John Safran vs God

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 30, 2004 on SBS One
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Episode 1
John vs Sheik Omar Bakri, Sheik Abu Hamza and Rove McManus John poses the question "How difficult is it to get the Senior Judge of the UK Shariah Court to place a fatwa on someone", with that someone being Australian TV host Rove McManus. John vs Peyote In this week's Religious Road Test, John tries out Peyote Way Church of God in Arizona, USA, where peyote is taken legally for the purpose of spiritual visions. John vs The Church of Scientology Rumour has it that Jamie Packer has been dabbling in Scientology, so what would happen when his father Kerry dies and Jamie takes over Channel 9? John vs Atheists Although some people have enough scientific insight to understand the origins of the universe and life, you don't: you're too stupid to be an Atheist.moreless
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    • John Safran: I admit, there's some people smart enough to understand science and The Big Bang and all that stuff and therefore have enough insight and knowledge to be an Atheist. But let's face it, you're not one of them. Why? Because you're a humanities student with an arts degree. Let's not play any games here. If I came over to your house right now and asked you to exactly explain why The Big Bang theory is more rational than Genesis, you wouldn't be able to stutter out a semblance of an answer. So where do you get off sniggering at Christians like they're stupid and you have some amazing insight. Sure you bought a copy of Stephen Hawking's "Brief History of Time", but I think if you waddle over to your bookshelf, you'll see that the bookmark is exactly where you left it nine years ago... On page three! Face it, you're too stupid to be an Atheist. Until next time, go to hell!

    • John Safran: I can't believe it, I was PINK!!!

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    • Say hi to your mum for me
      One piece of John Safran's falsified evidence used to place a fatwa on Rove McManus was a T-shirt that said "say hi to mohammad for me!". One of Rove's catch-phrases on his show Rove Live was "Say hi to your mum for me!".

    • What The
      One piece of John Safran's falsified evidence used to place a fatwa on Rove McManus was a book entitles Satanic Verses II: Muhammad the Prophet? What the?. On Rove's show Rove Live he had a recurring segment entitled What The?, where he presented strange objects, articles and typos.