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  • Season 1 Episode 13: Family Man

  • Where did John get balloon animals from? That's not the kind of thing you just carry with you or have on hand.

  • After Frank and John plays basketball, John forgets the jacket he took off earlier.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Tone Dead

  • There are about five or six windows in the room when John gets locked up in the studio, but the noise only breaks one.

  • John told Rachel that sharks are not native to the water there. Actually, the Puget Sound is home to sixgill sharks.

  • The infrasound clip in question may very well not have been recorded in the literal sense: source > microphone > filters > recording device. Tone synthesis has been featured for a long time in many (if not all) audio editing and creation software suites, not to mention the multitude of hardware synthesizers available. For simple, pure tone generation at known frequencies this is actually the method of choice. Synthesized audio would contain no extra information about the source (there isn't an actual source) that could be somehow forensically revealed and interpreted.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: John D.O.A

  • When they picked up John's cellphone on the move on westbound I-90, had they truly been going west from Seattle, they would be in the middle of the Puget Sound. I-90 ends on 4th Ave S by the sports stadiums.

  • There's no way John could tell the time that the shadow-picture was taken. At the very least, it could have been taken as easily ast 2-3 p.m. as 9 a.m. - the only difference would be which way Lenny was facing. Also the lgihting could have been staged. It's likely the picture was taken at 9 a.m., but it's strange John immediately leaps to that conclusion and doesn't even consider any others.

  • Lenny threatens to blow up Avery at Digger's bar, and then John asks if she's alive. Ummm, why would he threaten to blow up a dead person?

  • If Lenny weren't quite so distraught in John's grave, he'd notice that John's eyelids are visibly flickering.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: The Mourner

  • How does John figure that Sir Galahad is a "castle" rather than a "knight" - both seem equally likely. But identifying the "piece" as a knight would have yielded a totally different result.

  • John says the first victim was a limo driver. However, when we saw the scene originally Lt. Avery said there were other victims and she hoped the limo driver's death wasn't related to those. In fact, when John puts together the clues at the end, the first two murders prior to the limo driver's aren't mentioned even though they would presumably confirm John's hypothesis and give further indicators as to what specific game was being recreated.

  • When John and the police work on the puzzle they start with 5-6 people working on it simultaneously. But later, with time ticking down, only John and Lt. Avery are working on it. Couldn't they find a few more cops to help solve the puzzle and stop the building from blowing up?

  • When he arrives at the strip joint John says that Pescoe said that ATF stands for "All Time Favorite." Ummm, not that we ever saw or heard. Pescoe had the whole conversation about Sir Galahad's, then the police hustled him away so there was no chance for any other conversation.

  • It's a common mistake in many TV shows, but when Stella and John talk at the end, Stella's glasses have totally flat lens - they'd be useless for improving vision. The actress doesn't wear glasses in real life, but they have her wear them here to make her more brainy-looking. But they make them flat lenses so they don't interfere with her vision.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Manifest Destiny

  • The airplane shots are mostly wrong: When the plane is supposed to take off, you see the bumpers as a plane touches down and later the flaps are actually set for a landing, too. During the flight there are shots of a 747 and a DC-10. And John says he's just flown a 767!

  • An airplane flight crew wouldn't position the containers the way there were positioned in the cargo hold. They would either fill up the space or bunch them together, not leave them scattered. Having containers move like they did during the flight is very dangerous for weight and balance.

  • How the heck did the killer take out Russian weight-lifter Pavel? Especially when John specifically told Pavel to guard Rachel? The killer's not exactly what you'd call a prime physical specimen.

  • At least a couple of times John says he is heading "back" to London. But...he's never been there, and the plane is heading toward London.

  • If the pilot was overcome from carbon monoxide poisoning, shouldn't everyone in the cockpit be wearing oxygen masks to avoid the same problem? Or can the scrubbers clean the air supply after 60 seconds of being powered up again?

  • The little girl's mother wasn't listening during the safety lecture. The little girl is *holding* her oxygen mask on, instead of using the elastic straps.

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