Why didn't the astronaut unlatch his own mask is he were suffering from hypoxia?

  • Aren't the technicians monitoring the pod in constant communication with it? They wouldn't be fooled by a video loop - wouldn't someone have noticed the clock, just as Avery does?

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Psychic Connection

  • Trivia: One of the victims worked as an "Amusement Park Cashier." It is most likely that she worked at Fun Forest Amusement Park, located at the base of the Space Needle, which originally operated as the midway to the 1962 World's Fair, and is still in operation today.

  • Five years before, Delphine awakes next to the two dead girls, but when the police dig in that place, they find the two bodies intact. Shouldn't the bodies be skeletons, or why they didn't find other skeletons in the same place?.

  • The police arrive at the farm with John but only John goes in to rescue the girl and fight the killer hand to hand? The police just disappear or let the civilian go in to handle things.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: Ashes to Ashes

  • Why does John need a computer to compile and track Karen's information abouit lighthouses, vanilla, etc. He's supposed to know all this stuff.

  • When John finds Karen's body and holds her, she is clearly moving her eyes.

  • John answers the questions of the NSA persons when he leaves the room where he was questioned while the surveillance cameras are still watching him, proving that he is a walking encyclopedia. (editor's note - note that he tosses out a lot of trivia to them that could be verified as correct, too - you'd think this would count for something...)

  • So how was John going to give Phoenix the answer to his question? He doesn't seem to know that they are monitoring him at his apartment, so why would he just shout out the answer to thin air? There's no e-mail address or anything, so there's no way for him to type an answer either. If there's no way (obvious to John) that he can communicate the answer to them, it doesn't seem as if he's just going to shout it out to an empty room.

  • So why does John run downstairs and drive a truck into the power pole instead of throwing the circuit breaker or pulling the plug? Sure it's dramatic, but isn't it overkill?

  • Doe has always used a Mac and has his hand on a Mac mouse however the bomb is set inside a Shuttle mini PC which has not had its case screwed back on.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Family Man

  • Why after staging the crash do the police only have two people following Murchison - Frank and John? If they had blanketed the area with undercover surveillance operatives Murchison couldn't have gotten away so easily.

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