John from Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 7

His Visit: Day Six

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 22, 2007 on HBO

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  • John makes a few appearances and Shaun and Butchie bond.

    More confusion and multiple storylines, some good acting though.

    John manages to appear in several places and talks to his 'father'. He also predicts something about Shaun.

    It turns out that Kai hid Butchie's surfboads before he could sell them and she return them to him, as he's actually started surfing. I loved this storyline and Butchie bonding with Shaun. Great acting by Rebecca, the look on Cissy's face when she sees Butchie and his surfboards was priceless.

    Linc sells his company, after some blackmailing from both sides and it seems like his relationship with Butchie's ex is progressing.

    Dr Smith is called for help again when a tattoo goes wrong.

    So many storylines that should, hopefully, as one point come together. It's still an interesting series to watch, but I'd like some answers please. Don't explain everything, but give us some clues as to what the series wants to achieve.
  • Another great episode! im liking this show more each episode!

    Another great episode! i am liking the focus on John alot lately, specially when he makes himself appear in more than one place at the same time! but he does not seem to get noticed whilst doing this unless he actually wants the person to see him, like the ending Butchie and Shaun go down to the sea, and John is right next to them but they do not seem to notice him at all.

    Also i wonder what cassy saw on the camera tape, it looked like she saw something on it near the end when John appears in her room. maybe she actually remembers some of the things John said in the last episode in the BBQ scene, as john said something like you will not forget this moment, maybe she remembered some of that stuff he said somehow and saw some of it hidden in the video?? oh and John alos tells Cassy that "Shaun will be gone soon", wonder what that is all about!

    Did anyone else notice that the picture Dickstein carves into the cement is the same as the sign John does with his feet? and they ask him what it is and he doesnt even know himself, he just seems compelled to etch it into the cement, and it is in almost the same spot on the ground where John done it with his foot last episode, when they have the floor sprayed and the wire marking out the area for the cement, John steps over the wires and stands in the middle of the marked area, and Dickstein does it in near enough the same place! i thought that was interesting!

    Very good episode! can't wait for Day Seven! =)
  • Very good character development.

    Since linear storytelling doesn't seem to be very important to David Milch, I'm not going to try for linear recap letting either. First, what's up with the Yosts: Cissy is leaving an angry message for a still-AWOL Mitch when Palaka stumbles into the store, shivering with fever. He'' gotten a tattoo of a purple salamander (in honor of Freddy, aw), but maybe the instruments were not so clean, because now he has a terrible infection. While she's looking him over, the hospital's lawyer gives her a form to sign, indemnifying the hospital for having removed Shaun against medical advice. Cissy tells him to get lost, and naturally decides to take Palaka to the motel, where Dr. Smith is summoned from somewhere to check him out. Dr. Smith sets up a little MASH unit in Freddy's room. Cissy gets Dickstein's advice on the form, and he tells her that the hospital's making Smith its scapegoat.Shaun is smoking a joint behind the shop when Butchie finds him, coming with an offer to let the weirdo we met last week build Shaun a website. Shaun thinks the guy looks like a tool (hard to argue), but Butchie smacks him on the back of the head for being rude. Shaun also asks Butchie to convince Tina to stay in town. Butchie takes off, and Shaun skates over to Bill's, where he sadly announces that he wishes Zippy hadn't kissed him. Bill calls Butchie, who comes right over, apologizes, and father and son head for the beach. Because did I mention this show now features actual surfing again? It does -- we kick off with Butchie in the water. Kai watches him for a while, and then goes to a friend's place to get back Butchie's boards. When she presents them to him later in the day, he figures out that she'd put them in storage long ago so that he couldn't sell them for drug money.In non-Yost news: Linc kind of has a meltdown at a Stinkweed meeting, whereupon his VP (Zack Morris) goes to Tina to try to get some information from her that he can use against Linc. Except then she goes to Linc, and the two of them double-cross Zack, and Linc agrees to walk away from Stinkweed for $65 million. And Cass spends the day continuing to pretend to work on her shotty movie, and is delighted at sunset when John comes back to distract her; she's giving him a big hug when he tells her that Shaun "will soon be gone." Cannot wait for next week's episode!