John from Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 7

His Visit: Day Six

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 22, 2007 on HBO

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  • John makes a few appearances and Shaun and Butchie bond.

    More confusion and multiple storylines, some good acting though.

    John manages to appear in several places and talks to his 'father'. He also predicts something about Shaun.

    It turns out that Kai hid Butchie's surfboads before he could sell them and she return them to him, as he's actually started surfing. I loved this storyline and Butchie bonding with Shaun. Great acting by Rebecca, the look on Cissy's face when she sees Butchie and his surfboards was priceless.

    Linc sells his company, after some blackmailing from both sides and it seems like his relationship with Butchie's ex is progressing.

    Dr Smith is called for help again when a tattoo goes wrong.

    So many storylines that should, hopefully, as one point come together. It's still an interesting series to watch, but I'd like some answers please. Don't explain everything, but give us some clues as to what the series wants to achieve.
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