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SBS One (ended 2002)


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      Episode Ten
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      Episode Nine
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    • Episode Seven
      Episode Seven
      Episode 7
      1. Opening Titles: Pink Floyd
      2. Jew'town
      John presents how successful Christian music is, and then tries to capitalise on the Jewish music market by signing his band Jew'town to the big American Christian label Floodgate Records.
      3. Riders
      John tells the tale of the rise and fall of his short-term hip-hop band Raspberry Cordial. He also hands out Rockstar Rider Ring of Reward prizes, consisting of what big-name bands get as special requests for doing performances.
      4. Music Mole: Video Clips
      The Mole reveals that Australian music video directors are lucky to get paid for doing a video, but once the band becomes successful the Australian directors are rejected.
      5. Van Dyke Parks
      Ala Van Dyke Parks' megaflop Song Cycles, John gives his fans the chance to exchange their worn-out copy of his Raspberry Cordial cassette along with 1c, and he'll give you 2 new copies for you and an unenlightened friend, plus an essay written by John about why his music was so misunderstood and ahead of its time, entitled Everyone Else is Stupid.
      6. World of Instruments
      This week it's Ross Wilson playing Eagle Rock with the instruments of the Republic of Guinea.moreless
    • Episode Six
      Episode Six
      Episode 6
      1. Opening Titles: The Smiths 2. Scrabble In the new millennium, John proposes a new form of hip-hop battle: hip-hop scrabble. 3. Music Mole: Human Nature Rumour has it that one album by Human Nature was costing the record companySony around $40 per album in advertising costs, when the album was sold for only $30. 4. Scientology John puts forward the question that many of you may not want asked, and even less of you will want answered: Is Beck a Scientologist? 5. Inpress John shows how an upcoming band can get a great review in the local music magazine by simply writing your own. 6. World of Instruments This week, it's Sonic Animation playing their song Evil with the instruments of Turkey.moreless
    • Episode Five
      Episode Five
      Episode 5
      1. Opening Titles: A Tribe Called Quest 2. The Rules John reminisces about when he was young and in the nightclub scene, back in the mid to late 90's. 3. Disney A lot of bands try to project a "danger is my middle name" image, but how many can say they were kicked off a record label for being a bad-arse? Glen Dansig and the Insane Clown Posse can, both of whom were kicked off theirs by Disney. 4. Music Mole: Payola Although the method of payola, where record companies pay radio stations to favour one of their songs, was outlawed over 40 years ago, the Mole reveals a new form of this method being used today, called payola-by-proxy. 5. Classics Local councils all over the world are using an anti-gang method of playing classical music in public places. Haven't these people seen "A Clockwork Orange"? Classical music is what sets them off! 6. World of Music This week, it's TISM playing their song "(He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River" with the instruments of Greece.moreless
    • Episode Four
      Episode Four
      Episode 4
      1. Opening Titles: Rage Against the Machine
      2. Prince
      Rumour has it Prince recently became a Jehovah's Witness. So what if Prince tried to spread the faith door-to-door?
      3. Music Mole: Songwriting Royalties
      The Mole reveals that unless a performer actually writes a song they're lucky to get any money at all.
      4. Popstars
      Continuing on with the previous segment about songwriting royalties, John shows how the New Zealand winners of the TV show Popstars hardly got any money in spite of their Golden albums because of the TV network's contracts.
      5. Joey Fatone
      John asks you to take part in a world exclusive Joey Fatone interactive television experiment, and show that you are better looking than Joey, and hence have more right to be in N'Sync.
      6. World of Music
      This week's it's The Titanics playing Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun with the instruments of India.moreless
    • Episode Three
      Episode Three
      Episode 3
      1. Ozzy Osbourne
      Do Ozzy Osbourne records contain hidden suicidal messages when played backwards? John memorized Osbourne's, "Suicidal Solution" backwards and approached punters on the streets for his scientifically watertight research.
      2. Opening Titles - Song that goes "VZIIOSHP"
       3. Fairlight
      John proves just how Australian starting a hip-hop band is by showing that the Sampler was first developed, designed, and manufactured in Australia.
      4. Music Mole - Peter Andre
      The Mole tells how cross-media ownership doesn't always work out, when a press that reviews records owned by Rupert Murdoch ridiculed Peter Andre, who is signed under a record label owned by Murdoch.
      5. Rage
      John shows just how easy it is to make a music video for the ABC show Rage by attaching a camera to the head of his friend's dog's head and sending in the footage with some quickly made techno music.
      6. World of Instruments
      This week it's Mental as Anything playing My Nips are Getting Bigger with the instruments of Iran.moreless
    • Episode Two
      Episode Two
      Episode 2
      1. Opening Titles: NKOTB
      2. Musicians and Guns, and Eminem does community service at a preschool
      Eminem pistol whipped some guy in a parking lot for kissing his girl. What a romantic! The judge told Eminem to submit ideas to the court for community service stating "They must be impactful to young people". Check out this video featuring Music Jamboree's idea - Eminem helps out at a child care centre.
      3. The ban on glow-sticks, and John vs. Steve Price from 3AW
      John tries to find out why the Drug Enforcement Agency considers glow-sticks to be drug-paraphernalia and wants them illegal.
      John takes on an 3AW announcer over his opinions on Ecstasy.
      4. Music Mole: The Zomba Record Label deal with Rupert Murdoch
      5. Music helping coma patients
      John explores the idea that playing music to a coma patient can help revive them.
      6. World of Instruments
      Magic Dirt playing Dirty Jeans with the instruments of Indonesia.moreless
    • Episode One
      Episode One
      Episode 1
      1. Opening Titles: Def Leppard
      2. Footloose
      Mixed dancing was banned at my religious Jewish school, ala the movie Footloose starring Kevin Bacon. So ten years after graduation I stormed back onto the school grounds Bacon-style and cut Footloose, in some mad act of seeking vindication and closure that I'm sure a psychiatrist could explain better than me.
      3. Music Mole: ARIA Awards
      John talks with the Music Mole about record companies planning to boycott the 2001 ARIA awards, due to the head of the ARIAs that year being Dennis Handler, who at the time was head of Sony Australia.
      4. Pulled album covers
      John presents the issue of album covers that have been pulled due to a major faux pas, controversial images, or pressure from specific groups such as McDonald's.
      5. Slipknot
      John attempts to get 9 guys into a very elitist nightclub by dressing them up as the band Slipknot.
      6. World of Instruments
      Frenzal Rhomb playing "Punch in the Face" with the instruments of Pakistan