John from Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 10

His Visit: Day Nine

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 12, 2007 on HBO

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  • The End is Here...

    I thought this episode was both interesting and confusing in the normal John way. It starts by showing us that Shawn is safe and John is still as werid as ever. Then addressing some of the issues the characters have been dealing with all season. Bill finally makes it up those stairs, Cissy finally realizes she has to let Shawn go, Butchie becomes a father, Tina a mother, Linc admits to helping to destroy the Yost family, Mitch will surf again in public, and Freddy quits selling drugs. I think it was interesting to see how these people come to discover what they needed to do and how they went about doing it. I really enjoyed the dealership scene and plan on rewatching to see if I can figure out everything the dealer is talking about. There are still some parts I am confused on, for example why Kai is mother, but that is what I liked about this show as a whole... It wasn't straight forwarded or easy to understand but made you think. Very few shows today do that. I hope to see a second season!!
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