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  • This show is still on. I don't know why they show it as ended in 1-08!

    Okay, so this is a guilty pleasure of mine. I've been to see John in action in a huge auditorium where he couldn't read the facial expressions of those he was reading and two people I knew were read. The details he provided were incredibly accurate. The names he gave were dead on and the situations were described by someone who had to have been there when they happened. In short, the deceased relative. There are times when I've thought John jumps around too much, trying to make something he has said fit either the people around the person he's singled out, and there have been times when he's been a tenacious bulldog, not giving up on what he is hearing and adamantly saying that the reading is for the person. At times, it seems he uses the same names a lot. Names that are very common such as "Joseph", "Anthony", "David". Names which probably a lot of people either have in their family or know, but there are times when he comes up with a name that no one on God's green earth would have named their child and it ends up being for the people he is reading. Sometimes he takes something he sees such as the person dieing from a car wreck and turns it around to equate to the person that is saying that the person they are referencing died from a gun shot wound. But, then I have to say to myself, I am not a medium. I don't know what signs he gets or how clear he gets them. I don't know if the person that stands up and tries to take ownership of what John says is a t.v. hog or as John fondly calls them: "a relative stealer", and that is why his projections are off, but I do know that I've watched him enough that I do believe that he is getting these thoughts planted into his mind and that he genuinely believes they are true. He is no fake. I experienced a time when I was sitting in back of someone that was a "relative stealer". The reading was for me. They kept trying to make things match, but they could only fit one name, which is the thing they jumped on when John came to our section. The reading referred to my mom, it gave her name, her personality, that she died of a brain tumor, and it referred to my uncle Shorty who killed himself. It referenced his dogs that he loved and mentioned some by name. There were other things that matched exactly with my family, but the "relative stealers" were so desperate to make contact that they tried to make everything that John said fit in some way. So I do know that there are readings he gives that are meant for someone else, but are claimed by others. I know the truth, and I took comfort in it. I think that John is doing to many shows all over the country, and I don't feel like he is as in touch with his gift anymore as he has had some real bad misses lately. I wish he would just slow down and spend some time at home instead of all over the world, and get in touch with the beautiful gift he has again. He has got to be as rich as King Midas by now and there is nothing wrong with him making money, because he gives grieving people hope and comfort and that gift is priceless, but I think he is just getting so stretched out by so many shows, that the veil that separates him from the other side has gotten thicker. I believe in his gift to hear from the other side, but I think he needs to take a break, enjoy his children, meditate, pray and get back in tune with the other side.
  • This is another one of the best tv series that I'v ever seen.

    Without this show on tv. I don't know how I would get through the days of looking forward to watching it. If it wasn't on tv I would never want to watch we tv again. This show brings we tv to life. 2 years ago I fell in love with the series and have been hooked on it since for lots of reasons. I wish I could go to one of his shows to see if my brother would come through. I unfortunatly don't have the money to buy a ticket so I can't even go to one of the shows.
  • Dionne Warwick, Ms. Cleo, Sylvia Browne...

    and now John Edwards. Just another name in the list of celebrity 'psychics' who really don't have any second sight. I used to watch this on occasion, before he took the 'act' on the road... and I must admit that I was started to believe in John Edward's ability. I've since looked behind the current and realized there's nothing there. This guy asks people questions like "do you have a man above you who passed away?" Meaning a father or grandfather. Now, I'm not Crescan-but I can tell you with almost 100% certainty, most people have a father, uncle, grandfather or some other male relative whose passed away. No big mystery there. It's sad to see people so desperate for a connection with their loved ones that they will believe anything this guy says.
  • my grandfather on my mothers side passed away when my mother was young i never meant him but i hear a lot about him all the time and my mother says she would love to hear from him again at least once and i and my family would love it too.

    Well first I'd like to say I've got a pretty big family I got 3 older half sisters 1 younger sister and 4 younger brother's. Well the only one of us to meet my grandfather was my oldest sister Shandra. My grandfathers name is Robert pollack he and my grandmother are Jewish. Well I've heard the second oldest boy of the family Jacob he's 19 looks a lot like my grandfather. My mother was 19 when he passed and my sister was just a baby when this accident in life came around in 1977. I'm sure as much as me my mother and everyone else would love to hear from my grandfather just to know hes still up there watching over all of us. Even though he hasn't been able to meet all of us I know I don't know my grandfather but he is my blood and I do love him and would love to hear from him just so I know that he knows he's got grandkid's down here that care for him and he's in many heart's even if you could pass that onto the above would be a blessing. If you could contact him for my mother that would be much more pleasure and less trouble in her life thanks for taking this and your shows really made me think a few times on a few of the viewing's I've seen. God bless and keep touching the hurt and lost soul's you do touch.
  • re:Bad reviews given.What do U base opinion on?Did U even watch an entire episode?Don't think so.Remarks sound as if given by closed-minded,uninformed,judgemental,highly over self-rated individuals.U don't HAVE to believe.But DO view B 4 U review!Please!!

    A show for individuals open to the possibility that when the body dies, it doesn't have to be the death of YOU. If that is true, why couldn't we still have contact/communication intellectually? John, is just one of many, who has shown they have learned to communicate. The ability to do this is in each of us too, if we just open our mind to the possibility and learn to read the signs. Like learning a different language, everyone is capable if you open your mind and give it some effort. Try it, who knows, it could happen! I flunked Spanish in school, but if I went to Mexico I believe I could communicate well enough, verbally/physically &/or visually, that I would be understood. I just need to learn &/or teach a mutually understood form of communication. That could be verbally-in bits of English & Spanish, or physically-with body language, or visually-by pointing out objects or pictures of objects & such, or a combination of all of them. If learning the language, in which ever form(s), that is mutually understood by both is all that necessary to communicate with those still 'in the body', why not...? Open you mind to the possibilities!
  • This show is basically John Edward going across country performing random readings for various people as people who have passed come through "from the other side" and acknowledge their loved ones who are still living.

    The show is interesting to say the least, but I can't say I entirely believe it, but it is still interesting to watch the show. The emotions of the family who actually have family "to come through" are very touching to me, but with my bringing up in the church, I can't say I actually believe everything is what it seems. But it is an interesting show. As far as the show goes it does seem very authentic and what not but I'm still a big skeptic. I still enjoy watching the readings and if you haven't seen it, then I think its worth a look at least once.
  • complete waste of time

    this is the biggest bunch of crap i have ever seen. why would anyone believe this mess? if you bought this then you must beieve that david copperfield actually made the statue of liberty disappear. this program should only be played in competition with infomercials at two or three in the morning.
  • I love this kinda stuff!

    I really love shows like this that deal with psychics. I don't catch this show very often mainly because I dont' know what time it's one or I dont think of it. But when I do find it while flipping thought channels I am very excited! John Ewards is pretty great (althought Sylvia Brown is my favorite medium). I am going to one of John's seminars this June with my mother because my grandmother just pasted away about 2 months ago. I'm not sure I believe in this stuff but it sure is fun to think about. Besides it doens't hurt to dream ;)
  • In 1997 I had a private reading from John -it was the first time I ever saw a \\\'medium\\\' or anything close! It was amazing and I am thrilled others get to see John on TV and have the chance to know that those we loved are with us always.

    While I am sure many will watch this show and think of all the ways John could be wrong. That was just the way I felt when I heard him on WPLJ radio back in 1996. I thought there are one of two explainations to this 1. he was a fraud stealing money and upsetting people or 2. He could actually do what he claimed. I had to know for myself.
    I attended a private session it cost me $150.00 for an hour - alot of money - maybe so but I had to know for sure.
    I gave NO information in advance - only my first name. I offered no expectations in advance of the reading. I attended and sat in a chair and listened. I would not give names. This is what he picked up.
    1. The name of an Aunt who had died in a car accident \\\"Sally- died suddenly - it was an accident around a big holiday - easter? christmas? - she had 4 kids - she is acknowledging them all\\\" - The name was right - she died 2 days before Christmas and had 4 children.

    2. He said \\\"Sally wants Catherine to stop being sad - they will be together again soon\\\" - Catherine is my grandmother who had been depressed since Sally\\\'s death 20 years earlier.

    3. He said my sister wanted to say hello to all of the \\\"L\\\'s\\\" all of my siblings have first names that begin with \\\"L\\\". My sister had passed 2 years earlier and was the real reason I wanted to hear if John was telling the truth.

    4. John said there is a guy here who just wants to say hi - it is a G or J name - tall dark hair and he is joking around. That was James to a T -The best man in my wedding had passed away 6 months after my sister.

    This reading left me with a feeling of happiness,peace and calm. I am thrilled to know that thousands of people across the county can now see John share his amazing gift. I was the biggest skeptic in the world. I have never been back to a medium because I dont need to - I know in my heart that I will be with those I love again someday - and until then I am enjoying my life while remembering them in my heart.

    Enjoy this program - open your mind and heart.

    Thank you WE!