John from Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 6

His Visit: Day Five

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 15, 2007 on HBO

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  • This episode made me love this show even more, if that's possible.

    John from Cincinnati is one of the most magical and emotionally complex shows I've ever seen. The way every character lives his or her life in a dreamlike trance that is just so real never fails to enchant me. This show enforces both reality and surrealism, which I never thought I'd buy as much as I do with this one. Note to David Milch: we love you!

    This episode is a wonderful addition. One of the many things these writers are amazing at is building up tension - and actually finding a relieving solution at the end of the episode which makes the viewer crave more. The cmmunication problems sourrounding Tina and Shaun's reunion and the startling revelation of why Cissy feels so guilty are perfectly handled here. John is as "sublime" as ever and Bill steals everyone else's thunder whenever he shows up. The two criminals made for some good comedy as well.

    To summarize: Greatness all around.
  • Show is catching on!

    The show is catching on and hopefully HBO will renew it as John really is getting much more comfortable in his new settings. As he helps Bill & Cissie learn about their paths and Butchie sets together a meeting with Tina and his estranged teenage son Shaun despite what they think of him. And what he has done to them in the past.
  • One of the most well written episodes on a show i have seen in a long time!

    The end sequence was awesome at the BBQ! and also the scene before where John seems unconcious and before he does he says "She is better off killing me and failing than killing herself" then appears outside of Cissy's window! John seems to be a different person in the vision/appearances, he talks more clearly, stands up completely straight, as sometimes john hangs his head quite alot, and he doe not do the awkward smile that he seems to do quite alot!

    We can also see in this scene that Cassy is the only person who can actually see John when he is appearing to people, noone else saw him in the BBQ scene apart from cassy, when he went to her room and also at the motel.

    I like the ending where Bill wakes up and his mouth feels liks he has been playing his harp/organ, which fits means that somehow everyone who was in the BBQ scene will actually remember what happened and must have seen it themselves like john says they will not forget this moment.

    I am still not understanding fully why John brought rollins out of the motel room, we know he beat up barry in school, but what other significance does he have, we know that barry is scared of room 24, and Barry says he hears voices and singing coming from the room, which is the same room John brings rollins out of, or who we believe is rollins.

    I am starting to believe more that John is not jesus or god, but maybe gods messenger, getting people prepared for the return of something or someone great.

    Can't wait to see episode 7 (His Visit: Day Six)
  • John is becoming more and more acive, affecting the lives of several people, incluidng CIssy's

    This was a very special episode indeed. Still no explanations and there were even more people introduced, but the information that was provided about some of the main characters was highly interesting and sometimes very amusing.

    John appears to be able to be in several places at the same time and his speech or sermon to Cissy was fantastic. He really stole the show because his scenes with Bill and Joe were great too and the ending was brilliant, if still totally confusing.

    Did he really carry a ghost out of room 24?? I'm still not sure what the meaning behind the camera is.

    Loved the "whippin' his skippy" quote!!! Fabulous!
  • This episode will go down in history as being one of the absolute best episodes ANY HBO show has ever produced.

    Wow. I loved this episode. I was so mesmerized by the ending. I know a lot of us have been discussing what the 'meaning' behind John's 'speech' during the last 10 or so minutes of the episode truly meant - this is just one sign of how magnificent and fascinating this show can be, and how, in one 10 minute scene, a casual watcher of the show can become addicted to it. This episode also was, by far, the most hilarious episode of the series as of yet. The scenes involving Bill, Vietnam Joe and John in Joe's Van were beyond hysterical. The scene in Bill's home was phenomenal as well. A ton of character's back stories emerged from this episode. Perhaps 'back stories' isn't the most proper term. Maybe I should say that this episode revealed almost every character's inner demons. I am so very glad this episode was as marvelous as it was. I usually never give any 2 episodes of any show a 'perfect 10' rating, but... This show is now the exception.