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Daily 4:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Nov 01, 2003 Between Seasons


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Johnnie Talk

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Johnnie Talk is a very cute short talk show stationed in...where else...the "john". You have Johnnie, the one-named host with green tennis shoes and a hilarious sense of humor. He frequently is visited by other unsuspecting workers of Nickelodeon( actors, artists, etc.). He then precedes to play fun-filled games such as "Decorate that Plunger", "Treasure or Trash" and "How many tiles?"...IN THE BATHROOM! This hilarious talk show is perfect for children in interested in who does the voices of their favorite characters. The good news is that it is less raunchy than Jay Leno or the Daily Show. The bad news: it comes on at 2:30 in the morning(eastern time).
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  • I never got the chance to see it :( I want to see the Mr. Lawrence interview!!!

    I want to see the Mr. Lawrence interview badly!!! He\\\'s is the best ever! And a Hottie McHot Hot!!! I adore him! Does it come on anymore?? If it does, when? If not, it needs too! I just want to know more about Mr. Lawrence cause there\\\'s not enough on the internet about him. He\\\'s my favorite actor. And he\\\'s good at everything he does!

    They also need to have Stephen Hillenburg on there! He\\\'s great too! I don\\\'t know if they did or not, but he would be a wonderful guest on anything! Of course Mr. Lawrence would too!moreless