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  • Season 1 Episode 9: Manifest Destiny

  • Most airline restrooms have an unlock switch, usually located behind the "Occupied" indicator. Why does Doe kick the door, if it opens outward?

  • The oxygen masks disappear after Doe finishes flying the plane.

  • During the storm, oxygen masks fall from the ceiling. This should only happen when there is a loss of cabin pressure.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Idaho

  • Sweetwater, Idaho is a very small town in the central part of the state along US 95, about a half hour from the Washington/Idaho border. After John left the Barkers, he was waiting for a ferry. There are no crossings at the state line that require to transverse via boat. Only one crossing has a bridge.

  • Has anybody, anywhere, seen a cupcake with an expiration date on the bottom of the little cup thingy? It's pretty rare, so the Conspiracy must have been really unlucky to find a shop that sells them like that. In fact, why wouldn't they just make some homemade cupcakes to continue the ruse?

  • Don't any of the other guys at the corral wonder who "Lorne" and John are? Are they in on the whole thing too, or can just anybody wander in and start breaking horses?

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Mind Games

  • John says the killer is methodical, but he doesn't kill in any discernible pattern. The fifth donor (Dan Perry) was killed first, then the fourth donor, then the sixth donor (Zeke Pepperfield). If he was working backward from his own position as #7, it should have been Pepperfield, then Perry, then the fourth donor.

  • John sees in shades of grey, which is only one type of total color blindness called cerebral achromatopsia and caused by brain injury, due to once having had memories of colour. The other is monochromatic vision, congenital achromatopsia, and John should not have referenced the number of achromatopes when wondering who his parents were. (lysdexia, RL Doe apparently)

  • John mistakenly identifies the blue and black Harley as a 2002 "Intruder. Also, "805 c.c." is incorrect - it should read as 80.5 Cubic Inches, or approximately 1300 Cubic Centimeters.

  • So...what happened to the last donor, William Sullivan? They never determine who he is is, or take any steps in this episode to determine that's who John really is. We're not even clearly told if he's still alive or if Sherman killed him. Hopefully they'll follow up on this.

  • When Frank and John analyze the killer's apartment they figure out the killer is going back to Vitrochoice where it all began. Frank says, "The source?" and John says, "Vitrochoice, the donor bank." Then they look at the evidence for a bit, and then John figures out again that he's going back to Vitrochance where it all began.

  • After Digger makes the last shot William Forsythe says what sure sounds like, "Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting, Dom." (some thought he says "Doe" but Forsythe sure seems to pronounce it with a short-o/'ah' sound rather than a long-o - in other words, 'dahm' rather than 'doh'.)

  • At the end when the people are playing chess in the park, the closest group of guys, the guy on the left hits the timer *then* moves his piece and *THEN* tries to hit the timer *AGAIN*??? Chess timers are a see-saw device and you hit the timer *after* your move.

  • Regarding "the source" comment:
    Frank and John read the diary that says "The cycle must be broken. I will put them out of their misery. Starting at the source." This is the reference to him starting at VitroChoice and getting all of the donor information to track them down, as well as setting up the chronological time sequence. They then follow the sequence and jump to the end (Wesley) and try to figure out where it will *end*. That's when John paraphrases the earlier quote "I will put them out of their misery... at the source" "He's headed back to VitroChoice... where it all began." Essentially the killer is going back to the beginning... again.

  • At the beginning of the episode, John, Hayes, and Hayes' son are watching football. But despite Seattle having an NFL team, the three of them are watching a CFL game on Canadian station TSN. Further, the team was 3rd and long to make a 1st down while playing 3 points up on their opponent well before half-time. Anyone who knows anything about the CFL knows that they use 3 downs instead of 4 - thus this would have most certainly have been a punting situation. Yet John claims that this offensive coordinator uses the play he predicted 77% (or so) of the time. You would never see that play occur in that situation. Next, despite Saskatchewan having possession, the clock advanced 7 minutes (in less than 1 minute real time), and Toronto magically scored a point (single) in the meantime. (Some thought there might have been some kind of compressed time-jump, and that one team could have scored a rogue one-pointer in the time period shown.)

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Low Art

  • Would you really get "tongue abrasions" from swallowing a diamond? Throat abrasions, maybe, but why would the ring touch the tongue hard enough to cause abrasions?

  • So maybe I'm missing something...but was Karen's presence at the museum at the exact same time as her former host or whatever Max planned the killing just an amazing coincidence? Or did Max plan it that way? If the latter, it doesn't seem to have been explained.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: John Deux

  • So again...why does John need a computer to determine which buildings were painted with Snoquaimie White? As this is a fact, shouldn't he know?

  • There's no way the guys driving along the beach could possibly be having the conversation they're having before they stop their vehicles - between the engines roaring and their helmets they couldn't hear each other.

  • Why isn't the second John Doe wearing a hospital gown or something when John goes in to examine him? He's just bare-chested, in a hospital bed.

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