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  • A very wordy show that confuses but entertains

    Set in a surfing community and around the Yost family, their friends and colleagues, this is an odd show. It seems to be about a Jesus figure intersecting into their lives (not that it's apparent straight off) showing them miracles and making them float. It's main problem however is that the characters spurt a load of words that aren't straight to the point and sometimes very cryptic. I had a hard time understanding what characters were getting at, what was this dialogue about. Other hurdles consist of excessive swearing (especially by Sissy who needs anger management) and a teenage kid that can't act.

    Despite these faults if you stick with it, it's an entertaining show, and you'll gradually sink into the very simple story as it unfolds and more characters come into play. The character of John himself is an odd character who at first just seems mentally disabled to everyone but in fact is more than that. His babbling only makes sense in portions and is mainly copied from other characters words, that's until he starts mentioning his Father's word of course.

    The other characters are all oddballs themselves but learn to appreciate one another with John around. You also get Cromartie from the Terminator TV series pop up here as a Doctor, one of the straighter characters. And in all honesty that is what this show is all about, Character, and if you can't get on with this characters its probably not for you.

    Final note, the music they chose for the show is kick ass - the main theme tune in particular I wouldn't mind owning. In fact I wouldn't mind owning the full soundtrack album if they licence it for release.
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