John from Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 5

His Visit: Day Four

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 08, 2007 on HBO

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  • Why everyone is slating this episode! yeah it wasnt the best episode, but it was still good in it's own right!, not every episode can contain some kind of miracle, they have to squeeze story in there aswell.

    I don't like shaun's mam Tina much though, i am not seeing her point in being here yet, and i don't believe for a second that all she wanted to do was see Shaun, she saw him in the papers anyway, she is definatly after something else!, and i was not expecting the whole Butchie and Kai thing, specially when it was Butchie who was trying to help John 'Bone' her =), it just suddenly switched from her trying to sleep with John and then straight to Butchie! strange!

    And what is it with Link and Cassy, i still do not 100% understand what they are trying to do with the Yosts, i mean i know Link just wants to sign Shaun and promote him, but something else seems to be happening, like signing shaun is not just what he is after, he is definatly after something else but i don't know what it is, maybe i just missed it, or maybe we dont actually know yet and im just guessing we should already know, as he is a very secretive kinda guy!

    Oh and i wonder what John meant by 'The camera is floating' and 'It's inside the camera', i wonder what footage she has! i was thinking that, well alot of the footage she took that day was of John, well he seemed to be always in it in someway anwyay, and i was thinking maybe John does not look like John on a recording, like he may look like someone or something else on the actual video, that was just a thought but im probably wrong.

    I shall have to watch the next episode and find out! =) i dont want this show to end!!
  • Worst episode so far of series.

    You ever hear the old adage about how if you show the audience the gun in act one, you better have it go off in act three? Well, David Milch apparently hasn't. Or he scoffs at your long-held notions of narrative. Because he shows guns aplenty in this episode, and the only one that goes off is the one Kai fires into her CD player, even though it can"t stop "In Your Eyes" from playing out of it. Because you cannot kill Peter Gabriel.

    So the first gun is pulled by Vietnam Joe, who waves it in direction of the VFW Hall bartender he presumes put John up to last week's stunt with the stabbing and the not dying and the miraculously healing. But the bartender did not put John up to that stunt, which makes Joe think that there may be something a might bit other-worldly about our mysterious visitor from the Buckeye State.

    The other gun belongs to Cissy, and she produces it to ward off Shaun's mom, who was that thin, blonde-haired woman who showed up at the end of last week's episode. Shaun's mom is a porn star, you see, and she left Shaun on Cissy's doorstep before hightailing it off to the San Fernando Valley -- this has left Cissy understandably perturbed, so she spends most of the episode setting a new record for most screaming by a series regular in an hour-long show. Cissy is unbearable to watch in this episode, and that is putting it generously.

    Shaun's Mom the Porn Star (Tina) just wants to clap eyes on her son, and she finds an unlikely ally in Butchie, who convinces his mother that the Porn Star means no harm. Cissy finally agrees to let this mother-and-child reunion take place, though perhaps she was too hoarse from all the shouting to register any dissent. Tina also finds a very likely ally in Linc, who's in the market for a new partner-in-crime now that Cass has taken in John as a boarder in their hotel.

    Speaking of hotels, no screen time for Ramon, Meyer Dickstein, and Barry Cunningham. Virtually no screen time for Bill (by far the show's best character - portrayed by Ed O'Neill), and not much screen time for Vietnam Joe...

    Speaking of Cass and John, they spend their part of the episode filming different moments in a park. In that sense, Cass's film has a lot in common with this episode, which squanders all the momentum and goodwill of the past few weeks with this plodding, rudderless offering.
  • Butchie's former wife Shaun's mom returns to see Shaun.

    Another good episode but the writers need to start providing some answers soon. A new character meant that other regulars were missing from this episode. No Mr Hotel Owner and only a short scene with Vietnam Joe.

    The background information provided in this episode was interesting, Tina did love Shaun and did not simply leave him. Kai seems jealous of Butchie and Tina, and Shaun smokes illegal substances.

    John continues to fascinate people, unintintionally perhaps?

    For some strange reason this series is interesting to watch despite not providing many answers to the viewers. The characters are interesting if obviously dysfunctional but some answers should really be provided soon.