John from Cincinnati

HBO (ended 2007)


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  • John from Cincinatti was a series that had potential.

    As with Deadwood, which I actually liked, I was unable to grow a bigger interest that would have enabled me to remember to watch every Sunday. I was there, after The Sopranos finale aired (which people blame for John's decreased ratings), to watch John from Cincinatti.

    At first, I thought that it was a decent series, although I expected a lot more. I found the cast and characters to be excellent and the writing to be, somewhat, above mediocre. I really enjoyed John's character but I stuck with him until episode three. Believe me, I really wanted to watch (after previews of John meeting thugs). But, I just could not remember that week and that inevitably made me forget the series entirely.

    I thought this series would become another "smash hit" by HBO (all those previews before it premiered). I am very disappointed with HBO in cancelling this series. The final episode (which I have not viewed) drew over three million viewers, more than some episodes of Deadwood, and Deadwood was very expensive, and I'm sure John from Cincinatti isn't that expensive to produce. This time, I'll remember to buy the DVD. John from Cincinatti is another example of HBO's waning "glory days". I apologize, John.