John from Cincinnati

Season 1 Episode 3

His Visit: Day Two Continued

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jun 24, 2007 on HBO



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    • Cissy: Did you build that half-pipe?
      Butchie:No, mom. You did.
      Cissy: (Screaming and crying)And what you did was blow smoke in the phone! Yeah ma, be right there ma, sorry I couldn't help ma! I didn't even tell Shaunie you were coming over because I knew what the odds were. Where's my dad grams, where's my dad? Now you want him to break his neck.

    • Barry: Do you hear the dead man singing within, gentlemen?
      Ramon: I'm..half deaf from the leaf-blower.
      Barry: No, attorney Dickstein?
      Dickstein: Uh, surfer's ear. Existosis of the ear canal.
      Barry: I, alone, then am favoured by the jovially croaking post-coital falsetto winsomely caricaturing Debbie Boone?
      Barry: (singing softly) give me carry on..
      (Reaches in and quickly slams the door to room 24)
      Ramon: (to Dickstein) Maybe we should get him some pea soup..

    • Dr. Smith: So how is Shaun?
      Cissy: Breaking my balls to let him skate.
      Dr. Smith: Well, I take that as a good sign.

    • (Bill is looking out the Yost's family window at the mass of people)
      Bill: Gawkers. Press. Candle Freaks. We're on the precipice of a cluster fuck. I'm thinking I'll go out and thin it out.
      Cissy: I'd appreciate it.
      Bill: (Reluctantly) Happy to do it.

    • Shaun: So, was I dead?
      Dr. Smith: You were pretty banged up when they brought you in, Shaun. Obviously you're fine. But if I had any doubts, I'd restrict your activities.
      Shaun: Did you think I was going to die?
      Dr. Smith: No, sir. No I did not.

    • John: I'd like to bone you, Kai.
      Kai: You are one smooth-talking city dude.

    • John: The end is near.
      Linc: I know. You told me.

    • (A large crowd has gathered to watch Shaun skateboard in his backyard)
      Kai: What's going on, John?
      John See God, Kai.

    • Butchie: You've met my old man, right?
      Dr. Smith: Mitch.
      Butchie: Up in the air yesterday. I saw it with my own eyes. Off the fucking ground.

    • John: See God Kai.
      Kai: If thats what it's like, I don't want to.
      John: See God Kai.

    • Mitch: Why did she bring him home?
      Bill: He recovered from his injuries.
      Mitch: What are you talking about?
      Bill: A miracle.
      (Mitch departs, Bill is speaking to himself)
      Bill: What are you gonna say - Tell him that the bird kissed him...

    • Bill: (Looking at Vietnam Joe) There's another fucking drug casualty.

    • Kai: (To John) Has anyone ever called you slow, John? Challenged?

    • Kai: We're boning now, aren't we?
      John: Now were boning, Kai!
      Kai: Boning, John, is when you put your joint in my pussy.

    • Cissy: So dad was full of instructions. Did he tell you to break your neck for the 2nd time today?
      Shaunie: Gram, I feel like a dork in there laying around.
      Cissy: Well isn't that too goddamned bad!? You listen to me! Don't listen to that fucking idiot!

    • Shaunie: Zippy was dead the day before yesterday.
      Butchie: You thought he was dead.

    • (Cissy has asked Shaun to stay in his bedroom)
      Shaunie: Why does Gram want me to?
      Butchie: Well, she saw you get hurt.
      Shaunie: I'm OK now.
      Butchie: (with extreme emphasis) You were hurt.

    • (Butchie enters Shaun's room where he is reading surfing magazines)
      Butchie: Hey, you remember anything, you know, after you wiped out? You got fucking doned, man. Owned hard. You know, Grams and Gramps, too. They thought you weren't going to make it. (Pauses) A lot of people.
      Shaun: I woke up. I had a tube in.
      Butchie: Yeah. (Points to a man in one of Shaun's surfer magazines) One time I put Icy Hot in the crouch of this guy's wet suit!

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