John Safran vs God

SBS One (ended 2004)


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John Safran vs God

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In his most controversial project yet, John Safran sets out to find the guy know what I mean. Along the way, John test drives other religions like buddhism, racism, mormonism and gets revenge on his enemies. Which makes the best thirty minutes you'll ever spend.
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  • John Safran takes it to the man upstairs!

    Which Religion is right for you?

    Let John Safran help you out in this his second comedy centric documentary since Music Jamboree. John Safran returns to take on God in it's many forms in this 8 part round the world adventure. In it he gets beaten up by Zen Buddhist Monks in Japan, drinks Peyote in the Arizona Desert, tries to join the Ku Klux Klan, sacrifices goats in Haiti and goes about removing 30 year old curses in Mozambique all in the name of finding the 'right' Religion. Safran takes us on an enlighhtening journey into the world's spiritual quests while at the same time providing comedy gold. Each episode is divided into parts with John covering about 3 religions per episode with little Religious Road tests thrown in here and there.

    So throw on your Magic Mormon Underpants, grab your e-meter and exorcise your demons because as we all know ... you're too stupid to be an atheist :) and experience religion - John Safran style.

    Watch if you're a fan of Aussie comedy and enjoy shows like Rove Live.moreless
  • John Safran produces the goods

    John Safran is one funny funny man! First it was his musical jamboree, on this occasion he took on relgion with hilarious results.

    He put a fatwa on Rove (which isn't a good thing) and I'm glad that he shares the same hatred for Rove that I do! (he isn't funny!)

    Also in this series he lifted the curse that was on the Australian Soccer Team which is even better! I'm a big fan of soccer and I couldn't be happier.

    But the highlight of this series is when he met his match in Father Bob!

    In Speaking in Tongues we find that Bob is the perfect foe for Safran. Safran will act like a smart ass and most of the time Bob won't bat an eyelid!

    There is a massive amount of chemistry between them on the screen.moreless
  • John Safran tackles the world of religion. He undegoes such weird and whacky religious ceremonies such as being covered in chicken blood to break a curse on the Australian soccer team, wearing Mormon underpants, and even being exorcised in the final episomoreless

    After seeing "Music Jamboree', I laughed my arse off when I first heard about 'John Safran vs. God'. The title itself is great, only outdone by the brilliant opening.

    Probably the best thing about the show is the research that went into it, followed by the ordeals John himself goes through for our entertainment.

    SPOILERS! Some of the things he finds is amazing, like how many products these days are linked with Nazi Germany. And some of the rituals and ordeals he undertakes is brilliant, like buying magic Morman underpants, getting covered in chicken blood to undo a curse on the Australian soccer team, and even being exorcised by Bob Larson.

    SPOILERS END If you haven't seen this show, watch it the next chance you get.

    Bring on 'Speaking in Tongues'.moreless
  • John Safran presents religion in an informative and easy to watch format. A show before its time considering the many shows that have proceeded it. He tests out several religions and presents little known triviamoreless

    The show is presented by John Safran and presented as a satirical (Michael Moore-esc)look at religion and cults and their role in our(and members) lives today.

    John Safran was born into a Jewish family and attended a Jewish private school when growing up. Even though Safran was presented with the Jewish faith and its teachings, Safran still had a strong interest in other cultures and the role that religion has in other peoples lives. With this in mind John sets out to try and interview members of many religions and cults around the world.

    Safran travels around the globe joining in on the everyday lives of practicing religious people. He presents a point of view as an outsider and the common views/stereotypes of the religion in society, whilst trying to conform to the way of life during his time trying the religion. He often asks members questions that outsiders would feel relevant (or concerned about) often for the myth to be explained as untrue (or later found a cover up).

    Amongst the religions and cults covered are as follows; Catholisism, Budhism, Ku Klux Klan (excellent interview with a leader, which raises some interesting membership posibilities), Scientology, Judaism, the Mormon Church, Assemblies of God, tribal religions, Islam, and many others.

    Safran looks at the meanings of the rituals and their origins, often finding that they are a rements of other religious teachings. He partcipates in some of these rituals and leaves the viewers wondering in series conclusion where Safran appears to have been expelled of all his demons by an out-spoken evangelist.

    Overall, the information is presented to answer questions and provoke further thoughts about religions and cults. As the show is from an outsiders point of view it is easy to watch with little religious knowledge, but be warned if you are of any faith mentioned you may be a little sensitive to questions asked and the answers given. However, if you have no strong religious beliefs this may help you decide "Should I go against God or go with God" (if in fact God exists) and which religion might suit you.moreless

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