John from Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 4

His Visit: Day Three

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 01, 2007 on HBO

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  • Character development helps!

    We see some character development here as it works.
    Poor John is beaten by some thugs as drug addicted Butchie finds someone whom he can confide in Kai. While Vietnam Joe gets Dr Smith another patient. Shaun's adult star mom comes in town at the expense of Shaun. The show really has come a long way since it's debut. With a long way to go as it is developing slowly but surely.
  • Phenomenal episode.

    Everything about this episode was fantastic, from the writing to the story to the acting.. hell, even to the set design. Kai wakes up in her apartment to find that John is nowhere to be found. Her and Butchie stage a 'seek and find' mission with Bill to find John, who has been violently hit and then stabbed by a group of want-to-be-gangsters in a van. John is found lying in the grass by Vietnam Joe, who quickly gets his truck and tries to get John to a hospital. But a magnificent thing happens: as Vietnam Joe is telling John that he wishes he could help, John grabs one of Joe's hands and places it over his wound, and says 'You can help.' Next time we see John, his wounds are all completely healed. Vietnam Joe doesn't know what to make of the situation (he should take a number) - but seems rather convinced that it was some sort of elaborate prank.

    Dr. Smith shows up at the hotel, looking for Butchie or Shaun. He reveals that he has resigned as a Doctor because of the 'miracle' that happened to Shaun. Mitch spends an evening in a hotel with Linc's hired hand, Cass. And (gasp) we get to see Mitch levitate again! This time he is extremely high off the ground as Cass is entering the room from the bathroom. Mitch asks, 'What do you think of my levitation?' Linc is hot on Cissy's heels. He is practically doing everything he can to get Shaun 'signed' as one of his clients, including trying to break up Mitch and Cissy's marriage in the process.

    Bill, as in every episode, is fantastic, and steals every scene he is in. Here is to hoping Ed O'Neill receives the proper recognition he deserves for bringing the character of Bill to life in such a grand fashion.

    Lots of religious symbolism in this episode: of course John continuous use of the phrase 'See God (insert character name here)' has always been prevalent, but in this episode we learn John's last name is Monad, which is defined in philosophy as 'an unextended, indivisible, and indestructible entity that is the basic or ultimate constituent of the universe and a microcosm of it.' (!!!!!!!!!) Also, Linc's hotel room number is 231. Their is an allusion in this episodes summary regarding the significance of that number to the Bible. A perfect episode from a show that is getting better and better every week.
  • John gets attacked and Kai and Butchie become a lot closer.

    This is an odd series. I very much enjoy watching the episodes but I can't help wonder where the writers are going to take these various storylines.

    There are so many characters and storyline and in the final minutes of this episode they've gone and introduced another character. How will they tie all these storyline together, I don't know, but I certainly look forward to finding out because the characters are interesting, the acting varies from good to great and the storylines are out of this world.

    Is john causing the events?? Is the Yost family blessed ??
    So many questions...

    A great episode
  • This episode was good, but not as good as the others, and specially not as good as Day Two Continued.

    We see John getting stabbed, and Vietnam Joe somehow heals John, Kai and Butchie get together and we see for the first time Shaun's mam Tina the porn-star!

    This episode is full of times when John says things to people that we know they have said earlier, but things that John did not hear them saying, he generally just repeats what people have said to them after he hears them, but this time there were alot of times when he repeated alot of things to them that he never heard! e.g. when the physician gets the catalogue and he says something about putting something in the p.s., he was alone when he said that (apart from the rose lady), John was not present yet still repeated it to the physician later in the episode, same goes for when Kai and Butchie are in his motel room and he says he needs to get rid of hs unsightly buldge, John says this to Butchie later in the episode also. there are some other times in this episode aswell.

    I also noticed that Bill seems to stand next to his spiral staircase alot when speaking to Zippy, and he sometimes looks up them aswell, i wonder if he is actually talking to Zippy at all or infact someone upstairs, and why does he bubblewrap and tape up the corners of the stairs, to my knowledge i have never seen him hit his head on them or anything? or maybe he is just precautious!

    Good episode though! It's got me hooked! =)