John from Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 9

His Visit: Day Eight

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 05, 2007 on HBO

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  • So, after the previous week's decent episode, this one started off appearing to be just what I've been waiting, plot development. Sadly, it quickly crushed hopes of that.

    So, after the previous week's decent episode, this one started off appearing to be just what I've been waiting, plot development. Sadly, it quickly crushed hopes of that. This episode started off with Cissy's discovery that Shawn was missing. Last episode was all about "Shawn will soon be gone" message so this of course starts the chaos again. With John and Shawn no where to be found, the emotions are running high. I was thinking, great! we'll finally see the plot elements hinted at in I think the first episode finally come to fruition. But man, NOTHING HAPPENED in this episode after the first 5 minutes. Yes, Shawn has been the catalyst to bring all these people together but we keep getting teased with actual plot and just b-slapped instead. However, next week is the season finale which promoted the answers we've been waiting for. It better be true. Ten episodes for the season and really, all plot development could have happened in 2 or 3. The finale has a lot to live up to.
  • Shaun is missing and everyone rallies to find him

    Storywise, not much happened in this episode, except ensure that everyone is waiting for the season (series ?) finale.

    Shaun is missing and Sissy goes mental. Everyone (including Mitch) is out searching for Shaun and assumes that John is involved in his disappearance.

    While nothing much happened in this episode, with the exception of Mitch returning, it was interesting to watch how people react to Shaun's disappearance.

    It was also very confusing since in some shots Shaun was sitting clearly visible in the bar yet nobody seemed to be able to see him. I hope next week's episode will provide some answers because even though I've watched every single episode, I still don't understand what's going on.
  • Not sure what to think heading into the finale.

    I am mildly (perhaps more than mildly) obsessed with John from Cincinnati. I love David Milch. Then, this episode comes along and, well, underwhelms. Being that this episode is the final one prior to the (more-than-likely) Series Finale of the ten episode season, it was a disappointment. And let's face it, the likelihood of there being a second season is on par with the likelihood of John taking an actual dump. Even the music wasn't as dead-on as it usually is. It seemed like an exposition episode - putting various actors in place for the eventual cosmic checkmate coming to us in the season's finale.

    I've still got the John from Cincinnati faith, but this episode tried even my patience. Fortunately, the preview for next week's (hopeful) season finale (not series finale) looked rather awesome. I suppose we will have to wait and see...
  • Really getting good!

    This very dysfunctional beach family as well as community that has been pretty much torn apart have been mysteriously brought togther by the mysterous "John from Cincinnati." As Shaun is missing. And that the whole town searches frantically for him. Even Butchie, who is estranged from his teenage son due to his drug abuse, really seems to care that his son is missing. As John seems to know more than he is letting onto people. What he is trying to say is, don't let my "simple-minded" ways fool you! Nice to see the town pull together and find Shaun. Butchie says that John would hurt himself before he would hurt Shaun!
  • This episode was great. I really liked all of the mystery of what John is and is he really from Cincinnati? Who knows! I can't wait for next weeks finale.

    I think this show should come back for a second season. I really think they could play into the characters more since they have them outlined. I believe John is a spiritual type and he would never hurt everyone but no one knows that except for Shaun. I really believe Shaun is the only one that understands John. He is the only one that can see the light. I hope that the rest of the residents learn that John isn't trying to hurt anyone and he is not a robot. I love the cast and hopefully some will have a chance to be in the spotlight more. I hope enough people like this show to bring it back.
  • So you want some answers.... (spoiler alert!)

    There are no answers in this episode, just further mystery. Where is Shawn? Why is Freddy dreaming about him? Why is a conure's screech coming from a cockatoo? (Hey, bird fanciers like myself notice these things.) For that matter, where is John? Does his disappearance have anything to do with Shawn's? What the heck is up with the stick figures? Did John just order some Avon sheets and use Cass' camera to make some weird films to mess with everyone's heads? And just how the heck is he getting them onto the harelip's computer anyhow? For such a seemingly "simple" guy, John is awfully complex. They promise answers in next week's season finale. Hopefully they'll leave us with a few new questions, to make us come back for Season 2!
  • Shawn's disappearance brings the residents of imperial beach together.

    Shawn's disappearance brings the residents of Imperial Beach together, They become a true community, with unity of purpose--to find Shawn. This sense of community awakens a sense of spirituality for many. The sense of community is echoed by first one ,then two ,then many stick figures in the messages being sent by John (or his Father). The residents of Imperial Beach who started out with the common thread of being alienated and disconnected suddenly find themselves strangely connected. Acts of kindness become the norm rather than the exception. John, who is strangely "inhuman" brings out the residents' humanity. Even in those whose original intentions may have not been the purest, one now sees the best in them (i.e. Linc). This episode also marks the appearance of a new character--"the Chemist" --who at this point is the only one not connected to the rest of the community.It is my hope that this series will be renewed because there is little doubt that it is one of the finest on television. It is at once intelligent, mysterious, creative, spititual, uplifting and enriching.