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  • John Hagee is a good preacher from Cornerstone Church, a church of 18,000 people.

    John Hagee is a good preacher. His catchphrase, "Give Him Praise and Glory in the House of God," gets applause from the non-denominational Cornerstone Church of 18,000 people. He has been preaching for approximately fifty years, and has caught attention not just to his church, but to the nations of the world. His son, Matthew Hagee, has joined in the ministry with John Hagee. John preaches on many religious networks such as the 34-year old Trinity Brodcasting Network. He has many good paintings behind him to illustate his sermons while he tells it to his church. John Hagee keeps on preaching sermons that undoubtfully change lives of many people.
  • Just what the world needs, another extremist demagogue.

    John Hagee is a preacher in the sense that a public address system 'reads' announcements. He conveys an awful lot of volume, but very little in the way of understanding. His ministry show airs on Christian cable channels across the country. Hagee's politics belong to the far right, as evidenced by his recent formation of the political action group Christians for Israel. The group recently held a march to express support for reactionary elements in Israeli government and society, and to oppose any compromise in the issues of the country's dealings with its neighbors. The event drew strong criticism from progessive leaders.

    Hagee's social beliefs would have seemed ultra-traditionalist even in an earlier era. He has frequently voiced objection to social acceptance of gays and equal roles for women. His views of the Bible are strictly literalist, including belief in an imminent fiery end of the world.

    He has the right to believe and say whatever he wants. How nice it would be, however, if he ever reflected some of that love and compassion of which Jesus was so fond.
  • this guy is crazy

    he may be able to spit the fire and brimstone, but this guy is crazy. for that last few years all he has to say is that the end times are among us. he may be right but all i hear is religious bigotry. it does not matter to some folks that this is america, home of the free. in hagee's world you can only be free if you subscribe to his little minded vision. the teachings of jesus christ are about love and compassion to all not just the ones who agree with your point of view.
  • I am impressesed with John Hagee. He is a good man who speaks the truth and isn't afraid to say anything about it...He has been preaching for many years and his show is an informative way of preaching the gospel to the world and the end times that are nea

    John Hagee...a 4th generation pastor, I think who is definetley a man of god...He has spoken the word of the only true god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...("And all of god's people said...praise the lord...") I have been watching this show for about a couple of years on the tct network and it is a way to lift up my morning every week day at 7:00 AM. I have been impressed by his evangelistic efforts that have gained world renown from almost every nation on the earth.
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